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Introducing SU2 International Developers Society (IDS)
Posted Friday March 16 at 7:57pm

A month ago, the SU2 International Developers Society (IDS) was launched to acknowledge the tremendous work that all contributors to the SU2 open-source software are doing to improve the quality, efficiency, and competitiveness of our favorite CFD software.

SU2 IDS membership is free and goes way beyond code contributions: we want to recognize and encourage any and all participation in the SU2 project, including code development, help with management, organizing events, mentoring, involvement on GitHub, teaching/promoting SU2, etc. No contribution is too small.

We can’t wait to showcase the great work that is occurring around the world each day to improve the project, and we think the SU2 IDS is the perfect vehicle for this.

The mission of the society is to connect, inspire, and expand the SU2 developer community by creating an open forum to share ideas that lead to measurable SU2 improvements so that we can keep momentum. In the SU2 project we know that we must continuously innovate to keep our CFD software competitive. Fortunately, the SU2 community already boasts some very effective change agents. Thank you for all of your terrific work.

After our most successful release ever (SU2 v6.0 Falcon), it’s the perfect time to tap into our collective expertise, creativity, and programming skills to take SU2 to the next level. We invite all contributors to the SU2 project to become members of the SU2 IDS. In particular, “Junior Developer” and “Developer” applications may be self-made and offer some serious perks.

We are excited to begin this inspiring initiative with you and honored to be part of this amazing team.

The SU2 IDS interim leadership team

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Friday March 16 07 57 PM