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The SU2 International Developers Society is Ready!
Posted Monday May 14 at 9:43pm

If you believe that numerical simulation is an essential part of our technological world and, it should be free and open for everyone SU2 International Developers Society is your professional society! Our journey will begin on 5/26/2018 @ 7am PST.

With your support, IDS will start shaping the SU2 open-source community by recognizing, connecting, inspiring, and expanding the worldwide team of SU2 enthusiasts. We strongly believe that, all together, the SU2 open-source community has the potential to revolutionize numerical simulation, the way it is developed, and its impact on the society.

The objective of our first meeting is to introduce the current leadership team, the open membership system and, future initiatives. To participate, you just need to register yourself as a SU2 IDS member in the IDSís webpage https://su2devsociety.org. An invitation to the meeting will be sent to you one week before the event with final details.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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Monday May 14 09 43 PM