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Introducing TURBOdesign Suite v6.4
Posted Saturday January 13 at 7:5pm

Advanced Design Technology will host Introducing TURBOdesign Suite v6.4 for Turbomachinery Design and Optimization on Tuesday January 16th.

The version 6.4 update to TURBOdesign Suite provides significant new features and functionality to enable designers to produce highly optimised designs faster than ever before. This webinar will highlight new TURBOdesign functionality including a flexible new geometry parameterisation capability, and a new TURBOdesign integration module with Star CCM+.

The major new functionality included in TURBOdesign Suite 6.4 includes:

In our 40 mins webinar, we will show how the new features and enhancements in TURBOdesign Suite 6.4 enable turbomachinery engineers to link seamlessly to common CAE environments and to produce breakthrough high-performance designs faster than ever before.

Register for 9am GMT (6pm JST) webinar

Register for 5pm (11am EDT) webinar

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Saturday January 13 07 05 PM