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TURBOdesign 3DLab and Optima to Export Geometries to CFD tools
Posted Tuesday January 23 at 7:27pm

ADT's TURBOdesign v6.4 3DLab and Optima applications now generate and partition flow domains for import into the user's desired CFD tool when running with either TURBOdesign LinkCCM+ or ANSYS Workbench.

When running an optimization with TURBOdesign 3DLab, TURBOdesign Optima and either TURBOdesign Link-CCM+ or ANSYS Workbench; TURBOdesign 3DLab will now run in the background with no interface being displayed.

TURBOdesign 3DLab is a plugin powered by Spaceclaim especially designed for automatic creation of turbomachinery and volute solid models.

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Tuesday January 23 07 27 PM