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Pointwise: Reliable CFD meshing

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New Software: Gridgen v14.02 R1
Posted Fri June 28, 2002 @01:14PM
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Grid Generation Pointwise has released a maintenance upgrade to their CFD mesh generation software. Gridgen Version 14.02 includes bug fixes and the following new features:
  • Additional Glyph support for Analysis Software commands.
  • The Alt key (instead of the Shift key) is now being used in conjunction with the Rotation keys to produce single-increment rotations.

All users should upgrade to Version 14.02 immediately in order to benefit from the fixes.

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Features: CFX Reliable for Development of Hydraulic Machines
Posted Thu June 27, 2002 @04:54PM
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News by Andrej Lipej, Turboinstitut, Republic of Slovenia

For the past 50 years, Turboinstitut has been involved in the research and development of hydraulic machines. CFD has become an indispensable tool in our activities, and this is especially true for our turbine refurbishment projects, which are usually realized entirely with CFD. Using CFX-TASCflow, we can analyze the flow throughout the whole turbine, taking into account the stator-rotor-draft tube interaction and avoiding potentially inaccurate boundary conditions between components. However, compared to individual simulations for each part, such calculations require large models and long run times. Separate analysis is much faster, but it is essential to know when coupled analysis must be performed and what are the differences between separate and coupled analyses. At the Institute, by comparing results for coupled and separated calculations, we have found that the separate analysis usually overpredicts flow energy losses in all turbine parts and only coupled analysis is suitable for accurate prediction of turbine efficiency.

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Research: NAS Develops Open Source Visualization Component
Posted Wed June 26, 2002 @05:34PM
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Post Processing NAS researchers are developing Field Model (FM), a software component for mesh and field data. FM is an open source software project that allows scientists to share data from a variety of scientific disciplines.

The FM design benefits from experience with previous software component efforts, such as the Field Encapsulation Library (FEL). One way that FM differs from FEL is in its open source approach to distribution.

Fields based on computational meshes are defined by associating values with the cells. In computational fluid dynamics (CFD), common examples of fields are the momentum, density, and energy fields surrounding an aircraft.

In analyzing simulation results, scientists are often interested in values derived from the fundamental state variables. For example, they might be interested in velocity or vorticity values derived from the density and momentum fields output by a simulator. Field Model includes classes that provide lazy derived field capability to compute the derived values only as needed, avoiding unused computations and saving on memory requirements.

Working with the NASA Ames Commercial Technology Office, the NAS Data Analysis group has established Field Model as an open source effort. By embracing an open approach, the NAS team hopes to encourage high-performance computing community participation and contributions.

The Field Model project is based at SourceForge.

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New IBM ThinkPad
Posted Wed June 26, 2002 @05:18PM
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Hardware IBM's new ThinkPad A31p notebook computer offers a lot to the engineering analyst on the go. IBM markets the notebook as high-performance desktop alternative. The A31p features:

The notebook sells for about $3500US.

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Research: NASA's Information Power Grid
Posted Mon June 24, 2002 @05:46PM
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News Ever have a problem where one supercomputer just isn't enough? Researchers simulating such extreme problems as worldwide weather changes often reach the limits of even the largest computers.

To solve the problem, NASA has helped to create the concept of a computational grid. A computational grid is a network of geographically and often organizationally distributed resources including computers, instruments, and data. A user has single-sign-on access to all the resources on a grid.

Currently the three most substantial grids, in terms of compute cycles already provided, persistence, and scope of resources, are:

The NASA Information Power Grid (IPG), which connects several NASA centers, makes available supercomputers, high-end scientific instruments, and terabyte datasets.

As grids grow, grid communities will be looking for scientists and computer engineers to help build grids or to use grids for research. The NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division at Ames Research Center is a focal point for the joint university and government creation of NASA’s IPG. To discuss possible opportunities for internships or collaborative research, contact Arsi Vaziri, IPG Deputy Project Manager, at

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Events: Itanium 2 Webinar
Posted Thu June 20, 2002 @10:57AM
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Hardware Join Hewlett-Packard and Intel on July 10 for an exciting 1-hour technical computing webinar presenting hp workstations and servers based on the new Intel® Itanium® 2 processor.

Industry technology experts will host an interactive presentation followed by a 30-minute Q & A session. Utilizing the HP Chipset zx1, the new Itanium 2-based systems deliver break-through performance beyond the limitations of RISC, the broadest O/S coverage and at the lowest price. Content will include product details, performance, availability, roadmaps, and customer successes.

HP and Intel New Technology Webinar
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
9:00 - 10:30 Pacific DT
Moderator: Sarang Ghatpande, workstation analyst, D. H. Brown Associates

Register online:
Enter your email address and the keyword "hp"

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