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IBM regains graphics high ground
Posted Tue July 09, 2002 @06:14PM
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News In this C3 Mag article, the IBM T221 flat panel monitor is reviewed. At an incredible 200+ pixels per inch and an enormous 3840x2400 resolution, the monitor delivers outstanding visual performance.

Almost every aspect of the T221 is ground breaking. Aluminium is used as the gate material instead of molybdenum and tungsten, the metals traditionally used in displays. IBM's engineers have developed Post-Spacer technology - permanent spacers that provide super-sealing capabilities to prevent light leakage. The more traditional spacer balls are randomly distributed and can cause sparkle effects when they happen to sit within the active area. There is also a new protocol under development called Digital PV Link, which will update only the pixels that have changed - this will significantly reduce the bandwidth requirements.

The monitor retails for $8,399 US.

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Itanium 2 Released
Posted Tue July 09, 2002 @05:00PM
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Hardware Intel has begun shipping the new Itanium 2 processor. The Itanium processor family is specifically designed for high-end enterprise and high-performance applications, providing leadership performance for business intelligence, databases, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, high-performance computing, computer-aided engineering and secure transactions.

The Itanium 2 processor is socket-compatible with two future generations of Itanium family processors to allow them to be easily swapped into existing Itanium 2-based systems.

Simultaneously, MSC.Software has released MSC.Linux for Itanium 2 based systems.

“One of the biggest advantages Itanium 2 processors give computationally intensive applications is a bigger addressable space that results in faster calculations, which is critical to users running demanding engineering applications such as MSC.Nastran, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and crash simulations,” said Frank Perna, Chairman and CEO, MSC.Software Corporation.

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Features: CFD Increases Reliability for Caterpillar
Posted Mon July 08, 2002 @10:23AM
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Application Hydraulics is playing an increasingly important role in the performance of heavy equipment and as such, the reliability and effectiveness of hydraulic systems is becoming paramount. Caterpillar was the first company to investigate and use hydraulic systems within the engines of its larger vehicles. Most recently, the company has been using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to make vital adjustments to some of its hydraulic systems.

Caterpillar aims to design and manufacture superior hydraulic components, supported by high quality system maintenance and service, and its vehicles are renowned for their performance and reliability. So when it became clear that there was a problem with some of its larger vehicles, Caterpillar pulled out all the stops to find a solution.

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Visualization: New Volumetric 3-D Display
Posted Wed July 03, 2002 @05:30PM
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Hardware Actuality Systems has been raising some interest lately in their spherical display. In the roughly 10-inch diameter sphere, data is displayed using their volumetric 3-D display technology.

The display allows for 360-degree all-around viewing for multiple people. Recently, the US Army Research Lab has undertaken a project to determine the potential for the technology in the military simulation field.

There are several basic volume rendering methods. Actuality Systems uses a translucent screen, spinning at 730 rpm onto which 2-D slices of the 3-D model are projected. The result is a convincing, interactive, colorful 3D image that can be seen from any angle in the room.

Currently, displays such as this one cost around $50,000 US. However, as the cost drops, we may begin to see this technology in CFD visualization.

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Application: CFD Helps Ensure Thermal Integrity of Lithography System
Posted Wed July 03, 2002 @05:02PM
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Application Engineers at ASML have guaranteed the thermal reliability of a heat-sensitive unit in record time using Flo/MCAD, a software tool designed to take production-quality CAD files and quickly and easily simplify them for thermal analysis within Flotherm, Flomerics' thermal management package. The powerful Flo/MCAD tool allowed ASML to simplify existing production-quality Solid Edge CAD file data for the control cabinet of its AT:1100 lithographic system, saving considerable engineering design time by automatically eliminating intricate details surplus to requirements for thermal analysis purposes. Prior to the launch of Flo/MCAD, Engineers were forced to laboriously re-key data from original CAD files in a simplified format suitable for thermal simulation. Flo/MCAD eases this task, giving Design Engineers exact control on the level of retained detail, saving time and ensuring a simulation's accuracy.

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Fluent Offers Remote Simulation Facility
Posted Tue July 02, 2002 @06:45PM
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News FLUENT 6 is now available for use in a secure portal from the Internet. Using the new Fluent Remote Simulation Facility, existing users can take advantage of "supercomputer" capacity for the execution of large or complex simulations.

The new Fluent Simulation Portal provides for fully secure 128 bit encrypted SSL service that is monitored and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This new capability is an excellent choice for existing FLUENT users who require occasional "surge capacity" for time-critical simulations, for the throughput of many jobs with varying parameters, or for periodic simulations of large models.

The Fluent Remote Simulation Facility assumes the user is an existing Fluent license holder. Models are created using a "local" Fluent pre-processor, and case/data files are then uploaded to the remote site. The facility provides all necessary components to perform the simulations including parameter set-up, file storage and management, all licenses required to operate, and access to multiple processors to improve time to completion. Accounts are provided on an individual user basis, and users are billed for simulation time only.

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