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NUMECA Workshop FINE™/Marine
Posted Wednesday October 19 at 4:32pm
NUMECA International in cooperation with Numiberica is pleased to bring you an exciting workshop on how to significantly cut costs and save time in ship design thanks to our unique, state-of-the-art FINE™/Marine software.

Attend our FINE™/Marine Workshop to receive insights on how to reduce engineering time, gain efficiency and create superior designs using NUMECA's FINE™/Marine CFD simulation tools.
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High Pressure Die Casting Webinar Series
Posted Wednesday October 19 at 12:29pm
High pressure die casting (HPDC) simulations are typically quite complex. To accurately model the entire physical process one needs to account for heat transfer, melting and solidification, air entrainment, surface defect tracking and cavitation.

In this three-part webinar series, Flow Science will simulate the entire HPDC process in FLOW-3D Cast. We will also demonstrate the power of the new process-oriented workspace that implements the necessary physical models and numerical defaults while setting up the stages of thermal die cycling, filling, solidification and cooling.
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Heatsink 201 - Even More About Heatsink Design
Posted Thursday October 13 at 4:17pm
Mentor Graphics will host Heatsink 201: Even More About Heatsink Design on 26th October at 11am UK Time & 10am US Time (PST).

Join us for this new web seminar, carrying on from the hugely popular Heatsink 101, we will discuss in deeper depth how heatsinks work and explore various heatsink design considerations.
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Removing CAD Tools Ambiguity
Posted Thursday October 13 at 10:8am
Pointwise will premiere a Let’s Talk Meshing webcast entitled, Mastering Geometry Cleanup Tasks in Pointwise on 26 October at 10 a.m. CDT (GMT -5).

Afterwards, from 11 a.m. - noon, our Pointwise engineer who created the webcast will be available online to answer your questions.
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CAESES Adds Parametric Fluid Domain for Impeller Design
Posted Tuesday October 11 at 10:28am
FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS CAESES geometry modeller now offers a parametric flow domain for the CFD-based optimization of impeller blades.

The new feature targets engineers of turbochargers and pumps and can be used with the blade design module of CAESES.
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Easy FEA, CFD & Electromagnetics Simulation
Posted Friday October 7 at 6:7am
Join Wilde Analysis for a complimentary workshop on 11th October to see first-hand how ANSYS AIM R17.2 can help you solve your toughest structural or fluid flow design challenges in a single, easy-to-use environment.

When developing a new product, you will need to understand the structural, thermal, fluid and possibly electromagnetic performance of a component or assembly. Traditionally, simulating such coupled physics simultaneously has been tedious and potentially required individual expertise on each physics solver and workflow.
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High Order Methods for Industrial CFD
Posted Thursday October 6 at 1:59pm
ERCOFTAC will host High Order Methods for Industrial CFD on November 3-4 2016 at NUMECA in Brussels, Belgium.

As the industrial use of CFD continues to expand in daily engineering design and development, Industrial CFD still faces many challenges, especially its efficient use in a multidisciplinary design optimisation (MDO) environment.
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Data Handling and Visualization for Large CFD Simulations
Posted Thursday October 6 at 7:6am
Intelligent Light and Cray will host Data Handling and Visualization for Large CFD Simulations, a live webinar on October 6, 2016.

Large scale CFD run on HPC systems generate huge volumes of results requiring a workflow that allows users to manage the large data and extract useful information efficiently.
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CAESES V4.1.2 Release Features Optimization Improvements
Posted Tuesday October 4 at 4:18pm
FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS has released version 4.1.2 of its upfront modeling and optimization software CAESES and CAESES Free.

The new version comes with improved methods for the parametric optimization with Adjoint CFD, where various commercial and non-commercial CFD packages are supported now.
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Pump Workshop - Advanced Design Methods
Posted Tuesday October 4 at 3:14pm
ADT will host a 3 day Pump Workshop in Chicago: Advanced Design Methods in light of US DOE Energy Conservation Standards for Pumps.

The workshop is designed to introduce pump industry participants to advanced hydraulic design methods, which will improve the chances of meeting the new Energy Conservation Standards.
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FloEFD Simulation Conference 2016
Posted Thursday September 29 at 7:32am
The FloEFD Simulation Conference 2016 is the first global event about FloEFD, one of the most popular frontloading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions. Conference dates are November 8-9, 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The conference will cover all types of applications and industries including automotive, aerospace, telecommunication, consumer products and general manufacturing.
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How to Improve Efficiency and Cavitation Performance of Pump Impellers
Posted Wednesday September 28 at 1:26pm
Join ADT for a live webinar on How to Improve Efficiency and Cavitation Performance of Pump Impellers by using TURBOdesign Suite on Thursday 6th Oct 2016.

In this free 45 minutes webinar, we will show how by using TURBOdesign suite, the impeller meridional shape can be obtained and its 3D blade shape optimized for efficiency, exit flow uniformity and cavitation performance by suitable choice of blade loading and other inputs of the 3D inverse design method TURBOdesign1.
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UMQ in Industrial Analysis and Design
Posted Wednesday September 28 at 11:19am
ERCOFTAC will host Uncertainty Management & Quantification in Industrial Analysis and Design on October, 27-28, 2016 at Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium.

Uncertainty quantification is a new paradigm in industrial analysis and design as it aims at taking into account the presence of numerous uncertainties affecting the behaviour of physical systems.
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Branch Technology Team Wins Pointwise Meshy Award
Posted Monday September 26 at 3:15pm
Dr. C. Bruce Hilbert and Melody Rees of Branch Technology have been named recipients of the Pointwise Meshy Award for their 3-D structured mesh of a pavilion.

Their team at Branch Technology: Platt Boyd, Chris Weller, Marc Simons, Tony Disanto, Melody Rees and Dr. Hilbert brought to 3-D life the winning 3-D structure mesh.
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Increasing CFD Simulation Throughput for Real, Complete Pump Systems
Posted Wednesday September 21 at 7:33am
CD-adapco will host Increasing CFD Simulation Throughput for Real, Complete Pump Systems on September 29. 2016 at 11:00 AM CEST.

Pump companies use CFD flow simulations to achieve different goals – for instance, to troubleshoot poor performance of existing pumps, to validate the performance of already-defined designs, or to predictively explore the performance associated with new design concepts.
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CFD for Dispersed Multiphase Flows
Posted Monday September 19 at 6:29pm
ERCOFTAC will host CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows VII on October, 10-11, 2016 at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

This course is rather unique as it is one of few in the community that is specifically designed to deliver, a) a best practice guidance and b) the latest trends, in CFD for dispersed multi-phase flows.
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Maze Solving with CFD
Posted Monday September 19 at 5:22pm
You already know that Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is great at solving fluid dynamics problems, but did you also know it is able to literally solve mazes too?

Symscape has fun demonstration of the use of CFD to solve mazes.

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CFD Aids Solar Car Project
Posted Sunday September 18 at 7:50am
Chasing the sun 3000km across the Australian Outback is a grueling test. And doing it in a solar-powered vehicle is an even bigger challenge. But every two years teams from around the world converge on Darwin, Australia, to make the journey to Adelaide in the solar-powered cars they have engineered specifically for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The Stanford Solar Car Project, a student-run, nonprofit organization within Stanford University, has been designing and building solar cars since 1989, and arrives in Darwin every two years with a stunning new vehicle.
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