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In the Minority - Women Using CFD
Posted Thu October 23, 2003 @04:00PM
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News According to 2002 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women represent just over 10 percent of the engineers in the US. A Boeing story discusses the role women have had at Boeing, including design and analysis.

From the first aircraft of a new company to the worldwide production and support of thousands of jetliners in service today, women have contributed significantly to the success of The Boeing Company.

[Peg] Curtin's kite project led her to Notre Dame, where she earned bachelors and masters degrees in aerospace engineering, and then to Boeing. She now works with wind tunnels that blast high-speed air over models of new airplane configurations. Her computer runs computational fluid dynamics programs that predict how different shapes will perform.

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New Software: Hanley Announces Aerodynamics Suite
Posted Thu October 23, 2003 @10:45AM
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News Hanley Innovations, a leader in aerodynamics preliminary and conceptual design and analysis software, announced today the availability of Dr. Hanley’s Aerodynamic Suite, online subscription service. The suite consists of MultiElement Airfoils, WingAnalysis Plus, The WingTail Calculator and Science Graphs Plus. The Online Suite require Windows 95 or higher and an internet connection for initial software download and subsequent access to the software.

Aerodynamics Suite is ideal for students and professionals who wish to design and analyze airplane wings, flow machinery, hydrofoils, sailboat keel and rudders, race car spoilers and wings in ground effect. With the addition of Science Graphs, the user also has the capability to graph functions and generate numerical solutions to non-linear ordinary differential equations.

The introductory price of the subscription is $229.00 US per month for each user.

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NASA Ames Benchmarks Linux Supercomputer for CFD
Posted Wed October 22, 2003 @08:07AM
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Hardware SGI today announced that NASA Ames Research Center has generated break through performance in benchmarking their 256-processor global shared-memory SGI Altix 3000 system, the largest such system ever to run on the Linux® operating system.

As part of their testing and evaluation of the 256-processor Altix system, researchers at NASA said they have run more than 40 benchmarks used for system evaluations at the facility. The benchmarks include production computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes, ocean and atmospheric circulation models, numerical analysis and other mission-relevant applications at NASA.

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Boeing Buys Cray X1 Supercomputer
Posted Wed October 22, 2003 @07:54AM
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Hardware Cray Inc. today announced that it won an order from The Boeing Company for a Cray X1™ supercomputer system and related services to support Boeing research and development efforts. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Cray X1 supercomputer, with a peak performance rating of more than 800 billion calculations per second (gigaflops), is scheduled to be installed in the Boeing Puget Sound data center at the close of this year. The system will be used primarily to run structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics codes, including the well-known OVERFLOW code.

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Events: New GRID WARS Contest Now Open
Posted Tue October 21, 2003 @01:31PM
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Announcements Engineered Intelligence Corporation (EI) announced a new version of the popular GRID WARS parallel programming challenge, where competing programs written in CxC (“C by C”) fight for survival of the fittest in a grid of processors, will be held live in EI’s Booth #2019 at the SC2003 Conference in Phoenix, November 18-21. HP and Microsoft are sponsoring “GRID WARS Interactive” and are providing the computing platform and prizes.

In EI’s booth, attendees will select from warriors submitted through and have their choices loaded into a live GRID WARS Interactive battle, where they will fight for control of virtual parallel processors. Attendees who select winning warriors will be awarded prizes from HP and Microsoft.

Those interested in parallel computing can enter warriors by downloading the Grid Wars Interactive challenge kit from, which includes ALL previously submitted warriors. Prizes will be awarded to those who submit the most winning warriors at SC2003. Details available on the web site.

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Events: A Taste of FLUENT
Posted Tue October 21, 2003 @01:25PM
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News Fluent Inc. is pleased to present A Taste of FLUENT – a complimentary seminar for managers and engineers who would like to learn more about Fluent and computational fluid dynamics. A Taste of FLUENT will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada beginning on November 10 at 9:30 a.m. and will be followed by four days of full training.

This very special event will commence with a one-day hands-on Fluent experience, during which you’ll get an overview of how Fluent’s customers are using FLUENT. In addition to getting a chance to meet with Fluent’s engineers to discuss your applications and trying out FLUENT for yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to stay for the next four days of training.

For more information, including location and a schedule of events, please visit the seminar website.

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