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Resume Updated: 23 Apr 2009
Ashish Gupta http://
Tel: +919886495829 Fax:
Flat 303, Vishnu Enclave,
Varthur Hoobli, Toobrahalli
Opp. Kundanhalli Gate
Bangalore 560066

An accomplished software engineer specializing in development of tools and applications with extensive experience in interface implementation, scientific Visualization, numerical analysis and computing, algorithm optimization, interactive data processing and applications development. I am looking for a challenging atmosphere which would help me hone my skills further and challenge my technical capabilities.
Salary Requirements
As per the current market trends
Employment History
Fluid dynamics Engineer Apr 2007 Till Date
Airbus Engineering Center India
Bangalore, India
As a member of the Fluid Dynamics Tools team, I am responsible to contribute towards the development of numerical tools for data production in the field of Aircraft Aerodynamics including a methodology to check the validity of the computations as regards both computation robustness and physics modeling. Roles and Responsibilities: * Acquire knowledge of existing CFD methods, tools and framework used by Airbus Aerodynamics domain * Contribute to the development, validation, industrialization and delivery of accurate and mature methods and tools according to the agreed work plan to time, cost and quality, and in compliance with specifications, requirements and applicable Airbus policies * Carry out pilot applications and validation tasks required to meet Aerodynamics Domain accuracy requirements as well as computing performance constraints * Ensure that effective communication is established and maintained with Europe with aim to build trust and to increase efficiency Technical Knowledge: * Research Technologies: Aircraft Aerodynamics and CFD tools (ELSA & TAU). * Software Technologies: Python, MPI, Fortran 90/95, C and C++ * Packages: ICEM-CFD Hexa 10, Tecplot, Ensight, and Airbus proprietary applications
Design Engineer Dec 2004 - Mar 2007
General Electric Co. (R & D)
Bangalore, India
Development of GE proprietary CFD analysis package. I was responsible for development of 3-Dimensional CFD post-processing tool dedicated for GE gas turbine engines, wind turbines, oil & gas research and development. Roles and Responsibilities: * Learn and develop expertise in computational geometry, computer graphics and CFD post-processing algorithms * Conducting validation of GE in-house tools for multistage turbo machinery CFD analysis * Developing best practices and CFD based design methodologies for aero designers across GE infrastructure businesses * Contributing to enhancements in turbulence modeling capability of GE in-house CFD codes * Ensure that effective communication is established and maintained with USA with aim to build trust and to increase efficiency * Coming up with innovative and lean solutions for critical to quality requirements and problems using six-sigma methodology Technical Knowledge: * Research Technologies: CFD, Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics. * Software Technologies: OpenGL, Fortran 90/95, Tcl-Tk, C and C++ * Six-Sigma: Encourage lean six-sigma methodology for software design and development
Project Engineer July 2004 - Nov 2004
Zeus Numerix Pvt
Bombay, India
Development of CFD-Tutor: a CFD commercial package. This project involved the development of 2-dimensional CFD post-processing package that binds both, the visualization tool and the data analyzer tool. Architecture of the package designed to handle both structured and unstructured grids. Post-processor accepts data in a CGNS file format. The visualization of scalar fields is achieved through mesh plots, color plots and contour plots. Streamline plots and vector plots were developed for vector field visualization. Topology extraction tools for scalar and vector field data are developed to identify and classify the important features from the CFD domain. The Analyzer is developed to generate derived and integral quantities. Analyzer and visualization tools were successfully linked together to develop a complete post-processor for CFD simulation data. Open Source version of this software can be found at FLACS web page. Technical Knowledge: * Research Technologies: Post-Processing Algorithms and Computer Graphics * Software Technologies: OpenGL, QT, C and C++
o Master in Technology (M. Tech)
Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Period: 2003 - 2004
o Bachelor in Technology (B. Tech)
Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Period: 1999 - 2003
Description Proficiency Experience
FORTRAN programming Expert 3-5 Years
C++ programming Expert 3-5 Years
Parallelization Intermediate 1-2 Years
CFD analysis Expert 3-5 Years
GUI development Expert 3-5 Years
Additional Skill Info
* Programming Languages: C, C++, Python and FORTRAN 90/95 * Graphics Languages: OpenGL, Visual3, GLUT * GUI Development: Tcl-Tk, Tix, Py-Tk, QT * Markup Language: XML, HTML * Development Environment: Sun Studio, NetBeans, MS Visual Studio, Anjuta, KDevelop * Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows (All Versions) * Scripting Languages: UNIX Shell Programming, GNU Make * Tools & API's: SWIG, F2Py, Doxygen, CGNS, NetCDF * CFD Packages: ICEM-CFD, CFX, FLUENT, CENTAUR, Tecplot, Ensight * UML: StarUML, ArgoUML
Prof. B. Premachandran
Mechanical Engineering Department,
IIT Delhi, Delhi - 16, India
Email :
Phone : +91-11-2559-1128

Prof. G. R. Shevare
Aerospace Engineering Department,
IIT Bombay, Mumbai 76, India
Email :
Phone : +91-22-2576-7112

Prof. S. K. Sane
Aerospace Engineering Department,
IIT Bombay, Mumbai 76, India
Email :
Phone : +91-22-2576-7102

Dr. Venkata Bandhakavi
John F. Welch Technology Centre,
General Electric R & D Centre,
122 EPIP, Phase 4, Hoodi Village,
Whitefield Road, Bangalore 66, India
Email :
Phone : +91-80-4012-1866
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