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Advanced Metal Casting Simulation Webinar
Posted Monday April 10 at 9:15pm

Metal casting simulations are among the most challenging of CFD simulations due to the extreme complexity of flow and physics that occur during fill, solidification and cooling stages of any casting process.

Flow Science invites you to join us for a technical webinar on May 18 that will present a broad review of FLOW-3D Cast's modeling capabilities, including detailed examples taken from many casting applications: LPDC, full HPDC cycles, centrifugal casting, lost foam, sand casting, continuous casting, tilt pour, and gravity pour in permanent molds.

Who should attend: anyone interested in optimizing metal casting processes. Foundry supervisors, technical directors, metallurgists and process design engineers will find the presentation particularly interesting.

Register online at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/88983446 86195444993

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Monday April 10 09 15 PM