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Flow Science Announces 2017 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference
Posted Thursday March 30 at 7:2pm

Flow Science, Inc. has announced that it will hold its 2017 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference in Santa Fe, NM on September 20-21 at the Hotel Santa Fe.

All FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D/MP, and FLOW-3D Cast users—and anyone interested in the FLOW-3D product suite—are invited to attend the conference.

The keynote speaker at the conference will be Dr. Edward Furlani, Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Buffalo SUNY, who will share his extensive experience with FLOW-3D.

Featured speaker, Dr. C.W. Hirt, Flow Science's founder and Developer Emeritus, will discuss ongoing developments for the Granular Flow Model.

The conference will feature customer presentations and posters from both industry and academia that focus on validations, benchmarks and case studies, as well as the latest developments for FLOW-3D presented by Flow Science’s VP of Sales and Business Development, Dr. Amir Isfahani.

The call for abstracts for is now open. Share your experiences, present your success stories and obtain valuable feedback from your fellow CFD practitioners and Flow Science staff. The deadline to submit an abstract is Friday, August 4. The conference proceedings will be made available to attendees as well as through the Flow Science website.

Flow Science will also offer training for conference attendees the afternoon of September 19. The training will be devoted to optimizing simulation time and accuracy using the various numerical options that are available in our software packages. This training is included with the conference registration and will cover what the best numerical options would be for a wide range of applications. This course will be taught by Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, VP of R&D and Dr. Ioannis Karampelas, CFD Technical Support Engineer.

Online registration for the conference, training and workshop is now available.

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