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Need for CFD Drives Change at McLaren
Posted Mon September 10, 2001 @02:39PM
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News Design News has an article about McLaren's switch from 2D CAD to 3D solid modeling software. The need to integrate CFD into the rapid change cycle of Formula 1 grand prix dictated the move and now McLaren is reaping the rewards, which include the incredible ability to design a part in the morning, manufacture the part that afternoon, and ship it trackside all in one day.

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CFD Review Named CADwire Site of the Week
Posted Mon September 10, 2001 @01:55PM
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All Topics CFD Review has been named the site of the week by CADwire, a web site devoted to providing CAD professionals with accurate and thorough information.
Based on CFD Review's high quality content, design and potential value to our users, we've selected your site to be the CADwire's featured 'Site of the Week' this week.
I want to thank CADwire for the award and our visitors for making it all worthwhile.

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Headline Email Fixed (Hopefully)
Posted Fri September 07, 2001 @03:46PM
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All Topics Sorry to all those signed up to receive the headlines email. A misconfiguration in the firewall was causing all the emails except mine to get bounced. Anyway, we are alive and well. Check out all the new stories and let me know if you stop receiving the headline email.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you can get CFD Review headlines emailed to you each night. Sign up for the email by editing your user preferences (login required).

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Love Hz
Posted Thu September 06, 2001 @03:03PM
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Hardware With the introduction of Intel's latest and greatest Pentium 4 processor, the megahertz race has hit 2 GHz. Intel rejoiced that the 2 GHz "barrier" was broken. (When did 2 GHz ever appear as a "barrier" - I've certainly not been waiting for it to be broken.)

To counter Intel's hype surrounding their barrier smashing, AMD has decide to embrace a Hz-less marketing campaign. Citing the "devaluation of MHz", AMD will now brand their processors by model number and will go so far as to forbid advertisers from reporting the processor clock frequency.

There has been some data to suggest that AMD is right. Processor clock frequency is only part of the equation when determining performance. Cycles per instruction (CPI), the number of clock cycles necessary to perform an instruction is the other important measure and it is here, because of it's shallower pipeline, that the AMD processor has the advantage. However, when have you seen CPI reported in a marketing ad? You just might soon.

Others wonder if all this MHz chasing is worth while. has posted an editorial calling for the end of the megahertz race and a focus on cheaper computing.

Being CFD enthusiasts, we crave more processor power (whether it comes from Hz or CPI) and will always be interested in the fastest processor available. However, at this time, I'd say it's unclear whether the Pentium 4 is the better choice. Time will tell.

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Fluent Releases Beta Version of FlowLab
Posted Wed September 05, 2001 @10:48AM
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News Fluent has released a beta version of their FlowLab CFD teaching software.

Designed to introduce fluid mechanics students to CFD in an easy to learn manner, FlowLab utilizes parametric templates to define the geometry and grid. It is possible for professors and advanced students to define their own parametric templates using tools which come with the software. Fluent envisions a growing library of templates being available over the web.

The beta version will be used this semester by students in several universities. During the beta period, Fluent will be working with the professors to refine the library of templates.

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HELP:Grid Planning
Posted Wed September 05, 2001 @10:40AM
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Help Desk Daniel Fuentes writes "My name is Daniel Fuentes, Engineering civil student of San Simon University from Cochabamba-Bolivia, I am doing my work for the degree of engineer. I am trying to modelling a reservoir of Laka Laka with the SSIMM model. in this task i have some problems on planing the grid.

i ask some criterius or guidelines for making the grid (planing grid). i have some criterius like:

  • The type of grid; structured and unstructtures
  • The powerful of the solver
  • the size of the grid
But i want to extend this criterius or have more organized the ideas."

Anyone have some tips on modeling a reservior they are willing to contribute? Post your tips in reply to this article.

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