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Easy Access to CFD Data for Analysis
Posted Thursday April 26 at 8:42am
Intelligent Light will host Easy Access to CFD Data for Analysis on Thursday, May 3rd.

If you rely on Excel, Matlab, Octave and NumPy in your daily work, FieldView 17 allows fast I/O of CFD data for further analysis through MAT-File and CSV.
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Flow Characteristics of Pump-Turbine Runners With Large Blade Lean
Posted Wednesday April 25 at 9:29am
A new Advanced Design Technology blog post describes the application of simulation to Pump-Turbine Runners With Large Blade Lean.

Pumped storage power stations are experiencing rapid development in China with the increasing development of smart grid and extensive development of nuclear and wind power stations for renewable energy. As a key component of the mechanical part of pumped storage power stations, the reversible pump-turbine has the function of water pumping and electricity generation as the load varies in the electricity grid.
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Elements of Turbulence Modeling
Posted Monday April 23 at 5:4pm
NAFEMS will host the e-learning course Elements of Turbulence Modeling in two sessions on May 9-10.

This course provides the attendees with basic understanding of complexities in turbulence simulation and introduces them to most commonly used turbulence models with their advantages and limitations.
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RANS & Manifold Based Modeling of Combustion Processes
Posted Monday April 23 at 2:18pm
NUMECA Ingenieurbüro will host a seminar on RANS & Manifold Based Modeling of Combustion Processes on May 8th in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Join us for this free seminar and discover:

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Simulation & Digital Twins
Posted Friday April 20 at 10:36am
NAFEMS will host Simulation & Digital Twins - Behind the Buzzwords on May 2nd.

The eSeminar brings together the major software vendors in a uniquely neutral platform, to discuss their definitions of Digital Twin, some of the work they are doing in the space, and the barriers standing in the way of full adoption.
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High Order CFD Methods - Results and Advancements
Posted Tuesday April 17 at 10:37am
AIAA will host High Order CFD Methods: Results and Advancements from the 5th International Workshop on May 31st.

In January 2018, The 5th International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods took place with the goal of providing an open and impartial forum for evaluating the status of high-order methods (order of accuracy > 2) in solving a wide range of flow problems.

This Webinar will showcase the key results of that workshop, including advancements, concerns, and demands.
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Call for Papers Now Open for Pointwise User Group Meeting
Posted Monday April 16 at 12:4am
Pointwise is now accepting abstracts for technical presentations to be given at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 on 14-15 November in Fort Worth, Texas.

The event, which brings together engineers and scientists from around the world, will feature the newly released Pointwise V18.1.
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NUMECA Webinar on FINE™/Marine's Newest Features
Posted Friday April 13 at 6:37pm
FINE™/Marine version 7 has been launched with some very interesting new features for you!

Join NUMECA's webinar on April 18th to get a flavor of the newest developments and see them in action.
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Additive Manufacturing Using FLOW-3D
Posted Tuesday April 10 at 12:40pm
Flow Science will host Additive Manufacturing Using FLOW-3D: Continued on April 17th.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how some of the world's leading 3D printing companies and end users of AM technologies, national labs and universities are using FLOW-3D's multiphysics modeling capabilities to gain process insights and ultimately, optimize the various print parameters for AM processes.
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Mesh Automation and Adaptability at Forefront of Major New Pointwise Release
Posted Monday April 9 at 11:21am
Pointwise has released a major update to its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software.

With its origins in a multiyear development effort funded by the U.S. Air Force for overset grid assembly, this latest Pointwise release includes a suite of tools that provide increased automation and flexibility in mesh topology creation, mesh types and mesh quality assessment.
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Low Weight, High Speed Automative Fan Design by 3D Inverse Design Method
Posted Thursday April 5 at 2:31pm
ADT has added the technical paper Low Weight, High Speed Automative Fan Design by 3D Inverse Design Method to their publication library.

The aim of this paper is to apply 3D inverse design method coupled with multiobjective/multi-point automatic optimization method to design a low loaded axial fan.
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NUMECA User Meeting 2018 - Call for Presentations
Posted Thursday April 5 at 11:24am
NUMECA International and NUMECA Ingenieurbüro are pleased to invite you to the NUMECA User Meeting 2018 that will take place in Berlin, Germany on October 16th-17th 2018. Save the date!

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Sand Casting Using FLOW-3D CAST
Posted Tuesday April 3 at 6:46pm
Flow Science will host Sand Casting Using FLOW-3D CAST on April 18 at 1:00 pm EST.

This webinar will showcase the capabilities of the new Sand Casting Suite in the all new FLOW-3D CAST v5, and demonstrate applications of processes such as green sand casting, shell-sand casting, etc.
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Marine CFD Workshops in USA, Canada
Posted Tuesday April 3 at 5:37pm
We invite you to join Numeca-USA at one of our upcoming free CFD workshops for the marine industry. These unique, hands-on workshops will be held during the month of May in two locations - one on each coast of North America.

Numeca’s technical experts will show you how to use FINE™/Marine, our CFD tool dedicated to all hydrodynamic applications, and how to use the cloud-based platform, allowing for both intensive and occasional use.
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Theory and Process Behind the Inverse Design of Pumps
Posted Monday April 2 at 8:35am
A new ADT Blog article dives into the Theory and Process Behind the Inverse Design of Pumps and its application for the pump industry.

The unique 3D Inverse design process developed by ADT starts from identifying what you want to do to the fluid flow in terms of the 3D pressure field and mathematically derives the optimal geometry to achieve that outcome.
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Advanced Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Systems Utilizing Air Conditioning
Posted Tuesday March 27 at 6:35pm
Mentor Graphics will host Advanced Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Systems Utilizing Air Conditioning on 19th April 2018, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

This presentation considers the use of FloMASTER in the development process of a modern AC system ideally suited for a Battery Electric Vehicle. It examines and addresses some of the main design options and solutions available to systems engineers in creating an effective thermal management solution.
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Two-Fluid, Two-temperature Model Introduced in FLOW-3D
Posted Tuesday March 27 at 5:20pm
Spacecraft and automotive fuel tanks and certain microfluidic devices require accurate modeling of liquid and gas phases for safe and efficient operations. In addition to the presence of a fluid interface in such systems, the physics of heat transfer and phase change also need to be accurately captured. How is that for complexity!

In order to simulate such complex scenarios, a two-temperature, two-fluid model has been introduced in FLOW-3D v11.3.
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PTC Creo 5.0 Adds CFD Capability
Posted Wednesday March 21 at 9:18pm
PTC has announced Creo 5.0, the latest release of its Creo® computer-aided design (CAD) software, which enables users to go from concept to manufacturing in one design environment.

Among the new capabilities is Creo Flow Analysis, an extension for computational fluid dynamics.
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