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CFD Review Jobs Database - All Resumes
Jobs Database ] 
Name Date
Abdilghanie, Ammar Mohammed
Seeking a full-time research position in the general area of thermo-fluids with emphasis on CFD for fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion
5 Sep 2009
Adhiachari, Subramani
I am about to submit my PhD thesis in IIT Madras. I am looking for a challenging job in the area
26 Aug 2009
Agarwal, Rahul
CFD/FEM application /devlopement work
15 Sep 2009
Agrawal, Arvind Nath
To work in a professional organization and gain knowledge by learning in depth of the subject that I have taken up
17 Jun 2010
Ahmad, Naeem
To work full time for a company related to Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering field to innovate,research, design, and develop new concept
10 Dec 2010
Ail, Snehesh Shivananda
CFD Engineer, Energy Engineer
26 Sep 2014
Alavinasab, Ali
Seeking a position that utilizes my strengths in engineering analysis and design, especially computational mechanics
20 May 2009
Ameta, Deevyendu
8 Jun 2010
Amir, Abdulkadir Abdulyunus
15 Nov 2011
Anantha subramanian, Ananthakrishnan
To create sustainable improvements through innovative solutions in Fluid Mechanics/CFD
4 Feb 2014
Anjaneyulu, Katuri
29 Apr 2012
Annam, Suzith
22 May 2009
Annepu, Amar Goutham
CFD engineering
23 Aug 2011
Anpilov, Sergey Valerievich
CFD engineer, computational software developer
9 Sep 2011
Ansari, Danish
16 May 2010
Arvindbhai, Patel Krunal
17 Aug 2015
Ashraf, Intesaaf
I am looking for cutting edge and Challenging CFD work
20 Apr 2014
Backer, Gerald P
Computational analysis of industrial products and processes.
2 Jun 2010
Badr, Mohammad Ali
25 Apr 2011
Bajpai, Hemant
To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education and work experience will have valuable application.
21 Aug 2009
Balakrishnan, Kaushik
An engineering position related to research and development in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with applications to engineering problems such as Combustion,
11 Jun 2009
Basu, Suman
Multiphase flow, Automotive, Fuel Cell.
23 Mar 2010
Belling, Jim
Mechanical design
3 Jul 2009
Belpande, Rakesh Purushottamrao
CFD enggineer
1 Mar 2011
Ben nasr, Ouissem
I'm looking for a job as a CFD Application engineer, ideally in the field of Aeronautics/Aerospace. I'm also open to other
26 Aug 2015
Berghult, Lennart
CFD design and Analyses, ship propellers and liquid pumps
9 Dec 2009
Bianco, Lucrezia
aero engineer
24 Jun 2011
Boggu, Subba Reddy
CFD Related jobs
8 Oct 2011
Brewer, Wesley
Computational Engineering Consultant / CFD Engineer
4 Jun 2011
Bungener, Jim Yvan
Fluid dynamics engineer and team manager with 10 years of experience in R&D for high performance aircrafts and sailboats optimization. Specialties
12 Nov 2010
Cannavacciuolo, Ciro
22 Feb 2010
Chandar, Prakash K
26 Jan 2010
Chandran, Arun
CFD, Thermal Analysis, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics
6 Feb 2013
Chattanchal, Ranjith
9 Sep 2010
Chatterjee, Sulagna
Consulting, off-site
23 May 2012
Chaurasia, Vishal Kumar
To work in an organization/professional environment where I can achieve continual growth by synchronizing my knowledge, skills and attitude. So that
21 Apr 2015
Chen, Ethen
2 Feb 2013
Chen, Cheng
Seeking CFD for Ph.D. position in general.
18 Apr 2017
Chidambaram, Nagappan
Seeking a Mechanical Engineering full time position which emphasizes on fluids, heat transfer,CFD and nanoscale or molecular transport
2 Mar 2009
Coghill, Stephen
Unique combination of skills in mechanical and aerospace engineering using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer software. Look to complement
3 Sep 2009
Costache, George S
CAE Engineer FEM Engineer CFD Engineer
4 Jun 2009
Cowling, Neil
16 Sep 2009
Damle, Rashmin Mohan
To secure a promising position that offers research and development opportunity in heat transfer and fluid flow applications/software
17 Jan 2013
Das, Alokekumar Dashrath
Seeking a position as an CFD analysis engineer
23 Feb 2011
Das, Arup Kumar
Numerical modelling of multiphase flow
19 Feb 2009
Dasam, Vamsi krishna
Recent Graduate from Cranfield University, UK with MSc in Aerodynamics. Looking for CFD positions in Aerospace/Automotive/Wind energy/Oil & Gas industries.
23 Jun 2010
Dasgupta, Subhashish
CFD job in heat transfer and/or fluid mechanics
2 Aug 2009
Dasmahapatra, Sujan
Looking for a challenging opportuntiy in the CFD development field programming.
11 Aug 2009
Dasmahapatra, Sujan
31 Jan 2015
Davis, Zachary S
An experienced professional position that accounts for my technical interests in aerodynamics and propulsion flight science disciplines, utilizes my engineering background
19 Aug 2010
Dc, Vijayachandar
Aero-Thermal, UnderHood CFD Analyst
11 Feb 2011
Depommier, Guillaume
Research or Application Engineer in CFD.
22 Jan 2010
Desai, Sandip Sambhajirao
Seeking an opportunity in the domain of applied physics and Computational Fluid Dynamics based product development.
27 Oct 2013
Dey, Soumitr
Application or Developer position including Design, Testing, and Analysis(CFD/FEA)
2 Mar 2011
Dharaiya, Viral Vinodray
I am looking for a full time job where I can explore my technical knowledge and enhance my intellectual skills.
12 Jul 2010
Dumpa, Mahendra Reddy
CFD Domain
17 May 2011
Esposito, Dario
CFD FEM aerospace engineer
31 May 2010
Fitzpatrick, Henry
3 May 2009
Gahlawat, Jaideep
I am looking for the following relevant engineering design jobs pertaining to: 1)Thermal and Flow Analysis 2)CFD Analysis 3)Turbomachinery Design 4)Finite
16 Nov 2009
Gaidhane, Sandip Kundlik
i require a job in the field of CFD
18 Oct 2009
Gaikwad, Girish Sharad
Looking for entry-level CFD full-time job
28 Sep 2010
Garud, Vishal Vasant
4 Aug 2009
George, Joseph
Adaptable and enthusiastic with the ability to prioritize and work effectively within a team or as an individual; A keen learner
6 May 2013
George, Joseph
Seeking a challenging career in Design & Analysis / Research & Development within the realms of Computational Fluid Dynamics where there
1 May 2012
Ghimire, Bidur
Lecturer, Research: Computational fluid dynamics Flow dynamics in porous media.
17 Sep 2009
Gibson, Jeff
Technical CFD Modelling, Consultancy, R&D, Project Engineering, Technical Sales, Application Engineer, Flow Metering/Measurement
5 Aug 2016
Gnanaprakasam, Pradeep
18 May 2009
Godavarthi, Raghu Vamsee
To obtain a responsible and challenging postition where mu education will have a valuable application
10 Jun 2009
Gopalapillai, Rajesh
CFD, Aerospace Engineer
26 Jun 2009
Gopi krishnamoorthy, Yashwanth
To work in the environment of innovation and develop knowledge on the domain and serve the organization as much as possible
21 Feb 2011
Gowda, Girish M
Functional Specialist - CFD Manager
28 Nov 2016
Grant, Andrew
Numerical analysis
11 Apr 2014
Gupta, Ashish
An accomplished software engineer specializing in development of tools and applications with extensive experience in interface implementation, scientific Visualization, numerical analysis
23 Apr 2009
Hanumanthu, Sumalatha
career oriented in CFD
21 Jul 2009
Harpal, Naimish
CFD Application / Support Engineer
15 Mar 2010
Hayman, Peter Russell
CFD Analyst CFD Engineer R & D Enginer
23 Jun 2010
Hubballi, Kiran S
2 Nov 2013
Hussain, Md Imtiaz
CFD and CAE related jobs for aerospace and automotive applications.
11 Jan 2014
Ivanchenko, Oleksandr
CFD or/and R&D Engineer
11 Sep 2010
Izarra, Rafael
CFD Engineer
17 Jul 2010
Jadhav, Satish Sambhaji
22 Dec 2011
Jang, Peter
I'd like to further exercise my passion for CFD in aerospace industry.
30 Dec 2010
Jeevanandam, Brezhnev
In pursuit of challenging and enriching assignments in automobile Engineering with an organization of repute.
10 Oct 2009
Jiang, Jianbo
cfd engineer
15 Apr 2012
Joshi, Yasho
Seeking a challenging career in Design & Analysis / Research & Development within the realms of Computational Fluid Dynamics where there
22 Nov 2013
Joshi, Harshad Vinod
I am looking for an opening which requires me to do CFD analysis and design of engineering components.
21 Jul 2010
Joshi, Prasad Shrirang
CFD meshing and analysis
26 Aug 2011
Kadam, Prashant S
CFD application engineer. STAR CCM+, STAR CD
26 Apr 2019
Kanakamedala, Karthik
Looking for entry level Full-time position as CFD Engineer/Analyst- Heat Transfer and fluid flows, non-Newtonian flows. FLUENT, GAMBIT, ANSYS, PRO-E
13 Mar 2009
Kanetkar, Sachin Vrajalal
4 Nov 2009
Karanam, Umavenkat
7 Jan 2013
Karatzas, Konstantinos
As a recent postgraduate, my ambition is to work in a development role and extend my experience in the field of
12 Feb 2009
Karim, Mohamad
6 Jun 2012
Kariya, Jayesh Navin
Seeking an Engineering position where my CFD knowledge can be utilized
29 Jul 2010
Karve, Madhura
17 Jul 2012
Karyappa, Rahul Bapusaheb
PhD studentship in CFD
9 Mar 2009
Kashinath, Gandharv
Seeking an Aerospace Engineering position with a company dedicated in developing and improving innovations in technology and increasing product standards with
19 Jan 2010
Kasiraman, Ramachandran
As a graduate student, I was able to understand the intricacies of Computational Analysis and the experience of implementing CFD algorithms
18 Jun 2013
Kc, Amar
Computational Fluid Dynamics
27 Feb 2015
Khalate, Suraj D
26 Apr 2019
Kim, Sukwon
Reliable and cost effective mechanical engineer specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and design optimization support on

28 Jan 2010
Kosztin, Béla
Research Engineer - Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
2 Jul 2013
Krishnani, Pramod
A full-time permanent position in Mechanical engineering, with emphasis on product development using CFD and FEA.
23 Mar 2010
Kumar, Santhosh
Seeking a position that utilizes my strengths in engineering analysis and design, especially in computational fluid dynamics. Will use the skills
13 Jun 2012
Kumar, Vijay
25 Apr 2014
Kumar, Ashwin
CFD / Aerodynamic Engineer
10 Aug 2011
Kumar, P Prem
30 Aug 2011
Kumar, Vasanth
Design engineer with responsibilities includes CFD analysis using tools in aerospace
23 Jun 2009
Kushwaha, Shashi Kant
completed M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur with specialization Thermal Science and Engineerin,Specialized in heat transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Gas Turbine and Expertise
20 Nov 2010
Lanka venkata, Sudhir kumar
Looking for a challenging career which would allow me to learn and grow inde nitely. Applying my leadership skills and strong
17 Apr 2012
Loveday, Peter
Consulting work
27 Dec 2018
Lu, Xiaozhen
To secure a position on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) or Heat Transfer.
11 Apr 2010
Machani, Somasekhar
To obtain a challenging position in the field of Computational Fluid dynamics, that unfolds my technical potency, enable me to contribute
7 Apr 2010
Magazinnik, Lev
To obtain “Research Associate” or “Post doctoral fellow” position in “Fluid Dynamics”.
18 Aug 2011
Mahammad, Irshad C shaik
Seeking a full time position in CFD/CAE/R&D field which will enables to enhance my analytical strengths, creativity, and team-spirit through the
1 Feb 2010
Mahishi, Srikara
To work for a research establishment where I can explore my technical abilities as an engineer
5 Apr 2018
Mahmoudi saber, Esmail
To secure a position in mechanical engineering to show my potentials
19 May 2011
Mamidoju, Chaithanya
Recent graduate in Aerospace Engineering with master's thesis on Computational analysis & design, Looking for Entry Level CFD / Mechanical Design
25 Jun 2014
Manoharan, Prabaharan
Research and development, CFD Engineer, oiL and Gas, Aerospace ,Auto
25 Mar 2018
Mehrabadi, Mohammad
To obtain a position with emphasis on computational fluid dynamics in multiphase flows especially Particle-laden flows, Sprays, Reacting flows, and Heat
10 Mar 2014
Mendez, Julio C
CFD Engineer, Cfd Analyst, CFD project Engineer
20 Jun 2012
Mihaescu, Mihai
Computational Fluid Dynamics/Aeroacoustics of engineering and bio-engineering problems. Topics: Jet noise prediction & suppression, Thermo-acoustics, External aerodynamics, Fluid-structure interaction modeling, bio-flows.
3 Dec 2009
Mishra, Asitav
To work in a company where I can use my experience in development of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models for aerodynamic
10 Nov 2011
Mishra, Shitalaprasad Ravishankar
CFD Analyst/design and development
7 Feb 2010
Mistry, Mital Chandrakant
24 Feb 2010
Moglan, Raluca Elena
My interests are in the study of thermal sciences that have applications in tribology, CFD calculus and numerical simulations with applications
15 Jul 2009
Montazeri, Hanif
Seeking a dynamic job in a challenging, growth-oriented engineering company involved in Applied Mechanics. Core Competencies: • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
30 Jun 2010
Moreaux, Louis Alexis
CFD engineer
12 Jul 2011
Muddala, Gopi
21 Apr 2009
Muddu, Rajeswari J
Seeking a position in industry where I could use my engineering and analytical skills.
30 Jun 2010
Munirathna, Shilpa
5 Jan 2011
Muniyandi, Satheeshkumar
CAD Modelling and Drafting, FE Analysis, CFD Analysis
4 Aug 2011
Nadeem, Shahid
I am Working as an CFD Engineer in Bangalore India. I am looking for an CFD Job with good pay and
30 Dec 2013
Nagarajan, G
A Position in Automotive Industry providing the opportunity to make strong contribution to organization goals through professional and computational fluid dynamics
11 Jun 2009
Nallam, Revanth Krishna
work involves mainly CFD analyses where i can use my core knowledge in CFD ,Heat transfer and Turbomachinery
20 Apr 2009
Nath, Ayan
CFD analysis/research in aerospace domain
3 Sep 2012
Nath, Jagan
cfd engineering jobs
4 Mar 2010
Nila, Alexandru Stefan
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) engineer entry level or PhD program, involving applications in biotechnology, bearings and radial seals applications, and/or internal
15 Jul 2009
Orang, Ali Atashbar
PhD studentship, I like to continue my graduate studies in one of of the well-known universities in global.
31 Mar 2012
Paan, Shubham
I want to looking a job in a Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) field.
16 Sep 2015
Padyala, Pallavi
Initiate and build a full-time career in a company, corporation or laboratory that allows for continued growth and advancement in a
24 Sep 2009
Pai, Shaunak
A job which would include one or more of the following duties:- CFD problem setup and Analysis using a commercial code
23 Jun 2011
Panchal, Jugal Mukeshbhai
Mechanical, Themal, Fluid power
11 Jun 2011
Pandit, Harshad Rajendra
25 Apr 2014
Paramane, Sachin Bhimarao
1. CFD and Thermal Analyst 2. CFD Developer
20 May 2009
Pareek, Abhishek
Looking for CFD and Heat transfer job.
21 Jul 2009
Patel, Amit M.
To obtain a Full-time position as a CAD/CAM/CAE and also CFD Engineer that will require Technical Expertise & Managerial Skills of
9 May 2009
Patel, Naitikkumar Rambhai
CFD Analyst Aerospace Automotive Aerodynamcs
8 May 2011
Patil, Yashodhan Vardhaman
Automotive Industry
3 Feb 2010
Pawar, Prithviraj
Seeking a full time position in the industry and hoping to work on thermo-fluid related problems and analysis of aerodynamics and
6 Aug 2013
Pawar, Vikas R
Seeking chalanging assignment in CFD Engineering filed with an organisation og high repute prefferably in product design MNC.
19 Feb 2017
Peeters, Joris Mg
I am looking for an exciting start of my professional career. I just graduated as a PhD in Applied Physics, with
4 Jan 2011
Prasant, Karedla V s k
Any job related to CFD
16 Feb 2010
Pt, Saravanakumar
I am looking for a challenging job in the area of CFD.
1 Mar 2015
Pulugundla, Gautam
A versatile individual with 3 years of industrial CFD experience and 1 year of research experience. Creative and highly dedicated professional
14 Jun 2009
Pundi ramu, Arun
Seeking a full time position in a challenging environment in which acquired expertise, will have valuable application. Areas of Interest: Position
29 May 2009
Puthukkudi, Agin
CFD jobs
20 Aug 2013
Pylypenko, Anton O.
I am looking for a job in CFD industry/academia in the U.S. Areas of Interest: • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of
29 Jul 2013
Raghunath, Sriram
Qualified CFD Engineer with five years of extensive research experience in numerical simulation of High-Speed Turbulent Flows and Analytical Methods in
29 Mar 2013
Raj, Lalitha
I am very proud to inform you that I am an expert level CFD Analyst and having experinece in consulting projects
13 Mar 2009
Raj mohamed, Mohamed arif
22 Apr 2015
Raju, Pandiyarajan
CFD Analyst
5 Jun 2011
Ramalingam, Yuvaraja
To secure a good job position in a dynamic organization and work with sincerity and commitment to develop the organization with
11 Aug 2009
Ramanath, Deepak
An engineering professional with diverse background in aerospace, chemical and mechanical engineering areas in addition to extensive experience in computational fluid
8 Apr 2015
Ramesh, Aashrith
CFD engineer/ Design engineer
16 Jan 2012
Ramteke, Amol Sampatrao
Full time job in CFD only in Pune MH INDIA
14 Aug 2010
Rao, Kaustubh Jagannath
Seeking position as a CFD analyst, with a specific focus in heat and mass transfer, thermal analysis
31 Mar 2010
Rasheed, Abin
1 Feb 2010
Reck, Mads
Computational fluid dynamics. Aerodynamics. Maybe team lead/manager.
22 Jan 2009
Rimes, Brett C
To obtain a challenging multi-disciplinary aerospace engineering position involving computational fluid dynamics
29 Jul 2009
Ripplinger, Scott Michael
I am looking for a CFD Engineer position appropriate for a student with Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.
19 Jun 2009
Rivers, Eric L
Opportunity to apply expert simulation skills including CFD to develop new and innovative designs.
21 Jul 2010
Saeed, Adnan
seeking to advance within the feild of CFD/FEA engineering
11 Mar 2009
Saindane, Yogesh Gunavant
To obtain an engineering position in the industry that will utilize and continue to build upon my Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
14 Jun 2011
Salahuddin, Asif
To work in a stimulating research environment in industry/academia and contribute to the innovation of fluid or heat driven design methods
28 Jun 2010
Sarmast, Sasan
CFD Road Vehicle aerodynamic Active flow control I am looking for a job or phd position about cfd
9 Jun 2009
Sastry, Ravi Sankar
To effectively contribute in a progressive company, requiring strong analytical and organizational skill and highly stimulating job, which offers ample opportunities
20 Sep 2015
Sattoor, Jeevan
Self-motivated mechanical engineer with exceptional communication, analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills seeking a CFD engineering position.
5 Jul 2011
Savaliya, Samir Bhupatrai
To be a part of an organization that offers challenging career and projects which will enhance my learning, knowledge and skills
9 Jul 2009
Sawhney, Ankur
A job that teaches me CFD and encourages me to research more about how fluids behave?
4 Oct 2013
Sekaran, Prem Kumar
Computational Fluid Dynamics
19 Dec 2013
Selvan, Jeyatharsan
Recent Graduate from Concordia University, Canada with MASc in CFD. Looking for CFD positions in Aerospace/Automotive/Wind energy/Oil & Gas industries.
1 Sep 2010
Sethuraman, Vignesh ram Petha
Desires a full time employment as Aerospace Engineer in the field of aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and in related areas inside
2 Jan 2011
Shah, Vinit Kiran
CFD, Aeromechanics of rotary wing vehicles, heat transfer, thermal and structural analysis, fluid dynamics, and aerodynamics.
1 Apr 2011
Shah, Chirag M
21 Jan 2010
Shams, Afaque
CFD Applications and/or Software development
10 Jul 2009
Shankara shastrigal, Prashanth
I am looking for a career opportunity in the field of CFD where I can contribute effectively with my skills and
8 Jan 2010
Shanley, Kevin T
Seeking a position in the physics organization of a commercial CFD software company as a validation/test engineer.
4 Jul 2011
Sharath, Arun
I ‘Arun Sharath.C’ I am fresher and looking for any cfd career in anywhere in India. Know i am in bangalore
27 Apr 2013
Sharma, Abhinav
Computational fluid dynamics/ Marine propellers/ Cavitation.
4 Feb 2011
Sharma, Gaurav
I am seeking a technical position in industry (based on CFD or Engineering design) to apply accrued skills in contributing towards
28 Jan 2010
Shi, Grace xiaoyan
23 Mar 2011
Shibeshi, Shewaferaw
CFD Analyst
27 Mar 2013
Shukla, Sagar
25 Jun 2011
Singh, Ashish Kumar
To achieve valuable knowledge in the field of design and R&D and grow along with the organization by providing the opportunity
31 May 2011
Sisco, Robert Michael
To obtain a CAE position involving the use of CFD and FEA technologies that will further develop my technical and project
22 Sep 2010
Sivashanmugam, Vadivel kumaran
Looking for a challenging position as an aeronautical/mechanical engineer in an environment where I can apply my expertise in CFD, FEA
10 Jan 2010
Skafar, Balazs
I intend to work in the field of fluid mechanics and CFD. I am especially interested in renewable energy resources (wind,
2 Mar 2010
Sonar, Sushilkumar Suresh
To be a key player in a challenging and creative environment of CFD in 'Water and Wastewater treatment' and 'Environmental' applications.
14 Sep 2009
Sridhar, Abishek
I look forward to work in an innovative and competitive environment where I would be able to hone my skills and
19 Sep 2009
Srinivasan, Chiranth
A highly motivated, versatile, goal-oriented PhD candidate in chemical engineering with 4+ years of research experience in computational modeling, fluid particle
29 May 2012
Srinivasan, Mukundan
To become a vibrant professional as mechanical/Automotive design engineer and to achieve laurels where ever I work through hard work and
30 Mar 2009
Staple, Shanel Antonio
My objective is to locate a job in the area of Aerospace Engineering, specifically Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
26 Dec 2009
Strodtbeck, Joshua P
I am seeking a development position where I will work on developing and implementing new physical models, such as turbulence, shock
1 Apr 2013
Subbuswamy, Ganesh
Seeking a full-time position to utilize my knowledge, problem-solving skills, and experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, and Flow Analysis
22 Jan 2013
Subramani, Dinesh
26 Dec 2011
Sundaran, Swaroop
Looking for CFD Engineer/Analyst Position in automotive field
12 Jul 2010
Tala, Chirag D
Looking for a job in CFD
7 Jul 2010
Tanna, Janak Rasiklal
Make a good future in CFD field & achive best result for which I am work.
10 Apr 2009
Tarrini, Massimiliano
Improve Improve improve that's the aim Became Strong skilled in Fluid dynamics LEARN LEARN LEARN!
6 Feb 2012
Techanaparukse, Kulaya
I am looking for a position related to CFD.
26 Aug 2011
Underwood, Tyler Carroll
8 Jul 2014
Vasudevan, Vivek
I am a PhD in Chemical Engg looking for jobs relating to 3D image analysis (DICOM), surface/volume mesh generation and repair,
22 Feb 2012
Vasudevan, Shankar
Im looking for design sectors like CATIA,Pro-E,AnSYS,Fluent & Gambit, AutoCAD,
7 Oct 2009
Veeranna, Patlola
I looking for a CFD Domain Job in Mechanical Field. I have 2+ experience in CFD field.
10 Feb 2010
Veeresparan, Vignesh
CFD Analsyst
15 Jun 2012
Vegendla, Surya narayana prasad
21 Aug 2012
Vel p.k, Thanigai
- Acquired sound knowledge on existing CFD Modelling, Meshing and Analysis using high end CAE Packages FLUENT and GAMBIT - Playing
24 Jan 2011
Venkatanagaraju, Vangapandu
CFD/Aerodynamics Research Complex Flow Analysis
26 Aug 2013
Venkatesh, Srinivas nag
I am QA and Central Support Engineer for a CFD pre processor, for OpenFoam Solver. I am looking for an opportunity
2 Jul 2015
Verma, Dinesh Kumar
14 May 2009
Wala, Mayur Arunbhai
CFD analysis Aerodynamics analysis flow analysis in Fluent or programming
23 Mar 2010
Walker, Stuart Alexander
I seek a CFD software development position which allows me to utilize my PhD education focused on development of computational tools.
19 Jan 2012
Wang, Liang
CFD/Mechanical Engineer
18 Mar 2011
Wasan, Shivanand R
To apply my academic strength and professional experience in chemical, thermochemical conversion and modeling.
23 May 2010
Whitt, Justin L
To employ state-of-the-art computational technology toward design optimization, while drawing from a wide array of skill sets in personnel management, software
29 Aug 2009
Xavier, Sathish
I am looking for a job which involves CFD analysis. Intrested in interpretation of results with the theoritical results. I am
2 Jul 2010
Yadav, Jitender Singh
I am looking for a job in CFD analysis, research & development of CFD techniques, Turbulence Modeling & applications in Aerospace
2 Nov 2009
Yang, Meng
Seeking a full-time position that would utilize knowledge of computational and experimental fluid dynamics, numerical simulation, heat transfer and mixing.
14 Jul 2010
Yerofeev, Mihail Mihailovich
Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the CFD Technology. I am looking for company which offers professional
25 May 2009
Yun, Alexander
CFD, turbulence modeling, teaching, lecturer
8 Apr 2010
Zamankhan, Parsa
am interested in advanced scientific activities in an academic institution or a high-tech industry.
27 May 2011
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