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Resume Updated: 18 Mar 2011
Liang Wang http://
Tel: 5042613881 Fax:
105 W Cleveland Bay Ct, Greenville, SC29615
CFD/Mechanical Engineer
Salary Requirements
Employment History
Mechanical Engineer 10/2010
Smith Brothers Electric, Inc.
• Develop blueprints, technical graphs, concept reports and other documents of machines to be manufactured - 3D model drawing by AutoCAD or Solidworks, such as OEM parts drafting and product assembly - Warehouse catalog set up and maintenance, including Bill of Material related to large suppliers - New product encasement design - Customize quotation • Research and analyze customer design proposal, specifications, manuals and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost and maintenance requirements of applications - Sling load control system - Gear speed monitor and control system - Helicopter hardwire grip • Investigate equipment failures and difficulties to diagnose faulty operation and to make recommendations to maintenance crew • Estimate costs and submit bids for engineering, construction and prepare contract documents • Apply engineering principles and practices to emerging fields • Print circuit board design • Microcontroller programming using Spin Language
Research Assistant 08/2007
University of New orleans
New Orleans
• Conducted research to aid in design and development of Reverse-Flow Dump-Diffuser Combustor. Responsibilities included performing Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of reverse-flow combustor’s aerodynamic and thermodynamic behavior to further increase Gas Turbine system efficiency and performance • Conducted experiments to determine thermal and hydraulic performance of Reverse-flow combustor model • Provided assistance in research and experiments in the following areas: - Mist/Steam cooling of high temperature gas turbine blades - Wind tunnel testing to improve efficiency and reliability of gas turbines for both aero and land-based engines - Integrated Gasification and Combine Cycle of coal, petroleum coke, and biomass - Design and development of Turbo Piston Pump, including analysis pump valves and centrifugal impeller to further increase pump efficiency and performance - Design of Turbo Piston Pump valves to aid in reducing cavitation and vorticity generation
Lab Assistant 08/2007
University of New Orleans
New Orleans
• Established automatic data acquisition systems for an existing wind tunnel test facility including: - Hot wire anemometry system - Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer - Scanivalve multiplexing pressure scanning system - Temperature measurements using thermocouples - 3-D probe traversing system • Assembled and fabricated testing mock, reverse flow combustor (GE7000FA combustor model) thermal-flow test system, and the installation of high-pressure gas turbine inlet cooling fog system for engine efficiency research
M.S.- Mechanical Engineering, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, August 2010
B.S. - Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, June 2003
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced 3-5 Years
CAD modeling Advanced 3-5 Years
Mechanical design Advanced 3-5 Years
Combustion design Intermediate 2-3 Years
Grid generation Intermediate 2-3 Years
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