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62nd ISTAM Conference
Posted Friday November 3 at 2:50am

The 62nd ISTAM Conference will be held 15-18 December 2017 at University College of Engineering, Osm.

The Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics was established in 1955, with its headquarters at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. ISTAM was formed by the think tanks of the post independent India for providing a common platform to the Scientists, technologists and the engineers to share and discuss the current research work conducted by them individually or in groups to seek the solutions to the emerging problems of the society for better living conditions.

During the congress, five memorial lectures in honor of B.R. Seth, P.L Bhatnagar, B. Karunesh, A.S. Gupta and G.I Taylor are given by eminent researchers from across the world and also several invited lectures are arranged to cover the current trends of various topics of Mechanics.

The Annual Congress of the Society has been held at various IITs, Universities, RECs, NITs, Engineering colleges and other reputed research establishments in different parts of the country. It has been attracting a large number of research workers not only from our country but also from abroad. The society has gone a long way in promoting inter-disciplinary research in Basic Sciences and Applied Mechanics. The Society has the specific philosophy to encourage young scientists in the form of awards. Papers submitted are peer reviewed and are published in the form of e-proceedings. Abstracts of papers that are presented in the Congress are published in our Souvenir volume.

For more information please visit http://istam.iitkgp.ac.in/#!/pages/home

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