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Cambridge Flow Solutions Releases BOXERmesh v3.8.3
Posted Wednesday May 23 at 6:18pm

Building on the rapid, robust and simple-to-use BOXERmesh paradigm, v3.8.3 is the scalable parallel meshing solution for complex, large-scale numerical simulation.

BOXERmesh v3.8.3 is designed to work with a huge range of proprietary CAD systems and formats, and can support virtually all major commercial and open-source numerical solvers.

With the ability to directly manipulate, transform and create geometry within the meshing system, BOXERmesh v3.8.3 has been designed for fast, robust, automatic mesh generation and design space exploration within the most advanced and complex design systems. A friendly Graphical User Interface and a fully featured batch scripting language mean that BOXERmesh v3.8.3 is easy-to-use but incredibly powerful and extensible.

More info available here.

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Wednesday May 23 06 18 PM