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NUMECA's Free Student Offer Now Includes AutoGrid5™ and FINE™/Marine
Posted Monday April 30 at 8:34pm

Many of you were asking for it, so here it is: the NUMECA free student package now also includes AutoGrid5™ and FINE™/Marine!

For the convenience of students, the free-student-version has been divided into two software packages. Students can choose either one or both which can be installed on Windows and Linux based machines.

Internal and external flow package
FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™


Marine package dedicated to flow around boats, yachts, etc.

Students can access them for free without any limits on the cell-count or computational-hours. Request your copy of the free student license HERE

The free student offer also comes with access to the documentation, tutorial archives, best-practice guidelines and most importantly the NUMECA moderated forum. The forum can be used by students for technical assistance and it gives an opportunity to exchange Labs for the customization of CFD in OpenLabs™.

We have also updated out academic pages on the website. Be sure to check that out!

If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to contact us at academic@numeca.be

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Monday April 30 08 34 PM