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Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Infrastructure
Posted Thursday May 3 at 3:24pm

The University of Colorado Boulder has been awarded an NSF collaborative research grant to lead the conceptualization of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Infrastructure (CDFSI) with input from the broader computational fluid dynamics research community.

A project Kick-Off Workshop will be held May 16 & 17, 2018 at the CU Boulder Campus to introduce CFDSI and bring together leaders across the many software components that define, create, and analyze data from both computations and experiments.

Fluid dynamics is a broad field spanning science and engineering domains including climate, environment, health, transportation, propulsion, and power generation from conventional, alternative, and nuclear sources. By engaging a wide range of experts, CFDSI will develop a rich and extensible set of software that can be applied with a wide range of CFD codes to define, solve, and analyze both computational and experimental data.

The conceptualized institute will provide many benefits to the research community and lower or eliminate the barriers to the adoption powerful simulation, data, and analysis resources. To do so, CFDSI will connect the best research in fluid dynamics to the best research in data science/analytics within a highly sustainable software development environment. Specifically, CFDSI will:

Kickoff Workshop
In this workshop, we want to:

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Thursday May 03 03 24 PM