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Resume Updated: 17 Jan 2013
Rashmin Mohan Damle http://
Tel: 0034-677129564 Fax:
Joaquim Costa, 71, 2, 2
Terrassa 08222

To secure a promising position that offers research and development opportunity in heat transfer and fluid flow applications/software
Salary Requirements
Commensurate with the job
Employment History
Research engineer 2009-2012
Phd (Thermal Engg.): Thesis related with the modular object-oriented simulation of thermal systems- 2009.

Masters in Termotècnia Energética(Thermal Sciences): (UPC), Bercelona, Spain(2005).

M-Tech(Thermal & Fluids) from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, (2002).

Bachelor of Mechanical engineering from the University of Mumbai(1999).

Relevant Courses Undertaken:
Heat Transfer, heat exchangers, solar engineering, fluid dynamics, numerical methods, thermodynamics, etc.

Type of work done under Projects:
 Thermal Simulation of the thermal storage tanks (ANDASOL plant, Spain): The project involves implementing models for heat transfer in tank shell, salt, ullage and the foundation. Elements like tank shell, salt and ullage were modelled with global models and were coupled to 3D heat conduction model for foundation.

 Simulation of the nacelle of a wind turbine: Transient thermal simulation of the nacelle a wind turbine with varying outdoor/indoor conditions for Ecotecnia, Spain.

 Simulation of heat, air and moisture (HAM) transfer in building walls: Modelling of heat and moisture transfer in building walls/rooms to see the moisture buffering capacities of different materials used for building wall construction under European project DECODE.

 Software development for the thermal simulation of buildings: Code allows simulation of a building as a thermal system made up of elements like rooms, windows, channels, ground, outdoor, walls, composite walls, etc. taking into account zonal airflows, infiltration, solar
radiation, and weather conditions depending on the global location. Transient simulations can be run to estimate the heating and cooling loads and parametric studies can be made.

 Development of an object-oriented modular compressor software, Appliances Components
Company (ACC), Spain: The software is used for the simulation of reciprocating hermetic compressors allowing multistage compression, series and parallel circuitry connections between compression chambers, chambers, tubes, valve orifices. The code was run for different configurations of the compressor circuitry and with different refrigerants like Tetrafluoroethane (R134a), Isobutane (R600a), and Carbondioxide (R744). The code was
verified with some basic tests and validated against experimental data. Good agreement was observed between numerical results and experimental data.

 Large eddy simulation of mixed convection in a 3D cavity and comparison of results with experimental data available in literature. Airflow simulation in a single family house with real dimensions.

 Numerical simulation of natural convection in inclined cavities heated from below and open cavities heated from side to evaluate the effect of inclination on the heat transfer and the fluid flow within the cavities.

 Modification of CFD software DPC for simulating heat transfer and fluid flow processes for implementing internal boundary conditions (Pressure at inlet/outlet, inflow, outflow, tangent velocity, heat flux, Dirichlet, etc.).

Publications in International Journals:
 Object Oriented simulation of reciprocating compressors: Numerical verification and experimental comparison, International Journal of Refrigeration, Vol. 34 (8), pp. 1989-1998, 2011.

Publications in International Conferences:

 Combined Heat and Moisture Transfer In Buildings Systems, 1st International High Performance Buildings Conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 2012.

 Coupling CFD models of airflow with building simulation with an object-oriented and parallel infrastructure, ISES-Europe Solar Conference, Croatia, 2012.

 Modular simulation of buildings with a object-oriented tool, 23rd International Congress of Refrigeration, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011.

 Mixed convection in a ventilated 3D cavity: comparison of different LES models with experimental data, 7th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer,Istanbul, Turkey, 2011.

 Energy simulation of buildings with a object-oriented tool, ISES SOLAR WORLD CONGRESS, Kassel, Germany, 2011.

 Full numerical simulation of an object-oriented program for hermetic reciprocating compressors: numerical verification and experimental validation: 20th International Compressor Engineering Conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 2010.

 Large eddy simulation of the airflow in a single family house: 1st International High Performance Buildings Conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 2010.

 An object oriented program for the simulation of hermetic reciprocating compressors: 19th International Compressor Engineering Conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 2008.

 Natural convection in inclined rectangular cavities heated from below: Proceedings of the 5th ISES Europe Solar Conference (EUROSUN), Freiburg, Germany, 2004.

M-Tech Project at IIT Bombay
Title: "Development of alpha configuration Stirling cryocooler.
The project invloved thermodynamic analysis and fabrication of the cryocooler unit with a novel drive mechanism.

Experimental Project:
Experimentation on Nitrogen liquefier to compare the performance of Helium and Helium-Nitrogen mixtures: The experiment involved mixing Helium and Nitrogen in proper compositions and varying it for getting better performance than Helium alone. It was concluded finally that the performance does increase with Helium-Nitrogen mixture.

Seminar Topic: Drive mechanisms for Stirling cycle coolers.

Course project: Load calculation and system selection for air-conditioning of lecture theatre.

 Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2000
Score: 98.74 percentile All India Ranking-132
(Number of examinees: 11,744, Number of qualified candidates: 3828)

 Bachelor of Engineering, University of Mumbai 1999
Subject: Mechanical Engineering Year: 1999 Marks obtained (final year): 7th semester: 57.79 % , 8th semester: 60.59 %

 Higher Secondary Certificate(HSC) examination,1995
Marks obtained: 76.67 % (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics- 92.33%)

 Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination, 1993 Marks obtained: 79%

Scholarships Received:
 Teaching assistantship during the M–Tech program at IIT, Bombay (2000-2002).

 Grant by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain from 2003 to 2007.

 Grant by the CTT, Spain from 2007-2008.
Description Proficiency Experience
CFD analysis Advanced 3-5 Years
C programming Advanced 2-3 Years
C++ programming Advanced 3-5 Years
Solver development Advanced 2-3 Years
HVAC design Intermediate 1-2 Years
Additional Skill Info
C, C++, Python, ICEMCFD, Autocad, Latex • SIMPLE algorithm using the Finite Volume method • Multigrid (ACM) algorithms for faster resolution of equations • Step-by-step and Iterative algorithms for heat transfer problems • Radiation view factor calculations for arbitrary trapeziums • MRT method for radiation heat transfer • Meshing geometries with ICEMCFD
Prof. A.W.Date Dept of Mechanical Engg. IIT Bombay
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