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Introduction to Practical CFD Online Training Course
Posted Friday July 21 at 8:3pm

NAFEMS will host Introduction to Practical CFD Online Training Course beginning July 26th.

This course offers the attendees the fundamental knowledge for using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in real life engineering applications and complex flow problems through a simple and moderately technical approach.

This course describes the steps in the Computational Fluid Dynamics process and provides benefits and issues for using CFD analysis in understanding of complicated flow phenomena and its use in the design process. Best practices for reducing errors and uncertainties in Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis are also presented in the course.

This newly revamped course is now more focused on practical application of CFD including new examples and alternative approaches. This course aims to provide the attendees the fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics prior to embarking on any real Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation project or undergoing vendors’ software training.

The target audience for this course is engineers and managers with limited CFD knowledge who are interested or considering to incorporate Computational Fluid Dynamics in their design practices. Additionally, engineers supporting or being supported by Computational Fluid Dynamics analysts can benefit from this course.

The course is completely code independent. View full details at http://nafe.ms/2tBmZo4

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