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Resume Updated: 27 Oct 2013
Sandip Sambhajirao Desai http://
Tel: 97338551087 Fax:
Current Address : No. 43, Supritha Nilaya, Gururaj Layout, 9th main, 3rd Cross, Banashankari 3rd Stage,
Bangalore - 560085, Karnataka, India.

Seeking an opportunity in the domain of applied physics and Computational Fluid Dynamics based product development.
Salary Requirements
As per industry standard
Employment History
Project Engineer July 2012 to Till date
Axiom consulting Pvt Ltd., Bangalore
•Independent handling & execution of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) projects •Strong background in CFD modeling of fluid flow problems including single and multiphase flows •Performing CFD analysis including geometry cleanup, Meshing, Analysis Setup, Post Processing and reporting the results as per standards & client protocols •Expert user of commercial and Open-source CFD tools, such as Ansys Fluent, CFX, OpenFoam and CODE-Saturn •Experience in numerically solving various heat transfer problems •Programming using C and C++ as per project requirement Projects handled at Axiom Consulting: •Developed a methodology for Blow Molding Simulation by volume of fluid (VOF) method using OpenFOAM •Magnetohydrodynamic modeling and CFD-simulation of plasma arc in low voltage switching devices •First principle modeling and CFD analysis of flow through trigger sprayer using DPM techniques. •Heat transfer modeling to achieve uniform heating of bulky, non- Newtonian fluid inside Biomedical device •Radiation heat transfer analysis of Micro-ovens
Executive R&D June, 2007 to July 2012
Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd., Pune
Test Engineer (R&D) Worked with R&D, as part of the new product/technology development team, and was responsible for all aspects related to product performance, testing in the laboratory and in the actual field applications. The job responsibilities includes – • The recommending/developing/implementing testing strategies for filtration components such as Primary and secondary air filter Elements, Inlet Air Cleaners, Air intake systems, and Spin-on filters (Fuel, Lube-oil and hydraulic filters) • Coordinating project execution within the laboratories, and working closely with the design and simulation team • The review of laboratory testing procedures and equipment, and recommend best practices, new equipment, and upgrades to equipment to maintain 'state-of-the-art' laboratories • Special emphasis was on the air and fuel flow performance laboratories involved in customer applications support projects related to fluid system filtration, separation and contamination Hands-on experience with filtration studies at laboratory and pilot scales, having Capability of developing standard operating procedures (SOP) for assessing filtration efficiency using particle size analyzers and microscopy-based counting techniques • Setting up standard test protocols and test procedures for testing and qualification of filtration and separation products, running the laboratory tests, reviewing test data and preparing the test • Setting up and validating test equipment, software, and fixtures for product testing, Calibration process of pressure • gauges, flow meters, temperature sensors, indicators, working with laboratory technicians, and other personnel; trouble shooting test procedures and equipment, and resolving any problems arising during the execution of projects Attending reviews of customer specifications and requirements organized by the Proposals Team, Sales, or Design Engineering/R&D, and recommending test procedures for product testing and validation • Maintaining the management system for quality, administrative and technical operations, document Surveillance as per ISO/ICE: 17025 in order to recognizing the competence of laboratories for NABL accreditation • Successfully completed & gathered expertise in company organized training programs on Measurement system analysis (MSA); Theory of constraints (TOC); Manufacturing processes and Engineering drawings & designs • Design of experiments using Tauguchi, Central composite method and Box-Beck hum method in order to experimentally validate of design, structural integrity and performance of air, fuel and oil filters • Run the laboratory tests and implementation of test methods includes - a) Air filtration: o ISO 5011 (2000-E): Flow V/s. Restriction; Initial Efficiency; Full Life Efficiency and Dust Holding Capacity o SAE J 2554 (2003): Water Removal Efficiency b) Fuel filtration: o SAE J905 and ISO 4020: Fuel filter flow v/s pressure drop and single pass retention capacity by particle counting and Media Migration Test o SAE J1985: Fuel filter dust holding capacity and gravimetric efficiency o SAE J1488: Emulsified water removal test o SAE J1839: Coarse water removal test o ISO 13353: Diesel fuel filter – Contaminant chemical and particle size analysis and sensitivity and durability C) Lubricant Filtration: o ISO 4548-12: Multipass lubricating oil filter test for flow v/s pressure drop, Multipass efficiency and dust holding capacity o SAE HS806: Testing of Heavy-duty filter performance such as flow v/s pressure drop, Multipass efficiency and dust holding capacity, Mack - Soot and contaminant chemical analysis, Particle Counting and Surface Chemistry Evaluation; hydro-static bust strength test etc. o ISO 3724: Hydraulic fluid power— Determination of resistance to flow fatigue using particulate contaminant d) Structural integrity and Durability Assessment: Physical and environmental testing may include Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Rain, Sand and dust, Fluid compatibility- Field Analysis and Contamination Assessment – o ISO 4548-5: Cold Start Simulation and Hydraulic Pulse Durability Test o ISO 4548-6: Oil Filters Static Burst Pressure Test o ISO 4548-7 and JIS D 1601: Resonance detection, Vibration fatigue test, vibration endurance, back off etc. o ISO 13573: Thermal-cycling exposure testing under high-temperature corrosion conditions for metallic materials o ASTM D380: Thermal cycle testing of rubber components (hoses, pipes etc) o Paper characteristics like Basis Weight, Thickness, porosity, permeability, pore sizes and material properties like tensile test of filtration paper and metals, top load, impact test measurement etc.
1) M.Tech. - Modeling & Simulation (2010-2012)
Centre For Modeling & Simulation, (University of Pune, Maharashtra)
4.37 / 6 CGPA (First class)
2) M.Sc. - Physics (2008-2010)
Abasaheb Garware College,Pune (University of Pune, Maharashtra)
67.15 % (First Class)
3) B.Sc. Physics 2003-2007
Balasaheb Desai College, Patan (Satara)
Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
68.69 % (First Class)
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced 2-3 Years
C++ programming Advanced 2-3 Years
C programming Advanced 2-3 Years
Automotive design Advanced 3-5 Years
Free surface modeling Intermediate 1-2 Years
Additional Skill Info
Grid Generation; Linux Programming; Mechanical design; Mathematical modeling and simulation, Matlab; post processing and solver developement
Available on request
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