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Resume Updated: 28 Jan 2010
Gaurav Sharma
Tel: 405-334-1003 Fax:
127 N duck, #E-12
Stillwater, OK, USA

I am seeking a technical position in industry (based on CFD or Engineering design) to apply accrued skills in contributing towards the achievement of organizational objectives.
Salary Requirements
$55,000 TO 70,000 PA
Employment History
Research Assistant July 2008- Dec 2009
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, USA
Worked on a research project funded by NSF, USA and studied the turbulence effects in chemical slurry flow through pipes for application of IR diffuse transmission and reflectance probe. -Applied CFD to visualize flow over and through sensing gap on probe and successfully analyzed the effects of particles. -Employed FLUENT and applied Mixture multiphase flow model and K-ε Turbulence models in simulations of chemical slurry flow through pipes. -Employed Gambit for creating and meshing the probe and pipe assembly experimenting with different meshing options. -Analyzed the effects of particles. -Reported the progress of the project to the Principal Investigator on a weekly basis.
Teaching Assistant August 2007 – May 2008
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, USA
Played an important role of the Lead Teaching Assistant in Mechanical Design for consecutive semesters and resulted in the highest class average grades. -Maintained confidential records as well as audited the student’s performance each semester. -Successfully played a significant role in lecturing, tutoring, proctoring, grading and mentoring students in specific areas. -Solving mechanical design problems for preparing the solutions to class assignments.
Software Engineer September 2006 – July 2007
Patni Computer Systems, India
Mumbai, India
Successfully worked as Software Quality Assurance Engineer for Fidelity Investments, USA as my client on web-based financial software applications and ensured the release of high quality software applications. -Efficiently prepared the test environment and test cases on the basis of specifications requirements analysis document (SRA) and tested the web based applications on the basis of same. -Identified and reported many unexpected defects and got them fixed by deciding their respective severities that resulted the launching of high quality web applications. -Managed the individual projects assigned and sent the deliverables under deadlines. -Communicated with client in scheduled telecon meetings regarding project issues. -Achieved high productivity by following the industry standards of CMM level 5 -Suggested and implemented best practices in team to ensure project success.
Master of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Dec 2009
Oklahoma State University, USA GPA: 3.5
Specialization: Fluids Sciences, Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Relevant course work during the specialization included: Computational fluid dynamics, Multiphase flows, Micro flows, Turbulent fluid dynamics, Viscous fluid dynamics, Advanced aerodynamics.

Worked on following review papers/projects during the coursework:
-Application of lattice Boltzmann equation/method to micro/nano flows.
-Turbulent flows in micro channels.
- Heat transfer for two phase flow in mini channels
-CFD applications using VBA for flow problems.
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, June 2006
Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior, India GPA: 3.7

Projects/Internships undertaken during undergraduate studies:
-“Development of a decision support system for mechanical production based on fuzzy logic and decision tree“ as major project during undergraduate studies.
-“Study and design of mechanical brake shoes to minimize the cost of production” as minor project in undergraduate studies.
-“Study of the manufacturing of springs used in Indian Railways” at Indian Railway spring factory, Sithouli, India.
-“Study of Diesel locomotives used in Indian Railways” at Indian Railways workshop at Nagpur, India.
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced 1-2 Years
Grid generation Advanced 1-2 Years
Post processing Intermediate 1-2 Years
C programming Intermediate <1 Year
CAD modeling Intermediate <1 Year
Additional Skill Info
Programming Languages: Visual Basic Applications (VBA), FORTRAN 90, C, C++ Application Packages: Fluent, Gambit, ICEM CFD, Tecplot, Microsoft Office, Pro/E, Solidworks, AutoCAD Software Quality Assurance tools: Test director, Kintana, Mercury Quality Center
Dr. Frank Chambers (
Mr. Chetan Udeshi (
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