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Resume Updated: 2 Mar 2010
Balazs Skafar http://
Tel: +36 70 658 03 71 Fax:
Bittner Alajos Road 7/1, H-7627 Pecs, Hungary
I intend to work in the field of fluid mechanics and CFD. I am especially interested in renewable energy resources (wind, water, geothermal), wind engineering and in environmental friendly technologies.
Salary Requirements
permanent job: 1500 Eur/month. Temporary job, contract work, etc.: by arrangement
Employment History
CFD investigation of flow and temperature patterns around and below large membrane structures as well as snow removal. July 2009 - December 2009
Spandome center Kft. (European office of Spansystems, Inc.)
Budapest, Hungary
Diploma work.
Analysis of a counterflow heat exchanger built in the No.1 water treatment system of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant September 2008 - February 2009, May 2009
Paks Nuclear Power Plant
Budapest, Hungary
MSc in Mechanical Engineering
Specialization: Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Engineering

September 2004 - January 2010: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Department of Fluid Mechanics
Department of Hidrodynamic Systems
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced 2-3 Years
Grid generation Intermediate 2-3 Years
CAD modeling Intermediate 2-3 Years
FEA analysis Beginner <1 Year
C programming Beginner <1 Year
Additional Skill Info
CFD skills: ANSYS FLUENT. CAD skills: AutoCAD, CATIA V5. FEA skills: ALGOR, CATIA V5 FEA module. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, I have experience in modelling: turbulence, radiative and conductive heat transfer, buoyancy-driven flow, atmospheric boundary layer, greenhouse effect, flow in porous media, discrete phase (particle motion), laminar-urbulent transition (LES, RANS).
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