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Resume Updated: 29 May 2012
Chiranth Srinivasan
Tel: 4053089420 Fax:
407 Wadsack Drive, Apt A, Norman, Oklahoma, 73072
A highly motivated, versatile, goal-oriented PhD candidate in chemical engineering with 4+ years of research experience in computational modeling, fluid particle simulation and statistical analyzes of turbulent fluid flow, seeking suitable challenging employment opportunities.
Employment History
Graduate Research Assistant August 2007 - September 2012
CBME, University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Developed proprietary algorithms, performed grid independence analysis and solved turbulent flow equations using Computational Fluid Dynamics and numerical methods, to obtain pioneering high-resolution data of turbulent flow fields at high Reynolds numbers. Utilized MPI, OPENMP parallelization modules to optimize the proprietary computational algorithm and achieved 80% reduction in physical time required for computation. Innovatively formulated a state-of-the-art particle model to study turbulent heat and mass transport. Explored the intricacies involved in turbulent drag reduction using computational modeling and simulation. Developed insights, using statistical tools, about practical flow situations occurring in turbulent dispersion, turbulent mixing and in turbulent boundary layer flows. Mentored research assistants in the Computational Transport Processes laboratory.
Graduate Teaching Assistant August 2007 - May 2010
CBME, University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Mentored 3 Capstone project teams in Advanced Process Design. Tutored and evaluated an undergraduate class of 45 students in process Design I, Advanced Process Design and Chemical Kinetics courses.
Research Intern Feb 2007 - May 2007
National Chemical Laboratories, Pune, India
Pune, India
Successfully completed the multiple stages involved in auto-thermal reforming process for hydrogen production: (a) design; (b) calculation of optimal feed ratios using MATLAB (c) fabrication; (d) analysis and validation of results.
Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA. GPA 3.92 / 4.00
Fall 2012 expected
Dissertation Research
Pioneering techniques to investigate complex turbulent fluid flow statistics and associated heat and mass transfer characteristics using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, India GPA 8.51 / 10.0
July 2007
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Expert 3-5 Years
Linux programming Expert 3-5 Years
Turbulence model development Expert 3-5 Years
Post processing Expert 3-5 Years
Parallelization Intermediate 2-3 Years
Dr Dimitrios V Papavassiliou
CBME, University of Oklahoma

Dr Alberto Striolo
Assistant Professor,
CBME, University of Oklahoma

Dr Prakash Vedula
Assistant Professor,
AME, University of Oklahoma
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