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NUMECA's Unique Lattice Boltzmann Solver OMNIS™/LB
Posted Wednesday May 30 at 2:29pm

Are you looking to perform high-fidelity flow simulations, possibly from an unclean complex geometry, but don’t want to invest weeks to create a high quality mesh?

If so, consider attending the NUMECA International webinar on the OMNIS™/LB solution.

Do you want to simulate highly complex cases ideally capturing transient flow behavior, but you know this could probably take months of run time to obtain a result?

Does your system include moving parts that mesh together, intertwine or enter into contact and you look for a solution that avoids remeshing or mesh deformation?

If you’ve replied ‘YES’ to any one of the above points, you should attend this exciting webinar on our OMNIS™/LB solution.

OMNIS™/LB allows you to capture mesoscopic transient behavior, free-surface flows, body-to-body motion, conjugate heat transfer, non-newtonian rheology, surface tension... thanks to the powerful Lattice Boltzmann solver technology.

Who should attend?

In this exciting 40-min webinar we’ll show you:

Date: June 26th 2018

Session 1: June 26 - 10:00AM (CET, Brussels), 16:00PM (Beijing), 17:00PM (Tokyo)

Session 2: June 26 - 11:00AM (San Francisco), 14:00PM (New York), 20:00PM (Brussels)

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Wednesday May 30 02 29 PM