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FEATool v1.7 - Matlab CFD and Multi-Simulation GUI Toolbox
Posted Wednesday September 6 at 10:35pm

Precise Simulation Ltd. developer of the Octave and Matlab CFD and Finite Element Multiphysics Toolbox FEATool, has now released FEATool Version 1.7 which introduces the modeling and simulation tool concept Multi-Simulation.

Multi-Simulation allows for seamless switching between both built-in and external solvers and simulation tools. Starting with FEATool 1.7, Multi-Simulation supports the the FeatFlow high performance computational fluid dynamics CFD and FEniCS multi-physics solvers, as well as the visualization and postprocessing tool Plotly.

The multi-simulation functionality is available directly in the FEATool Matlab GUI, and with m-file scripting as all other FEATool functionality.

FEATool 1.7 also features significant updates and new physics modes for CFD and fluid mechanics, porous media flows (Darcy's Law and Brinkman equations), structural mechanics (Euler-Bernoulli Beam modeling), and electromagnetics (electrostatics and magnetostatics). Moreover, all applicable physics modes have been updated to support axisymmetric cylindrical coordinate systems with corresponding GUI support. Furthermore, FEATool now also supports solving different equations in different coupled geometrical subdomains, for example allowing for fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulations.

Please visit the FEATool v1.7 announcement for more detailed information.

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Wednesday September 06 10 35 PM