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Introducing FloTHERM V12.1
Posted Tuesday May 22 at 10:43am

Mentor Graphics will host the web seminar Introducing FloTHERM v12.1 on 31st May 2018, 11am UK Time and 10am PST.

The new version of FloTHERM has been released and we would like to invite you to attend this web seminar where we will be demonstrating some of the new features.

A major challenge in simulation is ensuring the model inputs are accurate. This is especially so for quantities that are difficult to directly measure in-situ. To address this challenge, FloTHERM v12.1 offers an industry first: Structure Function based model calibration using multiple measurements concurrently. Learn how to remove uncertainty from your models with this approach.

We have also enhanced usability in this version with a focus on the Profiles window and supply chain workflow. Sign up now to learn how to take advantage of these improvements and increase your productivity with FloTHERM.

The topics covered in this presentation will show you how to:

Sign up now to reserve your space.

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Tuesday May 22 10 43 AM