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Volute Optimisation Webinar
Posted Friday February 22 at 9:51am
GridPro will host Volute Optimisation by CAESES + GRIDPRO + TCFD on Tue, Mar 5, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CET.

Optimisation based design is now widely used in CFD. However challenges to develop fully parametric geometry, automatic grid generation and the ability to seamlessly exchange the information with the CFD solver is a real problem.
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Boom Supersonic Partners with NUMECA for Supersonic Aircraft Development
Posted Tuesday February 19 at 1:12pm
NUMECA International, a global leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), multiphysics, and optimization, today announced a new partnership with Boom Supersonic (Boom), an innovative company building history’s fastest supersonic airliner.

Through this partnership, Boom is aiming to create a dramatically streamlined and highly automated workflow, both utilizing NUMECA’s expertise in creating solutions to provide quality results with the highest reliability and the fastest solution time of any code and amplifying the strengths of Boom’s world-renowned design team.
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Optimizing the Extrusion and Die Design Process
Posted Tuesday February 12 at 5:34pm
Siemens PLM will host the live webinar Using the Viscous & Viscoelastic Solvers in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ in the Extrusion Process on February 27th.

Learn how simulation and design exploration tools from Siemens PLM Software are used to simulate and optimize the extrusion and die design process for producing polymeric and plastic parts, minimizing the required energy and raw materials.
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ANSYS Cloud Delivers Easy HPC
Posted Monday February 11 at 5:57pm
In collaboration with Microsoft Azure, ANSYS has developed and launched an all-new cloud offering — ANSYS Cloud.

Engineering simulation has long been constrained by fixed computing resources available on a desktop or cluster. Today, however, cloud computing can deliver the on-demand, high performance computing (HPC) capacity required for faster high-fidelity results offering greater performance insight.
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How to Use CFD for Electronics Cooling
Posted Monday February 11 at 5:16pm
SimScale will host How to Use CFD for Electronics Cooling on February 19th.

When it comes to electronics, neglecting to effectively cool a component within a system can lead to overheating, product lifespan reduction, and even operational failure. Using fluid flow simulation (CFD), key metrics such as junction temperatures, energy consumption, energy removed and the path the heat takes out of the domain can be evaluated.
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Hybrid Meshing Key to Improving CFD Simulation Efficiency
Posted Tuesday February 5 at 5:14pm
When most people think about efficiency in completing a task, they think about speed. But when CFD (computational fluid dynamics) engineers think about efficiency, they understand there is a vital second component – solution accuracy.

Pointwise has published the case study Hybrid Meshing Key to Improving CFD Simulation Efficiency wherein various meshing approaches are compared to determine the most efficient simulation.
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Coating Applications Using FLOW-3D
Posted Tuesday February 5 at 9:32am
FLOW-3D will host a live webinar on March 7 at 1:00 pm EST: Coating Applications Using FLOW-3D.

In this technical webinar, CFD Engineer Allyce Jackman will discuss how to model thin-film and coating processes using FLOW-3D.
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Thermal Management Opportunities in PHEVs – and How to Harness Them
Posted Monday February 4 at 11:30pm
Mentor - A Siemens Business will host Thermal Management Opportunities in PHEVs – and How to Harness Them on 21st February 2019, 11am UK Time and 10am PST.

The development of effective thermal management technologies is a critical aspect of vehicle design and even more so with plug-in hybrid electrics.
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Pedestrian Wind Comfort Assessment for Master Planning
Posted Monday January 28 at 11:51am
SimScale will host Pedestrian Wind Comfort Assessment for Master Planning on February 5th.

Whether you’re designing a new building or planning a whole urban area in a sprawling cityscape, evaluating wind comfort at pedestrian level is imperative for your project’s success and safety. Our Master Planning webinar will show you how to use SimScale’s new GPU-based LBM solver providing a unique combination of speed and accuracy in delivering your results.
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Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge
Posted Thursday January 24 at 3:23am
Airbus has issued a Quantum Computing Challenge which includes a CFD component.

With traditional computers gradually approaching their limits, the quantum computer promises to deliver a new level of computational power. As an active user of advanced computing solutions, Airbus is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the computing world exploring how quantum computing could solve key questions for the aerospace industry, and forever alter how aircraft are built and flown.
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ANSYS Announces Winners of 2019 Hall of Fame Competition
Posted Wednesday January 23 at 7:51am
From optimizing prosthetic foot designs to fighting heart disease to securing high voltage cables, the winning entries of the annual ANSYS Hall of Fame competition highlight how engineers are solving key challenges with ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation solutions across numerous industries.

Entrants from around the world successfully demonstrated their use of ANSYS pervasive engineering simulation technology to solve complex problems. The submissions were divided into three categories – corporate, startup and academic.
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Virtual Reality Enhances Fluid Dynamics Lectures
Posted Tuesday January 22 at 5:43pm
A team of researchers from the Imperial College Department of Chemical Engineering have utilised Virtual Reality (VR) technology for teaching fluid dynamics.

Matar Fluids Group (MFG) received funding from Imperial College London to develop the technology, with which they have created a VR programme that enables students to experience fluid dynamics from within a liquid flow with real-time feedback through touch and sound.
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Improve CFD Solution Accuracy With High-Order Meshes
Posted Tuesday January 22 at 5:35pm
Pointwise has released the webinar High-Order Mesh Generation Using Pointwise.

The webinar addresses the two main challenges tied to the degree elevation of linear elements: boundary conformance and curving of high aspect ratio cells encountered within the boundary layer region and shows how to improve CFD solution accuracy by generating boundary conforming, high-order meshes.
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Call for Abstracts for the 2019 FLOW-3D European Users Conference
Posted Wednesday January 16 at 5:31pm
Flow Science will hold its FLOW-3D European Users Conference 2019 in Milan, Italy on June 3-5 at the Sheraton Diana Majestic.

This year’s conference features metal casting and water & environmental application tracks, advanced training for workflow automation with a focus on optimization, in-depth technical presentations by FLOW-3D users, and the latest product developments presented by Flow Science’s senior technical staff.
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Simcenter FLOEFD v.18 - What's New
Posted Monday January 14 at 8:28pm
Mentor - A Siemens Business will host Simcenter FLOEFD v.18 - What’s New on 24 Jan 2019 at 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

We are excited to bring to you our first web seminar of the year. Kicking us off will be an event celebrating the release of FLOEFD Version 18.
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Introduction to Practical CFD
Posted Thursday January 3 at 3:41pm
NAFEMS will host Introduction to Practical CFD in three sessions from January 16-30.

This course offers attendees the fundamental knowledge for using CFD in real life engineering applications. Through a simple and moderately technical approach, this course describes the steps in the CFD process and provides benefits and issues for using CFD analysis in understanding of complicated flow phenomena and its use in the design process.
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Not All Numerical Methods are Born Equal for LES
Posted Monday December 17 at 6:35pm
Prof. ZJ Wang has posted an article comparing numerical methods for Large Eddy Simulation.

Among the insights shared: "The ideal numerical method for LES should have very low dissipation AND dispersion errors over the resolvable range of wave numbers, but dissipative for non-resolvable high wave numbers. In this way, the simulation will resolve a wide turbulent spectrum, while damping out the non-resolvable small eddies to prevent energy pile-up, which can drive the simulation divergent."
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Water Turbine Design Optimization with CFD
Posted Monday December 17 at 2:30pm
SimScale will host Water Turbine Design Optimization with CFD on December 20th.

In this webinar, you will learn how the SimScale cloud-based simulation platform enables every engineer in the world to leverage the potential of CFD for their own projects in the field of power generation via water turbines by using a standard web browser.
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