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Two-Fluid, Two-temperature Model Introduced in FLOW-3D
Posted Tuesday March 27 at 10:20pm

Spacecraft and automotive fuel tanks and certain microfluidic devices require accurate modeling of liquid and gas phases for safe and efficient operations. In addition to the presence of a fluid interface in such systems, the physics of heat transfer and phase change also need to be accurately captured. How is that for complexity!

In order to simulate such complex scenarios, a two-temperature, two-fluid model has been introduced in†FLOW-3D v11.3.

FLOW-3Dís interface tracking method, TruVOF, works in conjunction with the two-fluid model, including heat transfer and phase change. One of the simplifications of this model, however, has been that the temperature of the mesh cell that has the interface is represented by a mixture temperature (hence, a simplified model) Tmix.

To overcome the deficiencies of the one-temperature approach a two-temperature model for the two-fluid solution has been introduced in version 11.3. This involves solving the energy transport equation for each fluid and storing the temperature of each phase as well. The mesh cell with the free-surface now has a representation of both liquid (T1) and gas (T2) temperatures.

Read the full blog post at https://www.flow3d.com/two-fluid-two-temperature-model/

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Tuesday March 27 10 20 PM