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Resume Updated: 20 Sep 2015
Ravi Sankar Sastry http://
Tel: 9740852052 Fax:
8, ‘Adarsha’, Ground Floor, 1st Cross, Near Srinidhi Srinivas Temple,
Chunchghatta Main Road,Konanakunte, Bangalore, Karnataka INDIA-62

To effectively contribute in a progressive company, requiring strong analytical and organizational skill and highly stimulating job, which offers ample opportunities for growth and personal development.
Salary Requirements
24.0 lacks per annaum
Employment History
Technology Specicalist 14/09/2011
Bangalore, Karnataka
ANSYS work experience (September-2011 to present)  Assist clients using ANSYS products through email and telephone, in all phases of analysis right from correct posing of the initial problem, solution and interpretation of results as well.  Work collaboratively with customers to ensure their successful use of ANSYS products, sustain a renewals revenue stream and cultivate opportunities to expand software licenses  Training of new clients/prospects at their site or at ANSYS offices  Keep abreast of the latest technological developments in ANSYS fluids products  Provide client feedback on defects and enhancements for product development  Develop and strengthen long-term relationships with customers  Guide in-house efforts in expanding customer accounts  Use services to promote new software license sales and expansions  Providing technical assistance to sales team through technical presentations, product demonstrations, and benchmark problems with primary focus on fluids  Providing technical assistance to marketing activities by developing examples for new applications, delivering technical presentations and demos at seminars, workshops, getting case studies and testimonials from clients.  Help the sales team develop value propositions of ANSYS solutions for industrial segments in south region. Some Benchmark/Validations studies carried out in ANSYS  Climate control duct for air-conditioning system using Discrete Phase model.  Windshield De-fogging Analysis  Thermal Model of Head Lamp using DO Radiation Model  Deicing Wind shield  Transient Analysis of Single Vane pump.  Centrifugal Pump with and without Cavitation  Pelton Turbine  Transient Blade Row Analysis.  Flutter Analysis on Rotor 67
Automobile PowerTrain Analysis 08/10/08 to 13/09/11
TCS- General Motors Powertrain Project
Bangalore, Karnataka
Some of the projects handled 1. Title: Turbocharger Compressor Performance Map Generation. Software package: StarCCM+ Description The turbo compressor performance map provided by supplier is mostly under ideal inlet and outlet condition. The performance of compressor is greatly influenced by the intake conditions and which severely affects engines transient response. To create compressor map under real CFD analysis is performed with actual inlet and outlet piping. Based on the CFD results max torque engine operating curve is adjusted to provide sufficient margin for surge. 2. Title: Engine cooling jacket flow analysis. Software package: StarCCM+ Description The engine cooling system analysis is used to guide, build and provide results in the design of an engine cooling system for any engine operating condition. This analysis will resolve flow characteristics, pressure, temperatures and can predict to some predetermined level of accuracy the coolant flow field. Evaluation of Steady State and Dynamic performance of Exhaust systems 3. Title: Exhaust Port Steady Flow Analysis. Software package: ICEM-CFD, Fluent Description The analysis provides mass flow rates as a function of valve lift for a fixed pressure differential. It provides various flow coefficients based on bore, valve diameter and valve curtain area. 4. Title: Exhaust Manifold Flow Analysis. Software package: ICEM-CFD, Fluent Description Evaluates the restriction and runner to runner flow imbalance of exhaust manifolds. Also provides a detailed flow impedance audit that quantified exhaust manifold losses relative to those of the rest of exhaust system. 5. Title: Catalytic Converter Performance Flow Analysis. Software package: ICEM-CFD, Star-CD Description This analysis uses computational fluid dynamics to evaluate the performance of catalytic converters in gasoline engines. Our aim is to measure the volume flow through the catalytic converter and to measure the conversion efficiency of catalytic converter for CO,NOX & HC. Transient Boundary conditions are applied as GT Power data Evaluation of Steady State and Dynamic performance of Intake systems 6. Title: Intake Port Steady Flow Analysis. Software package: ICEM-CFD, Fluent Description The analysis provides the intake port air flow rate, in-cylinder tumble and in-cylinder swirl as a function of valve lift for a fixed static pressure differential. It provides various flow coefficients based on bore, valve diameter and valve curtain area. 7. Title: Intake Manifold Steady Flow Analysis. Software package: ICEM-CFD, Fluent Description Evaluates the restriction and runner to runner flow imbalance of intake manifolds. Geometric design changes in the components such as intake manifolds and their relative effects on the mass flow rates are studied using this procedure. 8. Title: Intake Manifold MAP Sensor Analysis. Software package: ICEM-CFD, Star-CD Description The main aim of this analysis is to predict the filtered cycle- averaged static pressure data required to guide placement of the MAP sensor in the intake manifold. Thus we decide the suitable place for MAP sensor at a point in the intake system where it can detect minimum fluctuation of pressure. Transient Boundary conditions are applied as GT Power data.
Internal and External flows relating to Launch Vehicles 01/03/05 to 03/10/08
Trivandrum, Kerala
Some of the projects handled 1. Title: Numerical Simulation of flow past Heat-shield in the transonic regime. Software package: Fluent, Gambit Description The behavior of the terminating normal shocks waves on sphere-cone-cylinder model is studied by numerical simulation for different Mach numbers ranging from 0.7 to 0.95.The problem has been modeled as axisymmetric . Here shock movements and flow separation has been carefully studied to understand the complexity of the problem. The results obtained are in good agreement with the available data. 2. Title: Simulation of internal flow in ARIANE-3 strap-on motor. Software package: Fluent, Gambit Description This study presents the results of numerical simulation of internal flow in Ariane-3 European Launcher Strap-on booster Motor with a fixed cant submerged nozzle. During the static test Airane-3 strap on motor failed at 2 symmetric points in the submerged region. The objective of the present study is to numerically simulate and investigate the cause of failure. Analysis carried out mainly to get the velocity, Mach number and pressure distribution at different locations and to find whether preferential flow occurs inside the nozzle. 3. Title: Role of CFD in designing a duct and turbine inlet manifold with nozzle blocks for Cryogenic engine. Software package: Fluent, Hypermesh. Description This study is targeted at designing a guiding duct followed by an inlet manifold with guiding nozzles, so as to guide the combustion gases to the turbine blades. The main constraints in the design of an inlet manifold housing for the turbine are; the temperature of gases coming out of the manifold must be well below the melting point of the turbine blade material, at the same time the mass flow through each guiding nozzle must be uniform and the pressure drop within the inlet manifold should be minimum so as to get maximum turbine efficiency. 4. Title: Numerical study of over expanded supersonic jet impingement on a double wedge deflector. Software package: Fluent, Gambit. Description This study is aimed at understanding impingement flow field, over a double wedge deflector, produced by the impingement of an over expanded supersonic jet by using CFD. The jet has an exit Mach no of 3.1 and an expansion ratio of 0.81. The distance between the nozzle exit and deflector apex is varied from 2 to 5 times the nozzle exit diameter. The impingement produces very a complex flow field pattern. Static pressure distributions on the centerline of the deflector model have been obtained for all the cases. 5. Title: Simulation of unsteady supersonic flow past cavities, M.Tech Project, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras. Software package: Fluent, Gambit Description A 2-Dimensional unsteady supersonic flow analysis over cavity (L/D=1 and 3) has been carried out at a free stream Mach number of 1.5. This study was done for better understanding of the flow physics. Various unsteady characteristics of supersonic flow past a cavity are captured. CP distribution is computed from CFD along the cavity wall. And the results compared well with available literature. Trainings undergone: 1. ISRO Induction Training Program (IITP) Successfully completed ISRO induction training program from October 2005 to February 2006. Training comprises of various modules about technical and general aspects about launch vehicles and satellites. It has given deep insight about the development work currently running all ISRO centers across the country. Nozzle Guide vanes(NGV) in Gas turbine engines are subjected to high temperature gases from the combustion chamber. To protect the vane, internal cooling mechanism (jet-impingement and pin-fin cooling) is used. The jet-impingement holes(620 in number) are inline and pins-fins are staggered. CFD and steady state Conjugate Heat transfer analysis is performed on a 3-dimensional NGV model to find an estimate of internal heat transfer coeffficients on the inner surface of the vane.The computational domain consists of fluid flow path(inside the vane and inserts) and solid parts (vane,cooling inserts viz. fore end insert and aft end insert, pin-fins). Tetrahedral mesh is used. The outer convective heat transfer coefficients from the hot gas to the vane is given as a boundary condition in FLUENT. Two equation turbulence model( K-e) is used. Pressure and temperature distribution were obtained. Estimates of Nusselt number showed matching trends with that in literature survey.
M.Tech, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras(2003)
B.Tech, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Society of India(2001)
Description Proficiency Experience
Aerospace design Advanced 2-3 Years
CFD analysis Advanced 3-5 Years
Grid generation Advanced 2-3 Years
C programming Intermediate <1 Year
FORTRAN programming Intermediate <1 Year
Additional Skill Info
I have experience in working on commercial CFD package like "CFX, FLUENT, STAR-CD CCM+" and Grid generation package "ICEM_CFD,HYPERMESH,GAMBIT" and .
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