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Resume Updated: 1 Apr 2011
Vinit Kiran Shah http://
Tel: 7348464263 Fax:
1835 Shirley Lane Apt C 8
CFD, Aeromechanics of rotary wing vehicles, heat transfer, thermal and structural analysis, fluid dynamics, and aerodynamics.
Salary Requirements
60000 - 70000 annually
Employment History
Research assistant 01/09/2010
Computational Reacting Flows Lab
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Conducted a parametric study of the steady behavior of premixed flames at micro scale and obtained extinction limits for steady Hydrogen flames at different equivalence ratios and heat loss conditions. Working to understand dynamic behavior of premixed flames in microchannels subject to various parameters like equivalence ratios, and inflow velocity using a complete Navier-Stokes equations DNS solver in FORTRAN90.
Research assistant 09/09/2010
Active Aeroelasticity and structures research lab
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Generated data tables for an airfoil section using XFOIL and FLUENT to be incorporated in NLABS structural solver coupled with an aerodynamic module. Studying effects of camber distribution in helicopter blades to reduce vibration and enhance performance
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Sept 2009 - April 2011
M.S. Aerospace Engineering GPA:4.0/4.0
Coursework: CFD, Compressible flows, Aerodynamics 2, Aeromechanics of Rotary wing vehicles, Turbulent Flows, Viscous Flows, Combustion Processes, Molecular Gas Dynamics.

University of Mumbai, India June 2005 - June 2009 B.E. Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.9/4.0
Relevant Coursework: IC Engines, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, CAD/FEA, Design, Strength of Materials, Material technology and Data Structures

Description Proficiency Experience
Aerospace design Intermediate <1 Year
FEA analysis Advanced 1-2 Years
CFD analysis Advanced 1-2 Years
CAD modeling Advanced 2-3 Years
FORTRAN programming Advanced <1 Year
Additional Skill Info
Languages and Platforms: C, C++, FORTRAN, Windows, Mac, Linux. Softwares: SolidWorks, Pro E, ANSYS, Catia, Chemkin, Fluent, Gambit, Xfoil, Matlab, tecplot
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