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Events: ANSYS Product Evolution Web Seminars
Posted Tue September 02, 2003 @02:42PM
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News CFX recently joined the ANSYS family to incorporate state-of-the-art CFD technology into the ever-growing ANSYS suite of simulation solutions. As a long-standing strategy, ANSYS strives to provide a robust multiphysics capability that enables companies to simulate the performance of complete products in their intended environment.

With CFX, increasingly powerful simulations are available throughout all stages of the product development process.

A wide variety of industries have already benefited from this technology, you should too!

To learn more about how ANSYS, ICEM CFD and CFX software are evolving together, join us for a live web seminar on September 3 or September 17 at 1 pm EDT.

In addition, join us September 25 or October 23 at 2 pm EDT for a live web demonstration of CFX-5 in action. For those unfamiliar with CFX-5, this demonstration illlustrates why CFX-5 is the best-in-class CFD software available today. Features of CFX-5 to be demonstrated include grid adaption, parallelization set-up and CFX Expression Language.

Visit the seminar website to register.

Sorry, these events are only available in North America.

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Events: AVL Hosts Workshop in Sweden
Posted Tue September 02, 2003 @08:26AM
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News AVL FIRE Workshop
Focus: Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Simulation

More stringent emission requirements demand new approaches to the design and layout of off-gas treatment systems. The advanced concepts in this field require simulation tools to characterize performance and help engineers integrate catalytic reactors and filtration units into today's vehicles.

The FIRE Aftertreatment module fulfills this requirement by offering the most advanced aftertreatment-specific physical models, unparalleled flexibility and full coupling to FIRE's renowned engine analysis capabilities.

AVL is pleased to invite you to a one day AVL FIRE workshop to be held on September 23rd, 2003 at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Besides the main focus on AVL´s exhaust gas aftertreatment solution, there will be sufficient time to explore the new features of our CFD code FIRE, including:

  • unrivaled meshing concept
  • a completely new solver technology
  • fast and versatile result data exploration

Generally, no specific knowledge of FIRE is required, however a general understanding of engineering workstations and fluid mechanics is necessary to gain most benefit from the workshop. Number of participants will be limited, so please register soon.

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Help With Bubble Column Simulation
Posted Fri August 29, 2003 @03:39PM
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Help Desk Paraphrased from a comment to an article:

I have scaned your post on bubble column simulation by fluent in May. Now I have the similar question with you. I guess you must have solved the problem.I am a newer for fluent. My simulation can not be converged. For there are some many parameters, I can't find what's the wrong, could you send me a sample case file for bubble columne by fluent? By comparing that, I may find my wrong. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much! My e-mail address:

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New Software: Icepak 4.1 Sets a New Standard for Speed
Posted Thu August 28, 2003 @09:18AM
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News Fluent Inc., world leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, releases version 4.1 of its Icepak™ electronics cooling design software. The newest version of Icepak builds on the technologies introduced in Icepak 4.0 for the industry's fastest time-to-solution. Its combination of nested non-conformal meshing and unstructured meshing strategies, including assembly meshing, let the designer build a more computationally-efficient and accurate model faster.

"Icepak 4.1's new 'Nested Assembly Meshing' allows the user to seamlessly bring far more detail into the model, to retain geometric shape fidelity, and improve accuracy, and it reduces mesh counts by 30% to 3 times compared to Icepak 4.0,” says Icepak product manager Rajesh Nair.

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New Software: New CAD Integrated CFD Code
Posted Thu August 21, 2003 @08:24AM
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News The CD adapco Group, global provider of CAE software solutions and services, announces the release of Comet-Design.

Comet-Design is a new CAD integrated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool for design engineers. It has been developed in response to the increasing demand for associativity of analysis tools with downstream CAD/CAM processes. It is a stand-alone package with a solid modeler, automatic mesher, solver and visualizer all included.

A unique feature is that the computational meshes are formed from polyhedral cells, allowing the solver, Comet, to achieve faster and more accurate solutions than conventional CFD codes. It has the ability to handle applications involving complex incompressible/compressible, laminar/turbulent and industrial flows, as well as heat transfer. The advantage of the polyhedral approach is that it combines the benefits linked to both tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes, i.e. quick and robust automatic mesh generation and quick, robust and accurate CFD solutions.

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Application: Preserving the Domus Aurea with CFD
Posted Mon August 18, 2003 @01:21PM
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Application The Domus Aurea was built in Rome by Emperor Nero in 64 AD. Known as The Golden House, the Domus Aurea was richly decorated with frescoes and precious stuccoes and covered in pure gold, representing imperial Roman architecture at its finest. Following Nero’s fall in 68 AD, the Domus Aurea was completely buried under Emperor Trajan’s baths. The Golden House remained underground for centuries and has only been partially opened to visitors since 1999.

Throughout Rome’s colorful history, The Domus Aurea has survived as one of the world’s most architecturally complex hypogean (underground) structures. However, after one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine years, the elements have taken their toll on this national treasure. Adversely affected by the microclimatic conditions inside the Golden House, the rich frescoes have started to decay.

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