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Resume Updated: 24 Sep 2009
Pallavi Padyala http://
Tel: 515-851-0357 Fax:
1108 S 4th St. #22

Ames, IA -50010

Initiate and build a full-time career in a company, corporation or laboratory that allows for continued growth and advancement in a highly technical environment
Salary Requirements
Employment History
Researcher 06/01/09-till date
Dr. Partha P. Sarkar
Ames, IA
Analyzing the effect of tornado winds on a corrugated steel silo structure. Helping in developing a specialized ANSYS model for this analysis.
Teaching Assistant 01/15/07-05/15/09
Taught Flight Structures and Gas Dynamics Lab to more than 100 students. Trained students in using various laboratory equipment like an MTS testing machine, high speed and low speed wind tunnels, used Schileren technique to visualize the shock waves formed in a high speed wind tunnel. Performed grading of homework and exams in three different Aerospace Engineering courses. Tutored and helped students in the Fluid Mechanics lab. Assisted a professor with grading and proctoring exams.
Faculty 08/01/06-12/01/06
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
Taught an Engineering Drawing course to undergraduate students. Training students in a Fluid Dynamics lab and a Computational Fluid Dynamics lab. Helped students with programming in the C language.
MS Aerospace Engineering-Iowa State University, Ames, IA

B. Tech Aeronautical Engineering-Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dundigal, Hyderabad, India.
Description Proficiency Experience
FEA analysis Advanced <1 Year
CFD analysis Beginner <1 Year
Mechanical design Intermediate <1 Year
Aerospace design Beginner <1 Year
Additional Skill Info
ANSYS, CATIA, AutoCAD, Fluent, Gambit
Thomas J. Rudolphi
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Iowa State University
2333 Howe Hall Ames, IA; 515-294-0095
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