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Webinar on NUMECA's C-Wizard & Cloud
Posted Monday February 12 at 3:20pm

NUMECA will host a webinar on NUMECA's C-Wizard & Cloud: How to Prepare Tens of Simulations in Minutes on FEB 28th.

The C-Wizard tool has become the standard for many FINE™/Marine users, beginners and experts alike. It provides automatic mesh and computation set-up for marine applications, substantially increasing productivity and avoiding potential human errors.

With the combination of the matrix mode from the C-Wizard and the Cloud, everybody can prepare and launch tens of simulations in a matter of minutes.

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Additionally, this webinar will give you several tips on how to handle big project data and how to be as efficient as possible in your CFD projects.

2 sessions to cover all time zones

Session 1: European and Asian business hours:

10:00AM (Brussels), 17:00PM (Beijing), 18:00PM (Tokyo)


Session 2: N.S. American business hours:

10:00AM (San Francisco), 13:00PM (New York), 19:00PM (Brussels)


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Any questions? Contact us: info@numeca.com

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Monday February 12 03 20 PM