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CFD Toolbox for MATLAB
Posted Wednesday November 1 at 8:24pm

QuickerSim Ltd. has released the CFD Toolbox for MATLAB, including a free version.

The QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB comes with plenty of functions crucial for various fields of science and engineering. The array of features ranges from basic laminar flows with heat transfer to advanced ones such as mesh deformation tools or shallow water or compressible Euler solvers.

Basic functionality, for example 2D laminar steady solver with heat transfer, is available in the free version. 2D laminar steady solver with heat transfer is available. Everything packed as a set of MATLAB routines. Also, the source code of the basic functions is fully open.

Check it out at quickersim.com or contact us at contact@quickersim.com.

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Wednesday November 01 08 24 PM