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Application: CFD Simulation of Nuclear Event
Posted Wed April 03, 2002 @06:25PM
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News In the nuclear power industry, much effort is spent analyzing potential plant accidents. While the likelihood that any of these events would ever happen is extremely small, the analyses are an important component of ongoing research in the nuclear industry. These studies help engineers further reduce the risk of plant accidents. One way that engineers around the world participate in accident analysis is through international standard problems (ISPís). An organizing body defines a standard problem, and researchers from various countries independently work to solve it. In one recent study, sponsored by the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) within the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the problem consisted of using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to predict boron mixing in the downcomer of a pressurized water reactor (PWR).

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Events: CFD for Combustion and Radiation Web Demonstration
Posted Wed April 03, 2002 @12:23PM
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News CFX will host a free web demonstration of how computational fluid dynamics software can be used to model combustion and radiation on April 4 at 2 pm EST.

The seminar will provide an introduction to combustion and radiation modeling capabilities within CFX, including Eddy Dissipation modeling, custom reactions features, flamelet model capabilities, liquid fuel modeling, coal combustion modeling, P1 radiation modeling for participating medium, surface-to-surface radiation modeling for non-participating medium, and finite volume radiation modeling for the most general range of radiation problems.

A demonstration will be given which includes the entire process of setting-up, running and analyzing a small industrial furnace. This will include:

  • import of IGES geometry
  • specification of fluid domain and relevant physics
  • application of boundary conditions
  • application of initial conditions
  • setting solver parameters
  • generating the unstructured mesh
  • running the solver
  • post-processing the results

    Finally, a questions and discussion session will be held which will allow participants to better understand how CFX can solve their specific problems. All that is required is Internet access and a telephone.

    Sorry, this web demonstration is only available in North America.

    To register, visit the seminar web site or contact Chris Reeves at

  • ( Post Comment | Events )

    New Software: TRANSOFT Releases Version 4.2 of FLUIDYN
    Posted Wed April 03, 2002 @09:38AM
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    News TRANSOFT International announces the release of Version 4.2 of the CFD software, fluidyn-NS. This version includes, in addition to the traditional CFD modules, the simulation of structural/thermal/acoustic interaction with flows.

    The performance, speed and user-friendly features have been enhanced in Fluidyn-NS version 4.2:

    1. The addition of new solvers, thereby completing the range of finite-volume solvers available in fluidyn-NS. Thus the solution accuracy and speed are optimised for all kinds of flow, structural, heat transfer and acoustic interactions.
    2. The parallelization of the existing solvers. Currently, fluidyn-NS can run on PC clusters (LINUX systems) as well as on multiprocessing workstations (UNIX).
    3. The integration of fluidyn-NS, fluidyn-FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction), fluidyn-CHT (Conjugate Heat Transfer) and fluidyn-CAF (Fluid-Acoustic Coupling) solvers under one single interface.

    For more information, all contact addresses can be found on :

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    Business: 11% Growth Predicted for Graphics Workstation Market
    Posted Tue April 02, 2002 @06:15PM
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    Hardware A research firm for multimedia and graphics, Jon Peddie RESEARCH, announced the results of a recent study that once again demonstrates that the graphics sector outstrips technology industry trends with 11% growth predicted for the graphics workstation market in 2002.

    The study also found that more NVIDIA graphics boards were shipped in Q3 & Q4 2001 than any other supplier.

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    New Software: CFD-PLASMA-2002
    Posted Mon April 01, 2002 @02:20PM
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    News CFDRC, world leader in computational fluid dynamics and plasma simulations, announces the release of CFD-PLASMA-2002, a comprehensive software tool for plasma engineering.

    CFD-PLASMA-2002 offers:

  • Comprehensive fluid model for 3D simulations of Inductively Coupled Plasmas (ICP), Capacitively Coupled Plasmas (CCP) and direct current (DC) discharges for a variety of applications that include pulsed, atmospheric and multi-frequency discharges
  • Full 3D Maxwell solver and advanced Filament model for simulations of electromagnetic fields in complex coil configurations in time and frequency domains
  • Deterministic Boltzmann solver for simulations of non-local Electron Energy Distribution Functions (EEDF) and electron induced reaction rates
  • Enhanced Chemistry Models and Expanded Database for Gas Mixtures commonly used in Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Interface to feature scale simulators SPEEDIE and EVOLVE for semiconductor manufacturing applications
  • Expanded set of eight tutorials and a dozen of demonstration problems for a variety of applications including semiconductor manufacturing, lighting, feature scale etch, multi-frequency CCP, Plasma Display Panels, and thermal plasmas (arcs & torches)
  • Interface to Matematica 4 -for advanced analysis and post-processing of results
  • ( Read Full Article | New Software )

    Buying the Perfect PC Workstation
    Posted Thu March 28, 2002 @05:54PM
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    Hardware Cadence has an article for PC buyers entitled The Workstation You Deserve. The article gives a brief, but decent introduction to the standards you should look for when purchasing an engineering workstation PC.
    Buying computer hardware can be confusing--not only do you need to worry about performance and price, but you also want assurance that it will work well with your current system, as well as with tomorrow's. Now's the time to learn how to shop.

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