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Resume Updated: 8 Apr 2010
Alexander Yun
Tel: (+1) 647-2959449, (+44) 020-81338831 Fax:
CFD, turbulence modeling, teaching, lecturer
Employment History
Principal engineer 2008-2010
Moscow, Russia
Development of combustion chamber of gas turbine engines.
Senior engineer 2006 –2008
LG Electronics (Cleaning & Cooking)
Changwon, Korea
Development of living systems.
Principal engineer 2005 – 2006
Project department of company “LANTEP”
Moscow, Russia
Development of climatic systems for passenger carriages
Department of Energy and Power Plant, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. Dr.-Eng.
Title of Dissertation-Thesis: Development and Analysis of Advanced Explicit Algebraic Turbulence
and Scalar Flux Models for Complex Engineering Configurations

Department of Aircraft Engine, Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Technical University, Russia
Title of Dissertation-Thesis: Investigation of Stationary Gas Turbine Power Plants with Double Heat
Application in Combustion Chambers and Regeneration of Heat in Gas-Liquid Heat Exchanger

Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), TU, Russia
Dipl. Eng.
Title of Diploma: Stationary Gas Turbine Power Plant based on Aviation Engine TV-3-117.
Diploma with excellent, cumulative GPA: 4.84 / 5.0
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Expert >5 Years
Solver development Expert >5 Years
FORTRAN programming Expert >5 Years
Combustion design Expert >5 Years
Turbulence model development Expert >5 Years
Additional Skill Info
Programming languages: Fortran, HTML, Visual Basic, Basic, C/C++. Operating Systems: Linux, MS-DOS and MS Windows. Software: Fluent, CFX, ANSYS, Fastest-3D, ICEM-CFD, Swirl, AutoCAD, Unigraphics, MS Office, 3Dmax, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier. Service, Administration & Web. More then 30 papers & books.
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