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Course on Computational Methods and Parallel Processing in Science and Technology
Posted Sunday August 20 at 9:36am
MHRD, Govt. of India has launched an innovative program titled Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) in Higher Education, in order to garner the best international expertise into our system. As a part of this, internationally renowned Academician Prof. Tony. W. H. Sheu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan is going to conduct this course at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana India.

This course provides training in the application of contemporary mathematics especially the scientific computing in science and technology.
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Acoustophoretic Particle Focusing
Posted Friday August 18 at 6:29am
Acoustophoretic particle focusing is a modern and very attractive method of removing a variety of objects from solutions in a microfluidic channel. The process is applicable to healthcare applications (e.g., malignant cell removal), academic research (e.g., nanoparticle separation), industrial applications (e.g., reclaiming of rare earths) and environmental applications (e.g., sequestration of suspended solids) to name but a few.
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New Functionality in FloTHERM V12
Posted Wednesday August 16 at 6:57am
Mentor Graphics will host FloTHERM V.12 – New Functionality on 21st September 2017, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

In this presentation from the FloTHERM Product Manager, the benefits of the new features in FloTHERM v12 will be described and demonstrated.
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Intelligent Light and the CFD 2030 Vision
Posted Tuesday August 15 at 11:2pm
Intelligent Light's Steve M. Legensky and Brad J. Whitlock will present Intelligent Light and the CFD 2030 Vision Live from NASA Ames Research Center at 1:00 PM PT, THURSDAY, August 17, 2017.

Over the past thirty years, computational simulation of fluid dynamics has made huge strides in meshing of complex geometries, computational efficiency and most importantly, greater fidelity in physics models. Current trends include greater adoption of unsteady methods via LES, higher order methods and alternatives to classical CFD such as Lattice Boltzmann methods.
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Role of CFD in Designing Efficient Fuel Injection Systems
Posted Monday August 14 at 6:38pm
Driven by the need for more cleaner, environment friendly vehicles to abide by stricter government regulations, it is imperative for automakers worldwide to make cars more fuel efficient and less polluting. Auto companies are forced to embrace the concept of "downsizing" – building increasingly small, compact, yet powerful engines.
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What Autonomous Driving Means for Thermal Management & EV Performance
Posted Monday August 14 at 5:36pm
Mentor Graphics will host What Autonomous Driving Means for Thermal Management & EV Performance on 28th September, 11am UK Time & 10am PST.

This web seminar focuses on the potential impacts of upcoming autonomous driving features will have on the system design and performance of a plugin hybrid electric vehicle.
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Global TURBOdesign Symposium 2017
Posted Wednesday August 9 at 5:27pm
ADT is happy to announce that the registration for the Global TURBOdesign Symposium 2017 is open.

The event will bring together turbomachinery professionals, and designers working with 3D inverse design technology.
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Massive Parallel Computing with NUMECA FINE™/Open
Posted Tuesday August 8 at 10:14am
Recent developments in NUMECA FINE™/Open have yielded impressive improvements in massively parallel performance. More than just improving the scalability of the solver iteration loop, these developments have affected all phases of a typical simulation: solver startup, iteration, and the solution writing.
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CAESES European Users' Meeting 2017
Posted Sunday July 30 at 2:1pm
FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS would like to invite you to the CAESES European Users' Meeting on September 27-29, 2017.

There is already an exciting set of confirmed presenters from leading engineering and software companies such as Caterpillar Propulsion, VOITH, KSB, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, NUMECA and Dynardo - including a keynote from ORACLE.
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New Speaker Joins The Turbomachinery Development With Inverse design And High Fidelity CFD Seminar
Posted Sunday July 30 at 12:56pm
ADT is pleased to have Georg Scheuerer, Managing Director of ISimQ, join us as a speaker at the Turbomachinery Development With Inverse design And High Fidelity CFD Seminar on 20th September.

Modern turbo engines are highly developed systems. State of the art technology is required in order to improve them. Conventional methods reach their limits when users want to achieve good results in reasonable time.
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FLOW-3D European Users Conference Proceedings Now Available
Posted Friday July 21 at 6:6pm
The technical proceedings from the 17th FLOW-3D European Users Conference are now available for download.

The conference featured an interesting and varied set of talks including topics such as fuel tank dynamics for both automotive and aerospace applications, core making, environmental modeling, and cutting-edge research in microfluidics applications.
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Introduction to Practical CFD Online Training Course
Posted Friday July 21 at 3:3pm
NAFEMS will host Introduction to Practical CFD Online Training Course beginning July 26th.

This course offers the attendees the fundamental knowledge for using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in real life engineering applications and complex flow problems through a simple and moderately technical approach.
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The AeroGust Project - Aeroelastic Gust Modelling
Posted Tuesday July 18 at 6:26am
A key element in the design of an aircraft is to make sure it can cope with the stresses arising from the impact of strong winds on the plane’s structure. Calculating the way the aircraft reacts to gusts and turbulences is essential knowledge before a plane can be built.

Currently most of the data concerning gusts is gathered during expensive wind tunnel experiments and rather late in the design process, when design options have already been narrowed down a lot.
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Siemens’ STAR-CCM+ Software Completes ASME NQA-1 Compliance
Posted Friday July 14 at 8:5am
Siemens’ STAR-CCM+® software, the industry-leading multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool, has achieved ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 compliance.

The addition of NQA-1 compliance in the rigorous ASME QA certification program ensures the code meets industry-standard requirements for nuclear industry customers in support of safety-related applications.
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Efficient Meshing for MultiScale CFD Simulation
Posted Wednesday July 12 at 11:0am
Multi scale meshing for a traditional structured grid generator is a daunting task. The approach causes the fineness of the refined grids near the smaller geometric features to propagate into the field, thereby unnecessarily increasing the cell count, without bringing any practical computational benefit. In fact, it increases the computational time and also unnecessarily demands larger computational resources.
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ANSYS Acquires Computational Engineering International
Posted Tuesday July 11 at 9:53pm
ANSYS, the global leader and innovator of engineering simulation software, announced today that it has acquired Computational Engineering International, Inc. (CEI), the developer of a suite of products that helps engineers and scientists analyze, visualize and communicate simulation data. Terms of the deal, which closed earlier this month, were not disclosed.

The merger of the physical and digital worlds is resulting in products that were once unimaginable, and companies are faced with an overwhelming number of design decisions compared to previous product generations. That is something only engineering simulation can feasibly provide in a timely and cost-effective fashion.
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Learn How Pointwise Makes CFD Fast, Accurate, and Reliable
Posted Monday July 10 at 7:24am
Pointwise’s Let’s Talk Meshing Workshop series comes to the Washington D.C. area on 22 August, bringing a host of new material and techniques to the CFD community.

With over 22 years of CFD meshing experience to offer, Pointwise, Inc. delivers a free, information-packed day of discussions, demonstrations, and presentations.
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Frontloading CFD - How & Why?
Posted Sunday July 9 at 9:15pm
Mentor Graphics will host the Facebook Live event Frontloading CFD – How and Why? on 11th July at 1.30pm BST/2.30pm CET/8:30am EST

Join Matt and Robin on their discussion on Frontloading CFD. In this informal conversation, they will be discussing the reasons behind frontloading your CFD process and what you can gain from doing so.
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