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F1 Teams Allowed Unlimited CFD for 2021 Design
Posted Thursday December 13 at 5:49am
Changes to the F1 Sporting Regulations were recently announced by FIA. Notably, unrestricted CFD simulations are allowed for development of cars for the 2021 season.

Currently, wind tunnel and CFD testing is restricted to improve team parity.
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CFDShip-Iowa Researcher Wins Award
Posted Wednesday December 12 at 6:52pm
University of Iowa professor and researcher Fred Stern received the 2018 David W. Taylor Medal for Notable Achievement in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, presented at the recent annual meeting of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) in Providence, Rhode Island.

This honor goes to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of ship hydrodynamics and naval architecture.
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EDEM 2019 Features Performance Improvements
Posted Wednesday December 12 at 6:35pm
EDEM®, the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) technology for bulk material simulation today announced the release of the latest version of its flagship software.

As the demand for performing big simulations involving millions of particles of any shape and size increases, EDEM continues to harness the latest GPU technology to enable users to run larger and more advanced simulations faster.
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Orbex and University of Alabama Leverage SoftInWay’s Newly Launched AxSTREAM Space™ Bundle
Posted Tuesday December 11 at 6:41pm
SoftInWay is excited to announce that Orbex and the University of Alabama have become the latest commercial and educational organizations respectively, to leverage AxSTREAM Space™, SoftInWay’s software bundle package specifically developed for space application and design of turbopump components and systems in rocket engines.

The AxSTREAM Space™ bundle includes all steps from multivariate conceptual design to full multi-dimensional geometry of the turbomachinery components, allowing design of both pumps and turbine, investigation of secondary flows, and analysis of rotor-bearing systems; all automated and integrated throughout the platform.
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BETA CAE Systems Announces Version 18.1.4 of its Software Suite
Posted Tuesday December 11 at 6:16pm
BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the new ANSA/EPILYSIS/META suite v18.1.4.

With this release, the v18.1x branch receives further enhancements and corrections on identified issues.
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Optimizing Cooling Pond Configurations in a Phosphoric Acid Plant
Posted Thursday December 6 at 6:41pm
Siemens PLM will host the live webinar Optimizing cooling pond configurations in a phosphoric acid plant with CFD simulation on December 12th.

Learn how simulation and design exploration tools from Siemens PLM software were used to optimize cooling pond configurations and energy management in the wastewater treatment process of a phosphoric acid plant.
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FEATool Multiphysics Version 1.9 Features Improved OpenFOAM GUI
Posted Tuesday December 4 at 6:30pm
FEATool Multiphysics version 1.9 has now been updated and released as a dedicated MATLAB Add-On and self-contained Toolbox.

Available directly from the MATLAB Add-Ons Toolbar, FEATool now features easy and convenient one-click installation and Toolbox accessibility.
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Pointwise Meshy Award Winner Announced
Posted Tuesday December 4 at 5:16am
Tim Weathers from CRAFT Tech is this year’s winner of the Pointwise Meshy Award for his mixed-element unstructured grid of an advanced power system compressor.

He was presented the Meshy Award trophy at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018. The Meshy Award competition recognizes the artistry and technical skill of Pointwise users.
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Rimac C_Two Hypercar Aerodynamics Development Leverages CFD
Posted Monday December 3 at 6:30pm
The development of the Rimac C_Two all-electric hypercar presents unique aerodynamic design opportunities and challenges due to the absence of an IC engine.

The internal aerodynamics team started the development based on early design concepts, developing from a closed body in 2D, moving to the 3D analysis, using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations and refining the status constantly.
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Introducing SimScale's LBM Flow Solver
Posted Friday November 30 at 10:39am
SimScale will host Introducing SimScale’s First LBM Flow Solver on December 12th.

Transient flow analysis, such as wind load testing, has historically been fraught with lengthy timelines and high up-front costs in order to yield realistic results. Yet, CFD engineers no longer need to choose between speed and accuracy.

In this webinar, we’ll reveal a solver providing a unique combination of speed and accuracy unseen before.
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University of Cape Town Researchers Win Airbus Innovation Award
Posted Thursday November 29 at 6:36pm
University of Cape Town (UCT) researchers from the Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics (InCFD) Research Group have made their mark in the field of international aircraft design, specifically the Airbus A320.

The group’s novel CFD software Elemental – with its unprecedented accuracy – enabled Airbus to effect a design improvement to their A320 aircraft that won the research team the Best Innovations in Flight Physics award for 2017/18.
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NUMECA Launches the First Edition of ReSolve Magazine
Posted Thursday November 29 at 6:14pm
NUMECA International has launched an online magazine which takes you through articles and case studies from NUMECA customers and in-house experts illustrating state-of-the-art simulation cases and latest advancements in CFD.

Check it out by clicking here: ReSolve Magazine
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System-of-Systems Simulation Using the FMI Standard
Posted Tuesday November 27 at 3:27pm
Mentor - A Siemens Business will host System-of-Systems Simulation Through FMI on 29th November 2018, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

Today’s designs are getting more and more complex, and yet we are pushed to get our products to market faster. Join this presentation to see how you can get safer and better performing products, in less time and at lower cost using the System-of-Systems Simulation approach.
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Getting Started with Tecplot for CONVERGE
Posted Monday November 26 at 11:48am
Tecplot will host Getting Started with Tecplot for CONVERGE on December 5th.

Learn how to load, manipulate and export CONVERGE data in Tecplot 360. We will start with a quick tour of the Tecplot 360 user interface, then will jump into specific topics.
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CFDTool - MATLAB CFD Toolbox with OpenFOAM GUI
Posted Monday November 26 at 11:8am
The easy to use MATLAB CFD Toolbox, CFDTool, has been released with fully integrated OpenFOAM GUI and external CFD Solver integration.

Featuring built-in CAD and geometry tools, pre-processing, and automatic mesh generation, users can now set up OpenFOAM case files, and run simulations in minutes even without being familiar with OpenFOAM.
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The 8th BEFORE REALITY Conference
Posted Friday November 23 at 12:49pm
Over the past 14 years, the BETA CAE Systems BEFORE REALITY Conference has become a premium gathering for Engineering Simulation professionals, owning its success to the contributors, the participants, and the simulation community.

Every two years, the BEFORE REALITY Conference, brings the simulation community together and promotes an international exchange of the latest concepts, knowledge, and development requirements on BETA CAE Systems' software products.

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How to Optimize Medical Devices with Cloud-Based Simulation
Posted Friday November 9 at 9:41am
SimScale and OnShape will host How to Optimize Medical Devices with Cloud-Based Simulation on November 13th.

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) or simulation plays a crucial role in the design and optimization of medical devices, implants, and prostheses. While the application of engineering simulation was until recently reserved only to large companies with a high budget, the use of cloud computing has contributed to its democratization.
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Increasing Product Performance Thanks to CFD Optimization
Posted Wednesday November 7 at 4:22pm
NUMECA International will host Increasing Product Performance Thanks to CFD Optimization in two sessions on November 27th.

This webinar takes you through various cases where CFD optimization enabled engineers to increase performance and save cost through better designs.
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