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Whatís New in Simcenter Flomaster 2019.1
Posted Thursday June 20 at 12:47pm
Mentor, a Siemens business, will host Whatís New in Simcenter Flomaster 2019.1 on 27th June 2019 at 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

In this webinar, Simcenter Flomaster Product Owner, Chris Murray, will be talking about the highlights of this new release.
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NUMECA Lunch & Learn Session at the ASME Turbo Expo 2019
Posted Wednesday June 12 at 11:39am
ASME Turbo Expo, the must-attend event for turbomachinery professionals, is taking place in Phoenix, AZ, USA this year from June 17th to 21st. NUMECA will be there and we are pleased to invite you to a free Lunch & Learn Session on Tuesday, June 18.
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CFD Modeling Holds Potential for Wind Plant Improvements
Posted Thursday June 6 at 9:39am
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are using cutting-edge national supercomputing resources to develop an open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code that simulates wind plants with greater accuracy than previously possible.
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A Foam Bath for Ores
Posted Tuesday June 4 at 2:53pm
A new EU project explores innovative technologies and concepts for recovering ultrafine particles of raw materials.

The FineFuture project, a consortium of 16 partners from industry and science, is to look at the flotation phenomena used to separate out vital raw materials and to research and develop new technological solutions.
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CFD Thermal Analysis for Electronics Systems
Posted Wednesday May 29 at 5:8pm
Join Electro-Source Inc. for a webinar on CFD Analysis to detect, optimize, and solve thermal issues in Electronic Systems on June 7th.

If you have experienced the costs of product thermal failures or significant late stage design reworks based on prototype thermal testing then this webinar is for you.
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SoftInWay and GTI Develop Design for Revolutionary New Engine
Posted Wednesday May 29 at 4:4pm
SoftInWay, Inc. and GTI announce the concept of a new kind of heat engine with the potential to achieve greater than 65% net electrical or mechanical power-conversion efficiency and provide ultra-low pollutant emissions at a competitive cost.

In this DOE-funded project led by GTI, the partners are working together to further the sustainable use of fossil energy (FE) resources and reduce the risk and cost of advanced technologies.
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Pointwise and the Evolution of Faster, Easier, More Reliable Automated Meshing
Posted Wednesday May 22 at 4:48pm
In the case study, Pointwise and the Evolution of Faster, Easier, More Reliable Automated Meshing, learn more about user-independent automated meshing and take a look at the latest meshing technologies under development at Pointwise.

Generating high-quality automated meshes for CFD analysis has been an industry goal for more than 30 years. Meshing solution developers have spent much of those years trying to create user-independent solutions, only to be stymied by the inherent complexities of geometry models, the mesh, and the CFD solution.
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Optimizing the Cooling of an EV/HEV Traction Motor
Posted Friday May 17 at 1:25pm
Mentor, a Siemens business, will host Optimizing the Cooling of an EV/HEV Traction Motor on 6th June 2019 at 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

In this web seminar, you will see how to quickly set up a model of an EV/HEV traction motor, then analyze its EM and thermal performance. We will then show you how the motor housing is easily optimized to improve cooling, by ensuring the magnet reliability during these peak-operating conditions.
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Registration Extended for the FLOW-3D Workshop at EDF
Posted Monday May 13 at 3:51pm
This special workshop hosted by our partners at EDF will take place on June 18 - 19, 2019 in Lyon, France. The workshop will be followed by an optional free tour of the†Grand'Maison Dam, France's largest pumped storage hydropower plant located in Allemond on June 20.

Registration for the workshop includes a 30-day FLOW-3D†license.
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How to Optimize a Propeller or Fan Design
Posted Friday May 3 at 11:16am
SimScale will host How to Optimize a Propeller or Fan Design on May 8th.

Join this webinar to learn how using cloud-based CFD from SimScale can lead to better turbomachinery designs.
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How to Move Your OpenFOAM CFD Workflow Successfully to the Cloud
Posted Thursday May 2 at 3:35pm
UberCloud has released a new compendium of eleven CFD projects which engineers have run in the cloud.

The case studies describe the application, the challenges and solutions to move the corresponding workflows to the cloud, the benefits they gained, and the lessons learned and recommendations for the engineering community.
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FEATool Multiphysics Simulation Toolbox v1.10 Released
Posted Monday April 29 at 4:28pm
The FEATool Multiphysics MATLAB FEA simulation toolbox version 1.10 has been made available by Precise Simulation Ltd.

With FEATool 1.10 physics modeling and simulation is now easier than ever to learn, featuring an updated GUI with built-in and automated step-by-step multiphysics modeling examples and tutorials.
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2019 Energy and Process Simulation Symposium
Posted Monday April 29 at 10:18am
Siemens PLM is pleased to announce the 6th Energy & Process Simulation Symposium taking place in Houston, TX on 21-22 May 2019.

We would be delighted if you could join us to learn about the power of engineering simulation and its role in your digital strategy.
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Overview of FLOW-3D CAST's Lost Foam Workplace
Posted Monday April 22 at 5:12pm
Flow Science is pleased to invite you a FLOW-3D CAST webinar on April 25 at 1pm EDT focused on lost foam casting simulations.

In this technical webinar, metal casting engineer Ajit DíBrass will provide an overview of FLOW-3D CASTís lost foam workspace.
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Comparing CFD Software
Posted Wednesday April 17 at 4:53pm
ResolvedAnalytics has released Part 3 of their blog series Comparing CFD Software.

Catch up on the first 2 parts discussing CAD-Embedded and Open-Source CFD Software Packages, and read the most recent part about Semi-Comprehensive CFD Software Packages.
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Balancing Meshing Time with Solution Accuracy
Posted Tuesday April 9 at 10:56am
In 1963, Craig Breedlove set the world land-speed record in the Spirit of America, a record that he would later reclaim several more times in the next two years. Fifty years later, Breedlove has decided that it is time to bring the title back to America. In a new team led by Breedlove, the Spirit of America is being revived with the goal of once again claiming a new world record for land-speed vehicles.

Historically, land-speed vehicles were shaped by rule of thumb aerodynamics. However in the 50 years since the first turbojet vehicle officially set a land-speed record, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has matured to a point where it can be inexpensively used to help simulate performance characteristics on such vehicles.
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Abstract Submission for the FLOW-3D European Users Conference 2019
Posted Tuesday April 9 at 10:52am
The†FLOW-3D†European Users Conference 2019 will be held June 3-5 at the Diana Sheraton Majestic in Milan, Italy.

Join engineers, researchers and scientists from some of Europeís most renowned companies and institutions†to hone your simulation skills, explore new modeling approaches and learn about the latest software developments.
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CFD Used to Develop Propeller With Reduced Underwater Radiated Noise
Posted Wednesday April 3 at 2:48am
Large cargo ships routinely have Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) signatures from their propellers of 150dB+, louder than jet engine take-off noise. Oscar Marine has developed a new propeller design which reduces URN by between to 17dB and 21dB (an over 100 times reduction in noise power) in the frequency range most damaging to marine fauna.
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