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On-Demand Pointwise Training is Now Available
Posted Tuesday March 31 at 2:7pm
Pointwise announces the launch of a comprehensive online training course, Pointwise Mesh Generation Foundations. This in-depth online course provides a full overview of Pointwise including geometry preparation for meshing, 2D/3D structured, unstructured, and hybrid meshing, T-Rex, and many more features.
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Working From Home - What to Read and Watch
Posted Wednesday March 25 at 3:28pm
While we all do our part to reduce the effects of COVID-19, here are some free CFD learning resources you can use while out of the office.

These are just a few of the resources available - share yours in the comments below.
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SimScale Announces Cloud-Based Collaboration Features
Posted Sunday March 22 at 5:17pm
Since 2012, SimScale has been hard at work to democratize the CAE industry by providing a cloud-based simulation tool, educational hub, and collaborative community for and made of innovators across the globe. While we’ve delivered on what we’ve set out to achieve, as well as are constantly improving to support more customers and users than ever before, it became clear that our ‘collaboration’ dreams could be bigger.
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SoftInWay Partners with Engineering Software Giant Siemens
Posted Tuesday March 17 at 1:56pm
SoftInWay Inc., the global market leader for turbomachinery design and analysis software has joined forces with the software arm of German powerhouse, Siemens.

The new partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software means a vast expansion of the software portfolio for SoftInWay’s clients.
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Analysis of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (S-CO2) Power Cycles
Posted Friday March 13 at 10:25am
Pointwise has published the case study, Application of Pointwise T-Rex Meshing and CFD Modeling to the Analysis of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (S-CO2) Power Cycles showing how Pointwise, by greatly simplifying and speeding up the meshing process was critical to the successful modeling of an S-CO2 compressor test bed system.

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Advanced Metal Casting Process Workspaces in FLOW-3D CAST v5.1
Posted Thursday March 5 at 7:29am
Flow Science will host Advanced Metal Casting Process Workspaces in FLOW-3D CAST v5.1 on March 26th.

This webinar will review the different modeling process workspaces available in FLOW-3D CAST, with examples and illustrations about how these features are implemented in the user interface.
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FEATool Multiphysics v1.12 with SU2 CFD Solver
Posted Wednesday March 4 at 5:10pm
FEATool Multiphysics version 1.12 introduces a dedicated built-in solver interface for the SU2 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver, updated 3D geometry modeling engine and CAD support, and improved 3D mesh generation.

Precise Simulation, provider of unique software solutions for multi-physics and multi-simulation, modeling, and CAE simulation app design, announces the latest version of its FEATool Multiphysics software suite.
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Occupant Thermal Comfort Using Autonomous HVAC CFD
Posted Thursday February 27 at 2:22pm
CCTech will host Introducing occupant thermal comfort using Autonomous HVAC CFD on March 5th.

In this webinar, we will introduce the Autonomous HVAC CFD app and give you all a live demonstration of the technology preview.
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Structural Analysts Need CFD Too
Posted Thursday February 27 at 10:15am
NAFEMS will host a 3-session, live online course covering a range of topics, all aimed at the structural designer and analyst who needs to get to grips with CFD.

Structural engineers often need to resort to more sophisticated thermal fluid simulations to obtain boundary conditions, loading, performance, etc. for their designs and analyses.
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Full 3D Aerodynamic Simulation of a Complete Gas Turbine Engine
Posted Wednesday February 19 at 2:49pm
A full 3D aerodynamic simulation of a complete gas turbine engine, applied to a micro turbine case has been conducted at NUMECA. The analysis was comprised of a single fully-coupled 3D CFD simulation for the flow of a KJ66 engine redesign.
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Visualization of Higher Order CFD Solutions
Posted Tuesday February 18 at 5:15pm
Dr. Scott Imlay, Chief Technical Officer, Tecplot, Inc., has begun a blog series on the usefulness of higher order elements for CFD simulation and the challenges of visualizing the results.

In the series, Scott will discuss Tecplot's recent research on the visualization of results from higher-order element computational fluid dynamics (HOE CFD). If you are not one of the practitioners of this specialized form of CFD you may be asking "what?" If so, it’s OK, please just heed the advice of Douglas Adams and "DON’T PANIC!"
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The Future is Here - Autonomous HVAC CFD
Posted Thursday February 13 at 6:8am
The simulationHub team announced the future of HVAC system design using thermal fluid simulation, cloud computing, and machine learning, using a newly developed app, Autonomous HVAC CFD.

This technology preview software application demonstrates to the customers the capability of simulationHub platform to perform thousands of HVAC CFD simulations autonomously, explore the entire design space and evaluate the occupant thermal comforts for multiple HVAC design configurations and several thermal load scenarios.
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Boom Supersonic - Relaunching Commercial Supersonic Air Travel
Posted Wednesday February 12 at 8:5pm
Boom Supersonic is redefining what it means to fly by building Overture, history’s fastest commercial airliner. Overture will travel at a speed of Mach 2.2 and a cruising altitude of up to 60,000 feet.

Due to the complexity of designing for supersonic speeds, Boom Supersonic engineers need to be able to test multiple conditions and try out many different design ideas. They also work with a very short time-to-concept, which means they need a solution that is fast to set up and even faster to get results.
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Forget About CAD Repair Thanks to NUMECA AutoSeal
Posted Thursday February 6 at 4:26pm
Are you tired of spending days or even weeks filling holes and removing gaps between surfaces or, for the experts among you, creating conformal geometries?

We know your pain! This is why NUMECA International created AutoSeal, the tool that takes CFD engineers from CAD or STL files to watertight geometry in little to no time.
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Call for Abstracts for the FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2020
Posted Thursday February 6 at 1:13pm
In conjunction with its 40th anniversary, Flow Science, Inc. will hold the FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2020 on June 8-10, 2020 at the Maritim Hotel in Munich, Germany.

Customers from around the world have been invited to the FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2020 to celebrate Flow Science’s milestone anniversary. Co-hosted by Flow Science Deutschland, this year’s conference features metal casting and water & environmental application tracks, advanced training sessions, in-depth technical customer presentations, and the latest product developments presented by Flow Science’s senior technical staff.
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How to Choose an Appropriate Turbulence Model
Posted Monday January 27 at 4:42pm
NAFEMS will host the E-Learning course Elements of Turbulence Modeling on February 12th and 19th.

This course provides the attendees with basic understanding of complexities in turbulence simulation and introduces them to most commonly used turbulence models with their advantages and limitations.
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What's New in Simcenter Flotherm and Flotherm XT
Posted Monday January 20 at 5:2pm
Mentor Graphics will host What’s New in Simcenter Flotherm 2019.2 and Simcenter Flotherm XT 2019.3 on 30th January 2020, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

Learn about extensive new enhancements such as the redesign of results analysis mode to access tabular and plots results faster, new post-processing automation that saves hours of engineering time and how transient simulation power control works using multiple temperature sensor points plus more topics.
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Pointwise Enables Revolutionary Building Construction
Posted Monday January 20 at 3:27pm
The case study, Pointwise Enables Revolutionary Building Construction, shows how using Pointwise for mesh generation enables Branch Technology to increase reliability while decreasing the time to generate 3D printer instructions from weeks to hours.
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