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How To Model Internal Flows in Engineering Systems
Posted Tuesday January 16 at 5:53am

NAFEMS will host How To Model Internal Flows in Engineering Systems on Tuesday January 23rd.

This talk will introduce 1D Fluid System Simulation (System CFD) and show how it is used to analyse and design internal flow systems in complex fluid engineering. We will compare system techniques with 2D and 3D CFD techniques showing that they are complementary.

Fluid sub-systems are a key part of many engineering systems from lubrication and fuel to hydraulics and pipelines. These systems are large, complex and often highly transient, and the flows are typically internal, pressurised flows e.g. through pipes, valves and motors. They often require both passive and active control.

System CFD allows engineers to quickly build models based using catalogues of pre-defined components. System models are used to:

The talk will present a number of case studies to discuss its use in analysis and design of engineering systems with surge; thermal management; hydraulics; rotating machine

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Tuesday January 16 05 53 AM