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Resume Updated: 18 Aug 2011
Lev Magazinnik http://
Tel: Fax:
Seoul, South Korea
To obtain “Research Associate” or “Post doctoral fellow” position in “Fluid Dynamics”.
Salary Requirements
4,000 $/month
Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Russia, M.S. 2007
( degree with distinction - 85% excellent marks)
Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Russia, Ph.D. 2010
(“Mathematical investigation of the heat emission in the boundary layer of the supersonic
dispersive flow”)
Description Proficiency Experience
Additional Skill Info
PUBLICATIONS 18 works and conference papers, 2 patents. The most significant: 1) N.N. Koval’nogov, L.M. Magazinnik Numeriacal analysis of the coefficient of temperature restitution and heat transfer in a turbulent dispersed flow // Russian Aeronautics. 2, pp. 30–36, 2008. 2) N.N. Koval’nogov, L.M. Magazinnik Numerical analyze of the recovery factor in the turbulent dispersive supersonic flow with pressure gradient // Izvestia vusov. Problemi energetiki, 11-12, pp. 20–27, 2010. (in Russian) 3) Patent No.2334178. N.N. Koval’nogov, L.M. Magazinnik The supersonic pipe of the temperature stratification // Ulyanovsk State technical university. – No.2007108799/06; 20.09.2008. (in Russian) 4) L. Magazinik, Y.Moon, V. Koval’nogov Heat emission and the recovery factor in high speed turbulent dispersive flows (under submission, 2011). 5) L. Magazinik, Y.Bae, Y.Moon 2d and 3d simulation of the sound generation due to the real vocal fold mussel movement (under submission, 2011). In the 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010 the studies were orally reported by the author himself at the conferences in Moscow and St.Petersburg. The supersonic pipe was awarded a silver medals at the “International salon of the inventions and new engineering”, Geneva, 2009 and at the “IX Moscow International salon of the innovations and the investment” Moscow, 2009. In the 2011 industrial projects related to the turbo machinery and fire safeguard fields (Ansys CFX) are caring and managing by the author.
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