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New Software: WinTherm Lite 6.0 Released
Posted Thu May 30, 2002 @08:23AM
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News ThermoAnalytics has released WinTherm Lite 6.0. WinTherm Lite utilizes the same state-of-the-art technology as full WinTherm but with model resolution limited to 2500 thermal nodes, and retails for only US $750. Because the user interface is identical to full WinTherm, WinTherm Lite is a perfect way to begin adding thermal analysis procedures to your standard engineering practice. If in the future you require high resolution models, you can upgrade to full WinTherm or RadTherm and continue working with the same interface and files. Want to know more? Go to:

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CADALYST Labs 2002 All-Star Awards
Posted Tue May 28, 2002 @05:29PM
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Hardware CADALYST has released their 2002 All Stars selections from the CAE products they have reviewed so far this year. Among the selections are Autodesk Inventor 5, Dell flat-panel monitors, Solid Edge v11, NVIDIA Quadro4 graphics cards, and the Xi 4240 PC workstation.

CADALYST has also recently reviewed the Wildcat II 5000 graphics card from 3Dlabs. In their December review, the Wildcat-based workstations outperformed the competition by more than 15% on average. In this issue, they look at the 5000 which is a retail version of the Wildcat II 5110 card. If you're looking for good 3D OpenGL performance at a price that won't empty your wallet, 3Dlab's Wildcat II 5000 is an excellent choice.

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Dell Precision M50 Mobile Workstation
Posted Fri May 24, 2002 @06:11PM
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Hardware There are reviews here at CADinfo and here at CADALYST of the new Dell notebook PC designed for engineering professionals.

The Dell Precision M50 boasts some very nice specs:

  • 1.8GHz Mobile Pentium 4 processor
  • Up to 1 GB of DDR RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro 4 GoGL graphics
  • 15" TFT 1600x1200 display
  • on-board 10/100 ethernet
  • on-board 56k modem
  • IEEE 1394 Port (firewire)

The platform is certified for most CAE workstation applications (eg. I-DEAS, Pro/E, Fluent, CATIA, ANSYS).

Finally, a portable PC with the power necessary to perform serious design analysis.

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Features: Optimization of Marine Components Using CFD
Posted Fri May 24, 2002 @03:00PM
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Application The French engineering company Sirehna has been developing and promoting optimal design approaches, especially involving CFD, for a long time. Their current policy is to combine the advantages of the most efficient flow pre- and post-processoring tools (Gridgen and Fieldview) together with Frontier, an advanced tool for design space investigation and optimization, to form an automatic system for design optimization.

The FLUENT flow solver is used in the two following applications, however, the optimization process is independent from the choice of flow solver. Other applications have been developed using ICARE, a dedicated solver for free surface flows in viscous fluid around a ship hull.

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New Software: MeshPilot 1.0
Posted Wed May 22, 2002 @01:24PM
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Grid Generation Shore CFD are pleased to announce the release of MeshPilot 1.0, a PC-based structured mesh generation tool. Download your copy free of charge from our website

About MeshPilot:
With MeshPilot, you can:

  • Visualise any two-dimensional block-structured (multiblock) mesh.
  • Generate two-dimensional structured meshes for airfoils. You can do this fully automatically, or with as much direct control over mesh parameters (dimensions, spacing, geometry) as you need.
  • Rapidly modify your existing airfoil meshes.
About Shore CFD:
Shore CFD produce mesh generation software, specializing in tailored, automated solutions for specific topologies.

For more information on MeshPilot and Shore CFD, visit , or contact us directly at .

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SGI Improves NASA Designs
Posted Tue May 21, 2002 @05:18PM
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Hardware The goal at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Facility is to provide sufficient computing power to enable scientists and engineers to test their designs in a “virtual wind tunnel.” Traditional wind tunnel testing is time consuming and expensive — requiring the construction or alteration of physical models for each test — and even the most powerful wind tunnel cannot simulate the conditions of the launch and reentry of space vehicles.

Until the arrival of the 1,024-processor SGI Origin 3800 system, the computing power needed to make the virtual wind tunnel a reality was unavailable. Complete modeling of one aircraft configuration during landing required up to a year on a Cray C-90, imposing serious limits on the use of simulation. The Origin 3800 system can run the same configuration in a matter of hours, so, for the first time, scientists can routinely use simulation to validate their designs under varying conditions. “The Origin architecture has created a revolution in computational fluid dynamic at NASA and will fundamentally change the way aircraft are designed in the future,” said Jim Taft, co-director, Terascale applications group.

The ability to do advanced simulation has already proved its value in NASA’s mision to design a new reusable launch vehicle to replace the space shuttle. During simulation of the X-37 drone, designed to be dropped from the space shuttle to test reentry, a serious flaw was discovered that would have led to catastrophic failure. Millions of dollars and months of time were saved because of the advanced capabilities enabled by the Origin 3800 architecture.

The full article is available in PDF form.

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