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Best Practices in Combustion CFD, III
Posted Wednesday September 20 at 8:52pm

ERCOFTAC will host Best Practices in Combustion CFD, III on December 11-12, 2017 at TU DELFT, NL.

Design and operation of modern engines in particular, gas turbine & ICE, faces the need to combine high efficiency, reliability, with low pollutants emissions. This course addresses the subject in the perspective of Computational Fluid Dynamics which has become a powerful tool in design and analysis of modern engines from land based and marine, to aero-engines.

Many numerical models exist, each having a range of applicability, computational cost and accuracy. Consequently, CFD experts involved in combustion engine simulations , in addition to usual CFD skills, need specific insight and knowledge in multi-phase flow and combustion modelling in order to conduct thorough analysis.

In this course, the participants will learn the best practices in CFD of gas turbine & ICE combustors. They will discover:

The lectures of this course, all by well-known experts in the field, cover from basics to applications (gas turbine & ICE).The course is based around the ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guide on CFD of combustion, a free copy of which will be provided to the participants. In the course, the link will be made with the CFD programs and cases of interest for the participants. As a result, the course provides the means for CFD analysts to significantly enhance their use of commercial and open-source CFD software for combustion engineering applications.

Please note each delegate will receive a free copy of the BPG Combustion CFD book

http://www.ercoftac.org/events/ercoftac_best_pract ices_in_combustion_cfd_iii_2017/

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Wednesday September 20 08 52 PM