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Resume Updated: 17 Jul 2010
Rafael Izarra
Tel: (425) 516-7494 Fax:
15501 NE 10TH STREET, F110
CFD Engineer
Employment History
Research Assistant 01/05/2006 to 31/07/2009
Universitaet Siegen
Siegen, Germany
Research Assistant (2006 2009) University of Siegen Provided technical guidance and support for CFD students involved in a variety of academic / research / industrial projects at the Institute of Fluids & Thermodynamics.  Estimated and optimized pressure losses for electronic equipment ventilation systems, validated and improved Micro-scale meteorological models (EU research project), and designed and implemented advance turbulence models in CFD commercial software using Fluent 6.3.
Project Engineer Jan-2000 to March-2005
Universidad Simon Bolivar
Caracas, Venezuela
Project Engineer (2000 2005) Simon Bolivar University Prioritized project tasks to meet milestones and project deadlines for a number of industrial applications/projects.  Created a petroleum well-core reservoir simulator utilizing finite volume techniques for bi-dimensional porous media flows, executed CFD multi-phase fluid flow simulations, and designed a control system for a cyclone / heliocoidal oil gas separator. Collaborated on technical presentations and reports.
Research Intern Aug-2003 to Jul-2004
Los Teques, Venezuela
(2003 2004) PDVSA-Intevep Developed a multiphase fluid flow simulator for Eulerian-Eulerian axisymetric flow conditions using the Control-Volume-based Finite Element Method (CVFEM) in Fortran 90 and applied to cyclone separator simulation.
Doctor of Engineering in Fluid Mechanics
University of Siegen (2009)
Research: Fluid mechanics with emphasis in CFD improvements and quality assurance for turbulence modeling

Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Simon Bolivar University (2005)
Majors: Computational Fluid Dynamics & Petroleum Production Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Simon Bolivar University (2000)
Intern: PDVSA E&P; DANA Corp. (WIX Filters)
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced >5 Years
FORTRAN programming Advanced >5 Years
Turbulence model development Advanced >5 Years
Mechanical design Advanced >5 Years
Solver development Advanced >5 Years
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