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Position: CAE Analyst Submit Application
Type: Contract
Classification: Service
Posted: 18 Jul 2017
The CAE analyst we are looking for is an expert and motivated engineers which is going to be dedicated into consulting services. The CAE analyst is assigned industrial projects where, using CAE (CFD/FEM) simulations, design requirements must be matched. In every project the following steps might be required:
- 3D modelling
- Definition of main meshing parameters
- Setting up a CFD/FEM simulation
- Post-processing results from the simulation
- Analyze results to understand how modify the 3D modelling to reach the project requirements

Job location is in Milan - ITALY. The proposed contract is 2 years long, with salary dependent on the candidate capabilities and experiences.

2D modelling: AutoCad, DraftSight; 3D modelling: SolidWorks, Inventor, OnShape; CFD/FEM: CONSELF web based platform; POSTPROCESSING: ParaView, Salome-Meca; OFFICE: MS Office, Google Drive

The selection process is going through three separate phases:
1) Free application though CONSELF web site (deadline 31-08-17)
2) Candidates are requested to complete a simple CFD project. A simple 2D drawing is sent to all applicants and they have to create a 3D model + CFD analysis + result post-processing using the software specified in a separate email you receive towards ed of August (deadline 30-09-17)
3) Job interview with all the candidates that successfully completed phase 2). Final choice made by 31-10-17
Compensation Info
Commensurate with experience.
Company Info
Size: 1-50 employees
Industry: Engineering Software
CONSELF is a brand new company, located in Milan - ITALY. Funded in 2015, it constantly increases in terms of incomes since the beginning. The company operates in the field of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) softwares by both providing a cloud based platform (available through the web site https://conself.com) where engineers and manufacturers can run their own simulations. The platform, based on the open-source software OpenFOAM and CodeAster, allows to run CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Method) simulations using hardware CONSELF itself provides to customers. Beside the software CONSELF provides Engineering Consulting services where, our experts guides the end customers into engineering design using CAE applications.
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