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Resume Updated: 14 Jun 2011
Yogesh Gunavant Saindane http://
Tel: 919850821422 Fax:

To obtain an engineering position in the industry that will utilize and continue to build upon my Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and/or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) skills .CFD Analysis,Design and Development,Fluid-Structure interaction,Finite Element Analysis
Salary Requirements
12 lacs (indian rupees)per annum
Employment History
Manager CFD 01/06/2007 - till date
Haldex -Concentric Pumps (india) pvt ltd
Design, modifications and CFD analysis of automotive coolant pump,positive displacement pump,design for 6 sigma,venturi pumps and other automotive components for environmental specifications for future engines.Active role in product/rptotype development.The design of centrifugal pumps as per customer requirement and selecting the suitable design variant from CFD analysis for protype development. Modifications in existing designs for performance improvement. Design modifications of venturi pump and design optimization for different engines and different operating conditions.Occasional FEA studies.Design communication with manufacturing team in India.
CFD engineer 06/09/2004 to 25/11/2006
Corporate R & D, BHEL
Hyderabad (India)
CFD Analysis of Turbomachinary,retrofitting of steam turbines and CFD analysis of modified turbine stages.Was involved in modification of newly devloped 8mw steam turbine design for reducing the no of stages.
M.Tech.(masters) august 2002 to august 2004
Indian Institute of technology Bombay
Mumbai (India)
Finite Element program (2D) was devloped for flow over a cylinder to calculate drag and lift forces. Also an analytical solution was devloped for flow induced vibrations of submerged pipe.
M.Tech IIT Bombay (India), Design Engineering
B.E. Govt.College of Engg.,Jalgaon (Mah. India),Mechanical Engg.
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced >5 Years
Fluid - Structure interaction Beginner 1-2 Years
FEA analysis Intermediate 1-2 Years
Mechanical design Intermediate 3-5 Years
Turbomachinery design Intermediate >5 Years
Additional Skill Info
Matlab,C++,Ideas,ProE,UG,ICEM CFD,Turbogrid,CFX,StarCCM+(beginner),Fluent,ANSYS,Promechanica,tools for turbine and pump design eg-SLEQ, Pumplix
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