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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins
Posted Sunday August 12 at 4:38pm
Pointwise, Inc., the choice for CFD meshing, announced a new white paper, "The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins," that will help you fully integrate Pointwise into your workflow by customizing it with your file formats.

One of the most frequent requests that Pointwise receives is to add native import and export capability for a grid file format. Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the workday to fulfill all of these requests.
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MantiumFlow Demo Edition Upgraded
Posted Saturday August 11 at 5:41pm
The demo version of MantiumFlow has been updated to work with the newest OpenFOAM versions.

For Windows users, it will be of interest that blueCFD 2017-2 is now also supported. The combination of MantiumFlow and blueCFD makes it very easy to run CFD simulations on this platform.
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Tailoring CFD Software to Your Needs
Posted Saturday August 11 at 4:33pm
QuickerSim will host Tailoring CFD Software to Your Needs on August 23, 10:00 am CEST.

CFD for non CFD people? Find out how it is possible by joining our free webinar.
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TurboTides Inc. forms Collaborative Agreement with Flexware, Inc.
Posted Saturday August 4 at 11:5am
TurboTides Inc., the publishers of the TurboTides next-generation, comprehensive design software package for turbomachinery, and Flexware Inc., turbomachinery consultants and the distributors of CompAero and TurbAero, have announced a business and technical collaboration whereby Flexware Inc. will help to promote the TurboTides integrated turbomachinery design software package to users of the CompAero and TurbAero software codes, which Flexware Inc. acquired from Ron Aungier in 2014.
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Workshop on Attaining Reliable CFD Predictions in Marine and Wind Energy
Posted Friday August 3 at 11:28am
Pointwise, a worldwide leader in CFD preprocessing, is hosting the Pointwise Marine and Wind Energy Workshop in Hamburg, Germany on 18 September 2018.

Attend this workshop to explore how Pointwise helps engineers in the marine and wind energy industries attain reliable CFD predictions.
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An Introduction to Free Surface Simulation for Design and CAD Engineers
Posted Thursday August 2 at 4:27pm
Mentor Graphics will host An Introduction to Free Surface Simulation for Design and CAD Engineers on 9th August 2018, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

Join this online presentation to see this new feature in FloEFD, free surface simulation.
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Performance Optimization of a Fan Stage Using the 3D Inverse Design Method
Posted Monday July 30 at 1:54pm
Advanced Design Technology will host Performance Optimization of a Fan Stage using the 3D Inverse Design Method on Tuesday 11th September 2018.

Register for our live webinar to see how the performance of an Axial and Centrifugal Fan can be optimized for improved stage performance by using the inverse design method.
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Watershed Innovations Partners with Student Engineers for Boat Design
Posted Monday July 16 at 10:54am
Watershed Innovations, a Correct Craft technology initiative, is partnering with the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Senior Engineering Design Program to develop a quiet aluminum fishing boat with electric propulsion.

Students will apply advanced technologies including computational fluid dynamics and electric propulsion to create a boat that is both lightweight to maximize range and ultra-quiet to help catch more fish.
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FLOW-3D Water Civil Infrastructure Workshop Series
Posted Saturday July 14 at 7:49am
Curious about FLOW-3D? Want to learn about how we go about modeling the most challenging free surface hydraulic applications? Interested in digging deeper and consolidating your gains?

Our workshops are designed to deliver focused, hands-on, yet wide-ranging instruction that will leave you with a thorough understanding of how FLOW-3D is used in key water infrastructure industries.
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Advania Data Centers and NUMECA Partnership Spurs Advancements in Fluid Dynamics Research
Posted Friday July 13 at 5:45pm
NUMECA International, a leader in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and multiphysics software, has announced it will be contracting with Advania Data Centers to advance its High Performance Computing (HPC) offerings.

Working with Advania Data Centers and their partner UberCloud, Numeca will now be able to offer its engineering customers the opportunity to run NUMECA’s design, analysis and optimization software in the cloud and on demand.
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Entries Open for Pointwise's Meshy Award Contest
Posted Wednesday July 11 at 11:22am
Pointwise is accepting entries for the Meshy Award Contest for the most outstanding mesh generated using Pointwise.

The winner will be announced on 15 November 2018 during the Pointwise User Group Meeting.
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Best Practices Guidelines for CFD of Turbulent Combustion
Posted Monday July 9 at 1:5pm
ERCOFTAC will host Best Practices Guidelines for CFD of Turbulent Combustion on 11-12 December 2018 at Imperial College, London.

Design and operation of modern combustion systems (gas turbine engines, IC engines, process furnaces) faces the need to combine high efficiency with low pollutants emissions. Computational Fluid Dynamics has become a powerful tool in design of these systems.
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Fan Design to Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Increase Efficiency
Posted Wednesday July 4 at 2:20pm
Ebm-Papst Mulfingen was founded in 1963 and started with the external-rotor motor which was rediscovered as an ideal drive for small fans.

As the pillar and basic principle of the innovative and wide product range, the external-rotor motor made Ebm the world market leader.
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Benchmarking CFD Solver Technologies
Posted Wednesday July 4 at 1:8pm
FEATool has published a CFD Solver Benchmark Article comparing three different solver technologies.

The FEATool Multiphysics external solver and multi-simulation interfaces makes it easy to use different solvers. Using more than one solver can be helpful in validating physics models and simulations, as one can compare results directly for several solution methods.
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CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows
Posted Friday June 29 at 3:33pm
ERCOFTAC will host CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows 2018 with Problem Shooting Session in Warsaw, Poland on 15th - 16th October 2018.

This course is rather unique as it is one of few in the community that is specifically designed to deliver, a) a best practice guidance and b) the latest trends in CFD for dispersed multi-phase flows and c) many application examples.
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Meshing Automation and Adaptability in Pointwise V18.1
Posted Thursday June 28 at 4:6pm
Pointwise has released the webinar, Meshing Automation and Adaptability in Pointwise V18.1 which details the new features supporting overset meshing and automation tools in Pointwise.

This pre-recorded webinar introduces the new features found in Pointwise Version 18.1, including Frameworks for independent body meshing with local coordinate systems and instancing.
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Ship Optimization - A New Wave in Maritime Design
Posted Friday June 22 at 3:10pm
NUMECA International will host a Free Webinar on Ship Optimization on June 28th 2018.

During the event, you will learn how to optimize your ship design, improve hull performances and speed up your design process.

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Thermal Territories 101 - Detailed Descriptions and How to Use Them
Posted Wednesday June 20 at 8:58pm
Mentor Graphics will host Thermal Territories 101: Detailed Descriptions and How to Model Them on 28th June 2018, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

A comprehensive introduction to a method for accurate and efficient IC temperature prediction within a system analysis. This updated computationally less intensive, localized modeling approach helps engineers to more quickly model detailed PCB board thermal properties, vias and trace main influences on a component.
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