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Simplified and Highly Stable Lattice Boltzmann Method
Posted Thursday September 17 at 3:14pm
A new book Simplified and Highly Stable Lattice Boltzmann Method: Theory and Applications introduces a new method for constructing numerical schemes within the lattice Boltzmann framework.

The Simplified and Highly Stable method is shown, through mathematical derivation and validation, to outperform conventional lattice Boltzmann methods.
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Achieving Quieter Flight Through Simulation
Posted Thursday September 10 at 9:10am
Dassault Systems will host Achieving Quieter Flight Through Simulation - An E-Seminar Series beginning September 22nd.

The series will consist of two seminars followed by an interactive workshop.
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Developing Next-Gen Combustion Systems at JLR using Advanced CFD Simulation
Posted Wednesday September 9 at 3:3pm
Siemens PLM will host a live webinar describing how Jaguar Land Rover develops their next-generation GDI engines.

The webinar will be held in two sessions on September 24th.
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Nextflow Software Introduces Fluid Flow Analysis Solution Based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics M
Posted Friday September 4 at 8:42am
Nextflow Software, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) based in Nantes, France, introduces a new solution based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method for the exploration and analysis of complex fluid flows in industrial designs.

After more than 20 years of research, thanks to Nextflow Software and other actors, the SPH method has been moving from academic labs to industrial engineering offices.
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An Introduction to the Rank-n Nonlinear Harmonic Method
Posted Thursday September 3 at 8:40am
The flow field in turbomachinery is dominated by inherently unsteady flow features such as blade-row interactions, blade vibration, inlet distortions, or high thermal gradients. Perturbations due to propulsion-airframe integration, aircraft maneuvers, crosswind, and temperature non-uniformities coming from the outlet of combustors are just a few of the many sources that can undermine the performance, stability, and durability of gas turbine engines.

NUMECA's Nonlinear Harmonic method (NLH) enables a better understanding of the propagation of flow non-uniformities into turbomachinery components by accurately and efficiently modeling turbomachinery configurations that are subject to periodic variations.
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Reducing Boiler Emissions Through Shape Optimization
Posted Sunday August 30 at 4:19pm
Heat exchangers are widely used, e.g. in domestic boilers. During natural gas combustion, harmful CO and NOx emissions are formed and have to be minimized. The cooling intensity inside the heat exchanger has an opposing impact on the emissions. For NOx minimization, a quick and strong cooling trajectory is preferred while CO emissions are generally minimized by a slow cooling process.
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Understanding Tractor Trailer Aerodynamics Using a Time Accurate Approach
Posted Thursday August 13 at 3:6pm
Pointwise has released the webinar, Understanding Tractor Trailer Aerodynamics Using a Time Accurate Approach, which shows how multi-block hybrid meshing techniques can improve mesh quality and concentrate mesh density in areas of interest.

In the United States, 70 percent of freight tonnage is transported by tractor trailers each year. Tractor trailers spend much of their time at highway speeds, resulting in 65 percent of their fuel consumption being used to overcome aerodynamic drag.
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Azore Software Launches CFD Simulation Software
Posted Monday August 3 at 9:40pm
Azore Software, provider of practical CFD that you can trust, announced the release of new packages and subscription plans for its trusted Azore CFD software. The new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) packages include monthly subscription plans that are friendly and fair to organizations left underserved by the wave of vendor consolidations over the last 10 to 15 years.
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Fluid Dynamics Investigation of the Sonic Boom on a Supersonic Aircraft Concept
Posted Monday August 3 at 10:1am
The return to supersonic flight is amongst the hottest topics in aviation today, as several companies (Boom Supersonic and Aerion Supersonic, among others) are actively developing new supersonic commercial airliners targeted to enter in service in the coming years. In this context, a quiet flight over land is one of the major challenges to ensure the regulatory compliance of such airliners. Several research centers and companies are building demonstrators to show large sonic boom reductions with smarter designs of all the parts of the aircraft.
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Turbulence Model Influence on Flow in the FDA Benchmark Model
Posted Tuesday July 28 at 4:59pm
Pointwise released a webinar where Chris Sideroff, Ph.D., managing director of Applied CCM Canada, uses Pointwise and the Caelus Python Library to understand the influence exerted by the turbulence model on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation results for the FDA Blood Pump benchmark geometry.

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Elements of Turbulence Modeling
Posted Monday July 27 at 1:23pm
NAFEMS will host the online course Elements of Turbulence Modeling in two sessions beginning August 5th.

This course provides the attendees with basic understanding of complexities in turbulence simulation and introduces them to most commonly used turbulence models with their advantages and limitations.
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NUMECA and Gmsh Inventors Announce an Exclusive Partnership in World-Class Meshing
Posted Thursday July 23 at 8:2am
NUMECA and Gmsh are pleased to announce the establishment of an exclusive partnership for creating an industrialized and commercialized version of the world-leading open source grid generation toolset Gmsh.

Through this partnership, NUMECA and Gmsh's inventors will co-develop a professional version of Gmsh, Gmsh-Pro, within NUMECA’s multiphysics environment OMNIS™, extending its capabilities in terms of performances, ease-of-use and CAD links, to a wide range of new applications in CAE and multiphysics.
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Aerosol Modeling Targets Sinus Inflammation
Posted Wednesday July 22 at 8:44am
Researchers at South Dakota State University are using CFD to model aerosol sprays designed to help patients with chronic sinus problems.

New instructions for using nasal sprays may help deliver at least eight times more inflammation-reducing medicine to diseased sinus tissues, according to South Dakota State University assistant mechanical engineering professor Saikat Basu.
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Developing Next Generation Products with Powerful, Cost Efficient CFD Solutions
Posted Monday July 20 at 4:23pm
Altair will host the free webinar Developing Next Generation Products with Powerful, Cost Efficient CFD Solutions on July 22nd at 10am CEST.

With a line-up of inspirational speakers and industry experts, this free to attend online event will demonstrate how leading companies such as Fiat, Vortex and Volkswagen, are exploiting the latest multi-disciplinary CFD solutions to optimize gearbox oiling, analyzing tank sloshing, perform rapid external aerodynamics studies, predict and reduce undesirable wind noise and much more.
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Pointwise Enables Accurate CFD for Nuclear Reactor Rod Bundles
Posted Tuesday July 14 at 5:26pm
Pointwise has released the case study, Pointwise Enables Accurate CFD for Nuclear Reactor Rod Bundles, explaining how Michael Böttcher of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology leverages Pointwise meshing techniques to enable accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) results for nuclear reactor rod bundles at stringent convergence levels, which cannot be achieved with automatic "free" meshing alone.
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What Makes Calculation of Full Port Ball Valve Flow Coefficient Challenging?
Posted Tuesday July 7 at 12:13pm
Often valve manufacturers face the challenge that their valve's flow coefficient, Cv, is less than those of competing manufacturers.

Many resources are spent on valve design only to end up with an under performing valve during experimental testing.
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Latest Pointwise Release Includes 5X Faster Surface Meshing
Posted Wednesday July 1 at 4:11pm
The latest release of Pointwise’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software accelerates its surface meshing process by up to a factor of five on benchmark grids.

"'Accelerate' is one of our three main development thrusts," said John Chawner, Pointwise’s president. "Anything we can do to speed-up the software improves the user’s experience and shrinks the time required to generate a CFD mesh."
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Automated Meshing and Adaptive Re-meshing at Bombardier
Posted Wednesday June 24 at 3:53pm
Pointwise released a webinar where Amine Ben Haj Ali, senior engineering specialist from Bombardier, explains the Meshing & Adaptive Re-meshing Server (MARS) which automatically generates meshes.

MARS has been used by engineers at Bombardier to generate over 250,000 high-quality meshes since 2017. MARS automates the meshing process, reduces meshing time, and ensures consistent meshes across geometry variations no matter who is using it.
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