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CFD Review Moderation Guidelines

Why We Need Moderation

The comments posted to this site are the property of the poster, they are not reviewed or edited in any way. Moderation, allows the readers to moderate the comments themselves. Basically, we want to hightlight the good comments and discourage bad posts. Note that when I say bad posts I do NOT mean posts with which you disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (they may be called on to defend it though). We want to discourage spam and offensive posts by moderating them down. Note that any reader can read all comments simply by adjusting their comment filter so we are not engaging in censorship.

Who Moderates?

The short answer is everyone. The system will randomly pick moderators from active logged-in users and give them a small number of moderation points. The points only last for a couple of days and when exhausted, the moderator returns to regular user status.

How Do I Moderate?

If you have been selected as a moderator, a drop down list of adjectives will appear next to each comment. By selecting a positive adjective, such as "Informative", you increase the score of that comment by one point. Likewise, by selecting a negative adjective, you decrease the score of that comment by one point.

The Point System

Comments are scored on an absolute scale of -1 to 5. Comments from logged-in users start at 1, comments from anonymous users, start at 0.

What is Karma?

Karma is a way to keep track of who is making good and bad posts to the site. If you consistently make good informative posts, your karma will start to increase, the opposite is also true. Karma is used to determine who can be a moderator. If your karma falls below zero, you are ineligible to be a moderator.

What is Meta Moderation?

This is where the readers can rate the moderators. If you choose to do this, you will be given a list of all the comments which were moderated up or down. You are being asked whether or not you agree with the moderation done to the particular comment. A moderator who consistently does a bad job will not be selected as a moderator again.

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