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Play Turbulence the Game
Posted Wednesday January 3 at 8:20pm

Janet Rafner, Master's degree candidate at the Niels Bohr Institute, has created a game out of quantifying turbulence length scales.

The Science At Home game Turbulence pits gamers against each other in a quest to find optimal length scales of various turbulent flow features.

In the Turbulence game, you are competing against other players to explore shapes that are formed in chaotic areas of turbulent flow. In technical terms, we call these shapes RIVs (the Regions of Intense Vorticity). We can see RIVs, but we don’t know very much about them - that’s where you come in!

The Turbulence game is a collaborative project between mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and game designers. The data we collect from your gameplay will be analyzed to gain insight into the key relationship between scale of sparseness "r" and the dissipation scale. Your gameplay will then help us get one step closer to understanding turbulence, which was described by renowned physicist Richard Feynman as “the most important unsolved problem of classical physics.”

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Wednesday January 03 08 20 PM