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Resume Updated: 25 Jun 2011
Sagar Shukla http://
Tel: 9178602224 Fax:

•MS, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (May-2011)
L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.
GPA: 3.47/4.0
•Bachelor of Technology, Mechatronics Engineering (May-2009)
Ganpat University, Gujarat, India.

Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced 1-2 Years
CAD modeling Advanced 2-3 Years
FEA analysis Intermediate 1-2 Years
C programming Advanced 2-3 Years
C++ programming Advanced 2-3 Years
Additional Skill Info
Design and Analysis: Pro/Engineer, ANSYS, AutoCAD CFD Packages: Fluent, Gambit, Gridgen, COMSOL, EnSight Numerical Mathematics: MATLAB. Programming Languages: C/C++ EXPERIENCE: Independent Research (May 2010 to Present) “CFD Validation of Contaminant Transport in Aircraft Cabin Ventilation with Localized Exhaust” The objective of this study was to analyze effect of localized exhaust in Aircraft cabin located in passenger seats to mitigate cross contamination of bio-effluents from passenger. Implementing this methods in HVAC systems can reduce the risk of airborne diseases such as flu, SARS, allergy etc. o Generated a more robust 3D mesh of aircraft cabin with Human Body Simulators. o Carried out CFD simulations under conditions regulated by FAA. o Analyzed ‘Air Quality Index’ and ‘Individual Contaminant Exposure’ in order to minimize cross contamination between passengers in high density seating of aircraft. o Performed validation of CFD data with test data. PROJECTS: *CFD Analysis of Pollutant Transport and Distribution in Ventilated Space (Jan ’10 - May ’10 ) o Analyze the General Flow Pattern for a linear diffuser along a wall. o Unsteady analysis of indoor pollutants and source-sink interactions. o Effect of Air Change Rate on spatial distribution of contaminants and Indoor Air Quality. o Generated grid independent solution  F E Analysis of Twisted Helicopter rotor (Syracuse University, Jan ’10-May ’10) o Generated Geometry and Mesh of a twisted rotor blade made of orthotropic composite. o Successfully Analyzed Stresses, Modal analysis, Harmonic and Transient dynamic analysis based on aerodynamic loads. * Design of 8 Speed Gear box for Machine Tools (Jan ’09 to June ’09) o Obtained design data for an 8 speed, two staged gear box for a machine tool o Carried out calculations for optimal design dimensions and tolerances. o Prepared final draft of the assembly using AutoCAD.
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