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High-Order Curved Meshes for More Accurate CFD Solutions
Posted Thursday August 15 at 5:1pm
Pointwise released the first commercial CFD mesher to generate high-order curved meshes for high Reynolds number flows. The case study, "High-Order Curved Meshes for More Accurate CFD Solutions," explains how it works with most of today’s new high-order CFD solvers to yield the most accurate solutions possible.
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Overview of FLOW-3D CAST’s Tilt Pour Workspace
Posted Monday August 12 at 6:8pm
FLOW-3D will host a a live FLOW-3D CAST webinar on August 15, 2019 at 1:00 PM EDT.

In this technical webinar, metal casting engineer Ajit D’Brass will provide an overview of FLOW-3D CAST’s tilt pour workspace.
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Comparing CFD Software - STAR-CCM+ and Fluent
Posted Monday August 12 at 5:3pm
Batman versus Superman, Magic versus Bird, Yankees versus Red Sox, Microsoft versus Apple, Ferrari versus Lamborghini, Coke versus Pepsi… you get the point. The world is full of great rivalries at the top tiers of competition. It is no different in the world of CFD simulation where Fluent and STAR-CCM+, and before that STAR-CD, have been battling for market leadership for over 20 years.

A new Resolved Analytics blog post compares the software offerings head-to-head.
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Best Practices for Running CFD Solvers Using AWS
Posted Monday August 5 at 6:53pm
Using HPC (high performance computing) to solve Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) challenges has become common practice. As the growth from HPC workstation to supercomputer has slowed over the last decade or two, compute clusters have increasingly taken the place of single, big SMP (shared memory processing) supercomputers, and have become the 'new normal'. Another, more recent innovation, the cloud, has also enabled dramatic growth in total throughput.

This Amazon Web Services blog post highlights best practices for setting up an AWS HPC instance for running CFD (ANSYS Fluent in particular).

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FLOW-3D European Users Conference Proceedings Available!
Posted Wednesday July 31 at 3:30pm
The FLOW-3D European Users Conference 2019 was a huge success thanks to our enthusiastic user community and especially our speakers.

This year's conference featured metal casting and water & environmental application tracks, advanced training for workflow automation with a focus on optimization, in-depth technical presentations by FLOW-3D users, and the latest product developments presented by Flow Science’s senior technical staff.
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Workshop on How to Increase Automotive Simulation Accuracy, Efficiency with Pointwise Meshing
Posted Wednesday July 31 at 8:17am
Pointwise is hosting the Pointwise for Automotive CFD Simulation Workshop in München, Germany on 14 November 2019.

In the workshop, we will conduct live, interactive demonstrations on how to increase automotive simulation accuracy and efficiency with meshing flexibility and present technical background information about the how and why of the meshing techniques developed and honed with many years of experience in Pointwise.
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Simcenter FLOEFD Frontloading CFD Award
Posted Tuesday July 30 at 8:35am
Mentor, a Siemens Business, is pleased to announce that the 2019 Simcenter FLOEFD Frontloading CFD Award is now open for entries!

Do you think you have a FLOEFD project that could give you the chance to win $1,000? We are looking for papers, presentations, videos, and any other way you have shown an inventive/interesting/unusual application of Simcenter FLOEFD to solve a design problem or demonstrate an improved workflow.
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Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Made Easy with FEATool Multiphysics v1.11
Posted Tuesday July 30 at 7:21am
FEATool Multiphysics 1.11 is now available and extends the multi-simulation solver concept even further by introducing a fluid-structure interaction (FSI) solver (in addition to the existing built-in multiphysics, OpenFOAM, and FEniCS solver integrations).

In addition, the 3D geometry engine has been updated with support for the OpenCASCADE and BRL-CAD open source CSG geometry engines, as well as new built-in geometry primitives for more complex geometries.
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What’s New in Simcenter Flotherm and Simcenter Flotherm XT 2019.1
Posted Monday July 29 at 6:25pm
Mentor Graphics, a Siemens business, will host What’s New in Simcenter Flotherm and Simcenter Flotherm XT 2019.1 on 1st August 2019, 11am UK Time and 10am PST.

The new features of both Simcenter Flotherm and Simcenter Flotherm XT 2019.1 electronics cooling software releases will be introduced and demonstrated in this web seminar.
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HONDA Testifies a Major Breakthrough in Meshing Speed with NUMECA’s AutoSeal and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid
Posted Monday July 29 at 5:13pm
I'm sure you have heard it before, "80% of the time spent on CFD simulation for aerodynamics is used just for preparing the set-up of the case". Typical challenges in the simulation preparation process are still: poor quality of the available CAD, resulting in dirty geometries containing holes and cavities, complex geometries, resulting in a large amount of manual input to create a quality mesh, and difficulty to quickly create design alternatives for iterative testing.
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AI-Powered Valve Design
Posted Monday July 22 at 2:8pm
CCTech will host AI-Powered Valve Design on Thursday, August 1st 2019.

We are living in a world where Machine Learning has become and becoming root in various fields. A lot of people are interested in learning how to apply machine learning to solve their problems. CCTech has been working in Machine Learning from the last couple of years with our focus on how we can use Machine Learning in Valve Design.
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Several Leaps Forward for CFD Simulations of Hydrofoils
Posted Monday July 22 at 11:2am
While discussing with Xavier Guisnel from VPLP during the last marine session of the NUMECA User Meeting, the idea of revising the hydrofoil simulation standards appeared to be a necessity. He mentioned that "the desired lift force should be an input and not just an output of the simulation".
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Using CFD and AI to Help Increase the Safety of Driverless Cars
Posted Monday July 15 at 10:59am
Pointwise has published the case study Using CFD to Help Increase the Safety of Driverless Cars based on research done at Cranfield University. The research is the first numerical study of its kind and provides a basis for future CFD studies and ongoing development of AI for autonomous vehicles.
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Marine Craft Dynamic Motion with Simcenter Flomaster
Posted Tuesday July 9 at 5:35pm
Mentor - A Siemens Business will host Marine Craft Dynamic Motion with Simcenter Flomaster on 18th July 2019, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

In the new version of Simcenter Flomaster, we announced a new feature that can quickly and accurately model the transient motion of marine vessels and also reveal the effects it would have on the fluid systems. Sign up to this event to see this in action.
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NUMECA User Meeting 2019 – CALL FOR PAPERS
Posted Monday July 1 at 8:54pm
Join NUMECA International from Tuesday November 12th to Thursday November 14th for a 3-day event featuring exciting case study presentations from our own experts and industry leaders like CNES, Safran, Emirates Team New Zealand, LMG Marin and many others...

Witness the unveiling of new game changing technology for CFD, delivering high-precision results with next to zero pre-processing time!
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What’s New in Simcenter Flomaster 2019.1
Posted Thursday June 20 at 12:47pm
Mentor, a Siemens business, will host What’s New in Simcenter Flomaster 2019.1 on 27th June 2019 at 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

In this webinar, Simcenter Flomaster Product Owner, Chris Murray, will be talking about the highlights of this new release.
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NUMECA Lunch & Learn Session at the ASME Turbo Expo 2019
Posted Wednesday June 12 at 11:39am
ASME Turbo Expo, the must-attend event for turbomachinery professionals, is taking place in Phoenix, AZ, USA this year from June 17th to 21st. NUMECA will be there and we are pleased to invite you to a free Lunch & Learn Session on Tuesday, June 18.
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CFD Modeling Holds Potential for Wind Plant Improvements
Posted Thursday June 6 at 9:39am
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are using cutting-edge national supercomputing resources to develop an open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code that simulates wind plants with greater accuracy than previously possible.
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