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Pump Design Powered by the Cloud
Posted Tuesday October 19 at 1:54pm
Simscale will host Pump Design Powered by the Cloud on November 4th at 5pm CEST / 11am EST.

Join the webinar to see how Hazleton Pumps produces better pump designs faster with SimScale’s power of the cloud. Ben Van Der Walt, Engineering Manager at Hazleton Pumps, will discuss the benefits of having fast, accurate, and versatile engineering simulation accessible across the enterprise and throughout the product life cycle.
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Basics of CFD in 8 Weeks – Free Online Course
Posted Friday October 8 at 2:4pm
Learn the basics of CFD in eight classes across eight weeks and gain hands-on experience using commercial, flow-simulation software!

Take part in each course unit (approx. 45 minutes per class) from your own computer and familiarize yourself with using the CFD software in between course sessions. In order to participate in the CFD online course, you will receive a free student license for Cadence Omnis™, which you can use for your academic projects at will.
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TURBOdesign Suite 2021R2 New Features
Posted Monday October 4 at 1:24pm
Register for ADT's Webinar on TURBOdesign Suite 2021R2 Release to be held Thursday, October 14th at 9 AM and 4 PM BST.

A major theme of 2021R1 release was the release of the new robust solver for TURBOdesign1. Initially released for full bladed configuration in ideal gas, the robust solver is now extended to splitters and real gas applications.
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SimScale and Simerics Announce Strategic Partnership
Posted Thursday September 9 at 8:55pm
SimScale, the maker of the world’s first cloud-native platform for engineering simulation, announced today the release of the latest technology investments to make simulation more accessible to the turbomachinery and industrial equipment industries.

Engineers can now access Simerics-MP technology in the cloud through the SimScale engineering simulation platform. This integration provides engineers with the accessibility of SimScale and the power of Simerics, providing new modern workflows that save thousands of dollars in CFD model setup, hardware upgrade and maintenance, and waiting times.
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Amazon Introduces 33% Larger Compute Instances
Posted Tuesday September 7 at 9:43am
In a boost for compute intensive (CFD) Amazon Web Services users, Amazon has introduced EC2 M6i instances with up to 128 CPUs and 512 GiB of memory.

M6i instances are powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and deliver up to 15% better price performance compared to M5 instances.
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Simulation Shows Athletes Face Dangerous Conditions at Tokyo Games
Posted Monday August 23 at 6:36pm
A new simulation showing the impact of the heat and humidity in the Tokyo Stadium has highlighted the dangerous conditions facing athletes, risking heatstroke, dehydration and exhaustion, at the hottest Games on record.

Engineers at Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, whose simulation software is used by manufacturers such as Airbus, Toyota, and Samsung, simulated the effects of the hot, humid conditions on a male athlete competing in the 10,000m race (the longest stadium-based track race). Despite the race taking place after sunset, the simulations show athletes still face gruelling conditions.
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Intelligent Light Launches New In-Situ Visualization and Analysis Tool
Posted Thursday August 5 at 6:55pm
Intelligent Light has released Kombyne™, a new in-situ visualization and analysis tool for HPC simulations.

Initially developed for customers in the defense, automotive, aerospace industries and academic research, Kombyne allows users to subscribe to a range of workflow solutions for HPC CFD jobs, from on-the-fly extract generation and rendering to simulation steering. Interactive monitoring and control is also available, all with minimal simulation disruption.
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Spatial Corp Partners with Ricardo for CAD to Mesh
Posted Tuesday July 13 at 6:59am
Spatial Corp, the leading provider of 3D software development toolkits for design, manufacturing, and engineering solutions, and a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, today announced a new partnership with Ricardo Software that has enabled Ricardo Software to deliver a new CAD manipulation tool. The tool allows the original CAD to remain in the simulation process, making it easier to go from CAD to simulation mesh and significantly reducing surface mesh repair time.
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Automatic Optimization of Waste Water Pumps by 3D Inverse Design Method
Posted Monday July 12 at 8:56pm
ADT will host an upcoming webinar on Automatic Optimization of Waste Water Pumps by 3D Inverse Design Method on Thursday, July 29 | 9 AM and 4 PM BST.

The design of waste water pumps requires complicated trade-off between non-clogging characteristic of the impeller with its efficiency and cavitation performance. In this webinar, we will show an automated process for optimizing the design of waste water pumps by using 3D inverse design method.
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Ride the Digital Wave with CFD Simulation
Posted Thursday June 17 at 4:58pm
In the first episode of the Siemens Engineering Innovation podcast Stephen Ferguson is joined by surf enthusiast and sports CFD engineer Luca Oggiano, who is the co-founder and CEO of Nabla Flow. Together they discuss the impact that digital twins have on the surfing industry, and how we can use digital waves to test them.
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SoftInWay Receives Research Contract for Turbomachinery Design Methodology
Posted Wednesday June 16 at 8:2am
Since last September when SoftInWay announced its award of a NASA SBIR contract to leverage artificial intelligence to improve turbomachinery designs for use in high power-density engines, the company’s engineering team has been hard at work.

Thanks to their efforts, SoftInWay was awarded the Phase II contract to expand upon its work developing an axial compressor map generation program that leverages an autonomous self-training AI.
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Ensure Your Competitive Advantage with Omnis™
Posted Tuesday June 15 at 2:55pm
Another great line-up of Cadence CFD webinars is organized this month. Learn about a wide range of topics from the comfort of your office and ask your questions live to our experts.

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A Detailed Loss Analysis Methodology for Centrifugal Compressors
Posted Tuesday June 8 at 9:8am
In order to meet the ever-growing requirements on high efficiency and wide operational range for centrifugal compressors for applications such as chillers, fuel cell compressors, turbochargers and industrial processes, an effective detailed loss analysis is required by the designer.

ADT will host A Detailed Loss Analysis Methodology for Centrifugal Compressors on June 30th at 9 AM or 4 PM BST. In this webinar, an evaluation methodology for computational fluid dynamics simulations have been developed to quantify the loss generation based on entropy production rate in the flow field.
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Siemens Acquires Nextflow Software
Posted Thursday June 3 at 4:46pm
Siemens announced today that it has acquired Nextflow Software, an independent provider of advanced particle-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions. Nextflow Software will become part of Siemens Digital Industries Software, where its offering will expand the Simcenter™ software portfolio, part of the Siemens’ Xcelerator™ portfolio of software and services, with rapid meshless CFD capabilities to accelerate the analysis of complex transient applications in the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries such as gear box lubrication, tank sloshing or electric motor spray cooling.
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Determining the Coefficient of Hydrodynamic Torque Using CFD
Posted Thursday June 3 at 2:42pm
In quarter-turn valves, torque is the turning effort required to rotate the valve’s closure member or hold it in position. Knowing the valve torque is essential in actuator sizing.

The simulationHub team has written an article on this topic in the recently published Valve World magazine.
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CadenceLIVE Americas 2021 Virtual Event
Posted Tuesday June 1 at 4:43pm
CadenceLIVE brings together technology users, developers, and industry experts to connect, share ideas and best practices, and inspire design creativity.

Join us June 8-9 for two days of exciting keynotes and interesting user presentations, and connect with us and our partners and sponsors in our virtual Designer Expo.
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Altair Releases Updated Simulation Solutions
Posted Friday May 28 at 10:29am
Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI) announces the release of its latest simulation solutions, including comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and expanded capabilities in electronic system design (ESD). Updates include all major CFD solutions under a single license, expanded end-to-end electronic system design capability, and seamless access to the cloud.
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CFD Shortens Development Time for Cadillac’s Lyriq eVehicle
Posted Thursday May 13 at 9:16am
Cadillac’s engineering team helped shrink the Lyriq’s development timetable by nine months using computer aided testing. The system uses computational fluid dynamics and a process GM calls virtual design, development, and validation.
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