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Setting Up A Proper Transient Simulation
Posted Thursday November 16 at 1:27am

Envenio will host a free-to-attend webinar around the topic of setting up a proper transient simulation.

The November 23rd webinar is ideal for those engineers considering a move to transient simulations, and also for those wishing to find out more about the on-demand, HPC cloud hosted, simulation platform, EXN/Aero.

Fast solution times in EXN/Aero, Envenio's GPU-optimized CFD software, are enabling engineers to move economically to transient flow analysis. Capturing unsteadiness can improve overall accuracy of results, and importantly, captures phenomena that may have significant impacts on design.

Advantages of Transient Simulation

Results close to reality - The advantage of transient numerical simulation is that we can determine with a high degree of accuracy how elements such as heat or moisture transport over time at a designated location in a building for example, which will help to optimize the newly designed assemblies (components) and also allow engineers to select suitable materials for the reconstruction of a original building. This advantage can be applied to a number of industries and examples including aerospace and automotive.

Savings in operating and capital costs - Once realistic results have been acquired, the design process can be amended and optimized. Essentially, transient numerical simulations save on operating costs down the line.

Possibility to simulate events that otherwise can not simulate - Using transient numerical simulation software (such as EXN/Aero) allows engineers to simulate physical phenomena which would not be possible or would be difficult to measure in reality.

This free-to-attend webinar is the ideal way to explore the advantages of transient simulation, and ensure a smooth transition. The webinar will also provide an ideal opportunity for engineers wishing to ask questions about EXN/Aero or explore the platform further.

The EXN/Aero platform has a pay-as-you-go subscription model to help you access high performance simulation capabilities in a flexible and affordable way.

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Thursday November 16 01 27 AM