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Turbulence Modeling for Modern Industrial CFD
Posted Monday April 17 at 11:9pm

Metacomp Technologies staff will be presenting the short course Turbulence Modeling for Modern Industrial CFD at the 2017 AIAA Propulsion & Energy Forum on July 8th & 9th, 2017.

This course covers the fundamentals of turbulence modeling, beginning with the various equation systems and modeling strategies.

Theoretical backgrounds are presented, starting with second-moment closure and covering a range of simplifications and alternative eddy-viscosity modeling strategies practical for every-day engineering calculations. Transient approaches are also considered, including several of the more popular recent hybrid RANS/LES approaches, as well as recent advances in areas such as synthetic turbulence.

The agenda will cover a wide variety of turbulence modeling techniques with practical examples of each. Students will have the opportunity to participate in running several example cases using Metacomp's new ICFD software on machines provided.

For further details and to register, please visit:

http://propulsionenergy.aiaa.org/TurbulenceModelin gModernIndustrialCFD/

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Monday April 17 11 09 PM