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Branch Technology Team Wins Pointwise Meshy Award
Posted Monday September 26 at 3:15pm
Dr. C. Bruce Hilbert and Melody Rees of Branch Technology have been named recipients of the Pointwise Meshy Award for their 3-D structured mesh of a pavilion.

Their team at Branch Technology: Platt Boyd, Chris Weller, Marc Simons, Tony Disanto, Melody Rees and Dr. Hilbert brought to 3-D life the winning 3-D structure mesh.
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Increasing CFD Simulation Throughput for Real, Complete Pump Systems
Posted Wednesday September 21 at 7:33am
CD-adapco will host Increasing CFD Simulation Throughput for Real, Complete Pump Systems on September 29. 2016 at 11:00 AM CEST.

Pump companies use CFD flow simulations to achieve different goals – for instance, to troubleshoot poor performance of existing pumps, to validate the performance of already-defined designs, or to predictively explore the performance associated with new design concepts.
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CFD for Dispersed Multiphase Flows
Posted Monday September 19 at 6:29pm
ERCOFTAC will host CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows VII on October, 10-11, 2016 at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

This course is rather unique as it is one of few in the community that is specifically designed to deliver, a) a best practice guidance and b) the latest trends, in CFD for dispersed multi-phase flows.
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Maze Solving with CFD
Posted Monday September 19 at 5:22pm
You already know that Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is great at solving fluid dynamics problems, but did you also know it is able to literally solve mazes too?

Symscape has fun demonstration of the use of CFD to solve mazes.

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CFD Aids Solar Car Project
Posted Sunday September 18 at 7:50am
Chasing the sun 3000km across the Australian Outback is a grueling test. And doing it in a solar-powered vehicle is an even bigger challenge. But every two years teams from around the world converge on Darwin, Australia, to make the journey to Adelaide in the solar-powered cars they have engineered specifically for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The Stanford Solar Car Project, a student-run, nonprofit organization within Stanford University, has been designing and building solar cars since 1989, and arrives in Darwin every two years with a stunning new vehicle.
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Friendship Systems and Flow Science Form Partnership
Posted Friday September 16 at 6:10pm
Flow Science, Inc. has announced a partnership with FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS, developers of CAESES.

Optimization is an integral part of any design process that incorporates simulation. Flow Science and FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS have partnered to offer FLOW-3D users a push-button solution that allows for automated optimization, including optimizing for geometry using the powerful CAD kernel that is native to CAESES.
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Cabin Design and Analysis Using Thermo-Fluid System Simulation
Posted Friday September 16 at 4:2pm
Mentor Graphics will host Aerospace ECS – Cabin Design and Analysis Using Thermo-Fluid System Simulation on 29th September 2016 at 11am UK Time & 10am US Time (PST).

Join us for the first part of our Aerospace Environment Control Systems series. In this first installment, we will be focusing on the design of a cabin air distribution system using 1D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for simulating aerospace environmental control systems.
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Steam and Gas Turbine Design Training Course 
Posted Tuesday September 13 at 6:23am
SoftInWay will host a Steam and Gas Turbine Design: 5-Day Training Course on September 19 - 23 in Boston, Massachusetts.

This course will familiarize attendees with the basics of steam and gas turbine design. The program will start with a theoretical overview of turbine thermodynamics, gas dynamics and structural analysis, and end with typical examples implementing the suggested procedures.
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Better Designs Faster with Integrated Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
Posted Monday September 12 at 8:21pm
CD-adapco will host Better Designs Faster with Integrated Fluid-Structure Interaction on September 20, 2016.

From an aircraft wing flexing in flight, a ship propeller deforming in rough seas, or a tank stressed by sloshing liquid, fluids and structures are in concert all around us in the physical world.
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Unstructured Quadrilaterals & Hexahedral Layers Added to Pointwise Meshing Software
Posted Tuesday September 6 at 11:42am
Pointwise announces a major new release of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software featuring unstructured quadrilateral surface meshing, unstructured hexahedral layer extrusion, and tetrahedral mesh clustering using sources.

"This latest release of Pointwise includes the broadest changes to the software’s core meshing functionality since 2007 when we introduced our T-Rex technique for boundary layer resolving hybrid meshes," said John Chawner, Pointwise's president.
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CPFD Software Announces Technical Advisory Board
Posted Thursday September 1 at 6:23pm
CPFDSoftware LLC, developers of process engineering software for fluidized reactors, has announced the formation of a Technical Advisory Board.

The initial three members, Ken Peccatiello, Principal Consultant of Peccatiello Engineering, Stephen McGovern, Principal Consultant of PetroTech Consultants, Allen Hansen, VP of ClinChain, form the distinguished core group that will provide their expertise and knowledge to support CPFD in development and application of its Barracuda Virtual Reactor® simulation software and provision of support services for oil refining, petrochemicals and clean energy producers worldwide for design and optimization of fluidized systems.
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Rocket Engine Turbopump Design & Analysis
Posted Thursday September 1 at 4:21pm
SoftInWay will host Rocket Engine Turbopump: From Preliminary Blade Design to CFD & Rotor Dynamics on Sep 29th, 2016

This one-hour webinar begins with a brief introduction to liquid rocket engines and rapidly brings attendees to the design and optimization of turbopumps in the AxSTREAM® platform.
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Better Metal-Temperature Calculations Faster with Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) and CFD
Posted Tuesday August 30 at 11:24am
CD-adapco will host Better Metal-Temperature Calculations Faster with Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) and CFD on September 13th.

For power generation machinery involving three-dimensional, asymmetric hot fluid flows (such as gas turbines, steam turbines, turbochargers, heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces, etc.), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) will be required to assess whether those machines will be as durable as desired or instead prone to problems from thermal stress and fatigue. But why not use CHT with CFD to provide your FEA engineers with the most accurate metal temperatures possible, as inputs to their thermal stress calculations?
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Improving Ship Design with FINE™/Marine
Posted Saturday August 27 at 8:27pm
NUMECA International in cooperation with SIMFWD is pleased to bring you this exciting seminar on how to cut your cost and time in ship design using FINE™/Marine.

The seminar will be held 27th September 2016 in Athens, Greece.
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CD-adapco Accelerates ICE Development
Posted Wednesday August 24 at 4:36am
CD-adapco, a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, announced today accelerated development efforts for its industry-leading Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) simulation solutions.

The overall plan enhances capabilities in the STAR-CD® /es-ice suite of software along with enabling a majority of in-cylinder simulation features within the company’s flagship product, STAR-CCM+®, by the close of 2017.
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UMRIDA Symposium and Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and Robust Design Optimization (RDO
Posted Tuesday August 23 at 1:32am
Numeca would like to invite you to the UMRIDA Symposium and Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification and Robust Design Optimization, September 20-23.

The focus will be on the industrial applications of UQ and RDO techniques, accounting for large number of uncertainties. The overall objective is the assessment and application of the relevant UQ and RDO methods for advanced industrial design practice.
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Computational Fluid Dynamics for Maritime Applications
Posted Monday August 22 at 8:22pm
MARIN_CFD will organise an expert course designed to reflect the latest experience in the Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for ship design, offshore engineering and renewable energy.

To obtain reliable and accurate CFD results for these applications, application-specific choices and 'best practices' will be presented.
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Introductory Water & Environmental FLOW-3D Workshop
Posted Wednesday August 17 at 11:36am
Flow Science is holding an all-day workshop on August 31 at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in Raleigh, NC.

In this FLOW-3D workshop, you will be guided through best practice water & environmental simulation workflows using two case use examples: a power-plant effluent discharge and a pump-station jet outflow.
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