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Resume Updated: 29 Aug 2009
Justin L Whitt
Tel: 423 503-0476 Fax: 423 503-0476
2715 Autumn Chase Dr.
Chattanooga, TN 37421

To employ state-of-the-art computational technology toward design optimization, while drawing from a wide array of skill sets in personnel management, software development, and empirical data collection to obtain and validate design solutions.
Employment History
Graduate Research Assistant 2004-Present
UT Simcenter: National Center for Computational Engineering
Chattanooga, TN
NREL Phase VI Wind Turbine Performed 3-D, viscous flow analysis of a NREL prototype wind turbine for comparison with experimental measurements taken at NASA Ames.  Hybrid volumetric mesh generation with Gridgen™  Viscous mesh insertion with research software  Parrallel, Reynolds averaged, finite volume, Navier-Stokes flow solution  Comparison of 7 turbulence models  Post processing and visualizations for validation with experimental data NATO AVT-113 Performed 3-D, viscous flow analysis of the F-16XL to compare with experimental results  Hybrid volumetric mesh generation with Gridgen™  Viscous layer insertion with research software  Parrallel, Reynolds averaged, finite volume, Navier-Stokes flow solution  Comparison of 5 turbulence models  Post processing for comparison with experimental data and NATO group results Mesh Generation with Gridgen™ Generated structured, unstructured, and hybrid meshes on complex geometries  Variety of air and water craft  Wheeled vehicles  Turbo-machinery  An urban city Mesh Generation Software Development Developed suite of 2-D mesh generation, optimization, and refinement tools  Delauny based triangle mesh generator  Winslow/Linear elliptic smoothing  Optimization based smoothing  Gradient based adaptive refinement and coarsening Viscous Boundary Layer Solver Developed an implicit solver for the 2-D boundary layer equations  Laminar flow validated against Blasius solution  Clauser/Spalding and Prandtl/VanDriest turbulence models Inviscid Euler Solver Developed a 2-D Euler Solver  Coupled with 2-D mesh suite to allow for adaptive refinement
Project Engineering/Project Management 1998-2002
J. B. Hunt Logistics/Transplace
Optimized supply chain management and product replenishment to drastically cut associated costs for Fortune 500 companies  Optimization and management of multi-modal transportation network saving $15 million/year  Optimized product replenishment to minimize carrying costs and lost sales  Stream lined cross-dock and product pick operations  Single-source contact for executive and board analysis requests (quarterly accruals, fiscal spending trends, loss-of-sale cost, carrying costs, transportation cost allocation, product pipeline efficiency)  Developed desktop reporting tools to increase visibility of associated costs  Supervised auditing and bill payment personnel  Automated auditing, billing, and cost reporting systems reducing parcel shipment cost by 7%
Pricing Analyst/Fleet Manager/Logistics Manager 1992-1998
J. B. Hunt Transportation
Supervised drivers, customer service reps, and operations personnel over multi-state region of U.S for largest, publicly held, full truck-load, transportation company.  Drove employee turnover below company average while breaking company record with 16 consecutive accident free months  Improved response times for customer service call centers  Balanced transportation capacity and need, insured on-time service, and cut costs through route optimization  Developed reporting for driver performance, equipment-use efficiency, call center wait time
2006-2008 National Center for Computational Engineering Chattanooga, TN
M.S. Computational Engineering GPA: 4.0

2002-2006 University of Tennessee Chattanooga, TN
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Cum Lade, Departmental Honors GPA: 3.75
Description Proficiency Experience
Aerospace design Intermediate 1-2 Years
C programming Intermediate 2-3 Years
CFD analysis Novice 3-5 Years
Grid generation Novice 3-5 Years
Solver development Intermediate 1-2 Years
Additional Skill Info
Parallel High Performance Computing, Matlab, Gridgen, Fieldview, ProE, Solidworks
Available on request.
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